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Table of Contents

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   Summary of Contents for Samsung EF8000

  • Page 1: User Manual

    Contact SAMSUNG WORLD WIDE If you have any questions or comments relating to Samsung products, please contact the SAMSUNG customer care centre. Country Customer Care Centre Web Site LED TV EIRE 0818 717100 0330 SAMSUNG (7267864) user manual e-Manual Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product.
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions Warning! Important Safety Instructions (Please read the appropriate section that corresponds to the marking on your Samsung product before attempting to install the product.) This symbol indicates that high voltage is CAUTION present inside. It is dangerous to make any kind RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN of contact with any internal part of this product.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Basic Features 3D Basics Using the Smart Touch Control 3D Active Glasses Connecting to the TV 20 Pairing 3D Active Glasses Inserting the Batteries (AAA X 2) 22 Watching 3D Video Using the touchpad Changing Channels by Entering Numbers Troubleshooting and Other Show Status and Notification Banner Recommendations...
  • Page 4: Features For Your New Tv

    Photos, Videos & Music: Play back photo, video, and music files from an external storage device. • Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC): This allows you to control all connected Samsung devices that support Anynet+ with your Samsung TV’s remote. • e-Manual: Provides a detailed, on-screen user's manual built into your TV. (page 17) •...
  • Page 5 • Smart Touch Control & Batteries (AAA x 2) • Regulatory Guide • Remote Control & Batteries (AAA x 2) • Power Cord • User Manual • Samsung 3D Active Glasses Scart Adapter IR Extender Cable AV Adapter Component adapter...
  • Page 6: Basic Features

    Basic Features Using the Smart Touch Control You can use the MIC to give Voice Recognition commands. Simply press the VOICE˜ button. Voice Recognition function can be affected by unclear pronunciation, voice level, or ✎ surrounding noise. Turn on and off the satellite or cable set-top box connected to the TV.
  • Page 7: Connecting To The Tv

    In order to operate the TV using a Smart Touch Control unit, you must fi rst pair it to the TV via Bluetooth. However, the Smart Touch Control is only available for the paired Samsung TV. We recommend to use the Smart Touch Control in less than 6m. A usable distance may differ depending on the ✎...
  • Page 8: Using The Touchpad

    Using the touchpad Use the touchpad to perform various commands. Navigate to Tutorial (System > Device Manager > Smart Touch Control Settings > Tutorial) to view an on-screen guide to using the Smart Touch Control. Dragging Press Drag on the touchpad in the desired direction. Press on the touchpad.
  • Page 9: Show Status And Notification Banner

    Select a programme that is currently airing to jump to the corresponding channel or a programme that is scheduled to air to set up a Schedule Viewing or Schedule Recording setting. Select an application to launch. Samsung Apps will launch if the selected application is not installed on the TV. History Press the RECOMM.
  • Page 10: Using The Remote Control

    Using the Remote Control Learn where the function buttons are on your remote. Especially note these: SOURCE, MUTE, Y, < P >, MENU, TOOLS, E, INFO, LIST, RETURN, GUIDE and EXIT. This remote control has Braille points on the Power, Channel, and buttons and can be used by visually Volume ✎...
  • Page 11: Installing Batteries (battery Size: Aaa)

    Installing batteries (Battery size: AAA) Match the polarity of the batteries to the symbols in the battery compartment. NOTE ✎ − Use the remote control within 23 feet of the TV. − Bright light may affect the performance of the remote control. Avoid using when near special fluorescent lights or neon signs.
  • Page 12: Built-in Tv Camera And Microphone

    Built-in TV Camera and Microphone This TV features a built-in TV camera that can be used for the Motion Control, Voice Recognition (built-in microphone), and Face Recognition features. You can also use the knob for camera's angle adjustment to change the camera's viewing angle.
  • Page 13: Universal Remote Setup

    TV Rear Attaching the Evolution Kit to your Samsung TV upgrades the TV’s hardware and software without your needing to purchase a new TV. With the Evolution Kit, you can keep your TV updated with the latest features and services provided by Samsung Electronics.
  • Page 14: Setup

    If you do not want to select Set-top box, please select Aerial. ✎ Samsung ‘On TV’ Recommendations Service The On TV service recommends TV programmes based on their popularity or your personal preferences. To enjoy the On TV service, please follow the steps below. (You must have an Internet connection.) 1.
  • Page 15: Switching Between Video Sources

    Switching Between Video Sources Press SOURCE button to switch between devices connected to the TV. For example, to switch to a game console connected to the second HDMI connector, press SOURCE button. From the Source list, select HDMI2. The connector names may vary depending on the product. Select Tools button at the upper-right corner of the screen to access the following functions.
  • Page 16: Connecting To A Common Interface Slot

    Connecting to a COMMON INTERFACE slot (Your TV viewing Card Slot) Turn the TV off to connect or disconnect a CI card or CI card adapter. ✎ Attaching the CI Card Adapter Attach the adapter as shown side. To install the CI CARD Adapter, please remove the ✎...
  • Page 17: Viewing The E-manual

    Words in blue refer to screen menu options and words in light blue refer to remote control buttons. ✎ A printable version of this guide is also available at ✎ Scrolling a Page To scroll a page, use of one of the following methods: •...
  • Page 18: Network Configuration

    • Encryption Types: WEP, TKIP, AES If the wireless router has been set to Pure High-throughput (Greenfield) 802.11n mode and the Encryption Type to WEP or TKIP, Samsung Smart TVs will not support the connection in compliance with the new Wi-Fi certification specifications.
  • Page 19: Network Connection - Wired

    Network Connection - Wired There are three main ways to connect your TV to your network using cable, depending on your network setup. They are illustrated starting below: TV Rear Panel The Modem External Modem Port on the Wall (ADSL / VDSL / Cable TV) Modem Cable (Not Supplied) LAN Cable (Not Supplied) TV Rear Panel...
  • Page 20: 3d Basics

    What is Pairing? Pairing is the process of connecting 3D glasses and a 3D TV so that the two devices can ✎ exchange data. Ensure your Samsung TV and 3D glasses are no farther than 19.5 in (50 cm) apart from each other while pairing ✎ is in progress.
  • Page 21 • If the 3D glasses do not function, even when the power button is pressed, especially with a 3D TV after a repair. • If you want to play 3D content on another Samsung 3D TV model that belongs to the D, E, or F series released in 2011 through 2013. You must pair the glasses with the other TV.
  • Page 22: Watching 3d Video

    ✎ conditions. [ Recommendation ]- EU ONLY Hereby, Samsung Electronics, declares that this 3D Active Glasses is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. This equipment may be operated in all EU countries. English - 22 [UF8000-XU]BN68-04794F-06ENG.indb 22...
  • Page 23: Troubleshooting And Other Information

    Troubleshooting and Other Information What is Remote Support? Samsung Remote Support service offers you one-on-one support with a Samsung Technician who can remotely. • Diagnose your TV • Adjust the TV settings for you • Perform a factory reset your TV •...
  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    We do not advise you to do it yourself. Samsung Electronics is not responsible for any damage to the product or injury to yourself or others if you select to install the wall mount on your own.
  • Page 25 Samsung is not liable for these kinds of accidents. − Samsung is not liable for product damage or personal injury when a non-VESA or non-specified wall mount is used or the consumer fails to follow the product installation instructions.
  • Page 26: Storage And Maintenance

    Whether you install your TV using a stand or a wall-mount, we strongly recommend you use parts provided by ✎ Samsung Electronics only. • If you use parts provided by another manufacturer, it may cause difficulties with the product or result in injury caused by the product falling.
  • Page 27: Eco Sensor And Screen Brightness

    Eco Sensor and Screen Brightness Eco Sensor measures the light in your room and optimizes the brightness of the TV automatically to reduce power consumption. This causes the TV to brighten and dim automatically. If you want to turn this function off, go to Screen Menu >...
  • Page 28 Installing the TV-Holder 1. Screw the provided wall mount adapters on the back of the 2. Insert the screw into the centre of the TV-holder, as shown by the illustration. Fastening direction Holder Protrusion 3. Tighten the TV-holders on the wall mount adapters, as shown by the illustration.
  • Page 29 5. If you fasten the Holder to a wall, attach it as described in Step 4. Make sure to centre the Holder cord and stretch it tight. Also, attach the Holder so that the cord is level with the ground or slanted downwards from the wall. When attaching the holder to a wall, use an anchor compatible with the wall's material.
  • Page 30: Specifications - Tv

    To decrease power consumption unplug the power cord when you don't use the TV for a long time. Recommendation - EU Only • Hereby, Samsung Electronics, declares that this LED TV is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC.
  • Page 31: Guides

    Using a video game console may cause image retention and is not recommended. When using a PC input, avoid displaying still images for long durations and reduce the brightness or contrast settings to decrease the intensity of the picture. IMPORTANT: Image retention issues are not covered by your Samsung® warranty. ✎ English - 31 [UF8000-XU]BN68-04794F-06ENG.indb 31...
  • Page 32: Warranty Card

    3. Warranty repairs must be carried out by Authorised Samsung Dealers or Authorised Service Centres. No re-imbursement will be made for repairs carried out by non Samsung Dealers and, any such repair work and damage to the products caused by such repair work will not be covered by this warranty.
  • Page 33: Wiring The Mains Power Supply Plug (uk Only)

    Wiring the Mains Power Supply Plug (UK Only) IMPORTANT NOTICE The mains lead on this equipment is supplied with a moulded plug incorporating a fuse. The value of the fuse is indicated on the pin face of the plug and, if it requires replacing, a fuse approved to BSI1362 of the same rating must be used.

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