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Connecting To The Tv; Inserting The Batteries (aaa X 2) - Samsung EF8000 User Manual

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Connecting to the TV

In order to operate the TV using a Smart Touch Control unit, you must fi rst pair it to the TV via Bluetooth. However, the
Smart Touch Control is only available for the paired Samsung TV.
We recommend to use the Smart Touch Control in less than 6m. A usable distance may differ depending on the
wireless environmental conditions.
1. When the TV is off, point the Smart Touch Control at the remote control receiver of the TV and press the TV button for
the fi rst pairing. Only this buttons sends an IR signal. The remote control receiver's location may vary depending on the
2. A Bluetooth icon will appear at the bottom left of the screen as shown below. The TV will then attempt to connect to the
Smart Touch Control automatically.
Reconnecting the Smart Touch Control
<The Smart Touch Control's pairing button>
Battery Low Alarm
If the battery becomes low while using the Smart Touch Control, the following alarm window blinks
and appears at the bottom left of the screen. If the alarm window pops up, replace the batteries of
the Smart Touch Control. Use alkaline batteries for longer usage.

Inserting the Batteries (AAA X 2)

1. Slightly lift the battery cover using a plastic card. Next, pull on the cover's notch with a fi ngernail to remove the cover
Check the location of the battery cover groove. The groove's location may vary depending on the type of
Smart Touch Control is provided with the product.
2. Insert 2 AAA batteries, making sure to align the positive and negative ends correctly.
3. Align the battery cover with the back of the remote control and press down along the edges until it is cleanly attached to
the remote control.
[UF8000-XU]BN68-04794F-06ENG.indb 7
<Attempting to connect and completion icons>
If the Smart Touch Control stops operating or works abnormally, replace
the battery as this may be caused by insuffi cient battery power. If the
problem persists, press the
to restore pairing with the TV. The
without removing the Smart Touch Control's battery cover. Within a distance
between 30cm to 4m, point the Smart Touch Control to the TV receiver and
press the
button. When pairing is complete, the pairing image
displays at the bottom left of the TV screen.
English - 7
button on the Smart Touch Control
button cannot be accessed


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