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  • Page 1

    QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS? COUNTRY CALL OR VISIT US ONLINE AT U . S . A 1-800-SAMSUNG(726-7864) www . s amsung . c om/us/support - Consumer Electronics U . S . A 1-800-SAMSUNG(726-7864) www . s amsung . c om/us/support www .

  • Page 2

    Smart AC application MIM-H03UN Multi Wi-Fi kit user & installation manual imagine the possibilities EN FR DB68-05417A-00 CAC Wifi APP-NA_IBIIM_EN_DB68-05417A-00.indd 25 2015-03-16 오후 2:21:50...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Specification of wired/wireless router for Samsung Smart Air conditioner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions This installation manual explains how to install a Wi-Fi kit to an indoor unit of Samsung system air conditioners Read the installation manual thoroughly before installing the Wi-Fi kit . (Refer to the appropriate manual for installing product or other optional parts . ) Hazards or unsafe practices that may result in severe personal injury or death .

  • Page 5: Check Before Installing Wi-fi Kit

    Check before installing Wi-Fi kit Parts Assy Wi-Fi kit Cable tie (2) Cable clamp (3) M4×16 screw (5) User & Installation manual U- terminal (6) • Wi-Fi kit should be installed by a certified installer . • Before installing a Wi-Fi kit, you should check whether the power of the kit is turned off . CAUTION •...

  • Page 6: How To Install Wi-fi Kit

    How to install Wi-Fi kit Wi-Fi kit installation • For smooth operation, install the Wi-Fi kit and the wireless router in open space with no obstacles between them . Operation may not be possible if the distance between the Wi-Fi kit and the wireless router is too far or if there's any CAUTION obstacle between them .

  • Page 7

    How to install Wi-Fi kit 3 . After fixing the rear cover of a Wi-Fi kit firmly into the wall with two or more screws, connect the power wire (V1, V2) and communication wire (F1, F2) to the terminal at the back side of the front cover with proper length . When connecting the V1 and V2 power, tighten the screw of the terminal block (CN5) with torque 5 ±2 Kgf·cm .

  • Page 8

    • When the tracking is completed correctly, the process which connects the wired/wireless router to the Wi-Fi kit is required to control indoor units by a mobile phone . For this process, refer to the 'Starting Samsung Smart Home NOTE App' in Page 11 .

  • Page 9: Checking The Wi-fi Kit

    How to install Wi-Fi kit Checking the Wi-Fi kit Power LED Wi-Fi Connect LED Wi-Fi Configure LED AP Button Reset <Wi-Fi kit front view> LED status information LED Status Power Wi-Fi Connect Wi-Fi Configure Initialized Normal AP Connection OK . But, Blinking Internet is not Connected Air conditioner searching...

  • Page 10: Initializing User Data

    Initializing user data f If you want to initialize all the user data to set the Wi-Fi kit as factory default status, press and hold the button (SW3) inside the Wi-Fi kit for 5 seconds . After releasing the button, all the lamps on the Wi-Fi kit are turned on and all the user data is deleted .

  • Page 11: Setting The Network

    Wi-Fi kit supports Wi-Fi 2 . 4 GHz only . f Wi-Fi kit supports the IEEE802 . 1 1 b/g/n communication protocol . (Samsung Electronics recommends use of IEEE802 . 1 1n . ) f If the wired/wireless router is not Wi-Fi certified product, it may not be connected to the Wi-Fi kit .

  • Page 12: Starting Samsung Smart Home App

    Starting Samsung Smart Home App Downloading Samsung Smart Home App f You can download the Samsung Smart Home App by searching "Samsung Smart Home" on Play store, Galaxy Apps and iPhone App Store . For android phone f Korean key word : 삼성 스마트 홈...

  • Page 13: Running The Samsung Smart Home App

    Running the Samsung Smart Home App Before using the Samsung Smart Home App, register the Samsung account . f If you are a Samsung Smart phone user, you can automatically log on to the App with the Samsung account .

  • Page 14: Registering The Product

    It appears only one time at the first operation . Registering the product Register the Wi-Fi kit on the Samsung Smart Home App . 1 . Select the ‘Add new’ . 2 . Select the ‘System AC’ .

  • Page 15

    - Check that the iPhone is connected to the DIRECT-SMARTDVM wireless router . - Press the Home button on the iPhone to exit the Settings . - Select the Samsung Smart Home App and select the Next on the Set AP mode screen . CAC Wifi APP-NA_IBIIM_EN_DB68-05417A-00.indd 14...

  • Page 16: Description Of Screens And Main Functions

    • When the lock function is set, the authentication process is required every time you run the App . NOTE 7 . When the product registration is completed, the main screen of the Samsung Smart Home App appears . - System AC icon is added on the device list .

  • Page 17: Main Screen

    ① Select the icon of smart appliance (System AC) on the main screen to move to the screen of Smart Home Device Control . ② You can perform integrated control of Samsung smart appliances by 4 types such as Going out, Coming home, Good night, and Good morning .

  • Page 18: Starting System Air Conditioner App

    The Smart home device control functions of air conditioner such as Operation, Additional options, On/Off timer, Electric Power, Settings etc . 1 . Select the System AC icon on the devices screen of Samsung Smart Home App . 2 . The loading screen of System Air Conditioner App appears .

  • Page 19: Indoor Unit List Screen

    Starting System Air conditioner App Indoor unit list screen f List of indoor units installed on the Wi-Fi kit is displayed on the screen . ⑥ ⑧ Classification Item Description ① When the air conditioner is turned on, ( ) is displayed, ①...

  • Page 20: Editing The Indoor Unit List

    Editing the indoor unit list ① ② ③ 1 . Press the Menu  Edit button to edit the name and order of indoor units . The name of indoor unit should be within 30 characters . 2 . Select the name of indoor unit to edit the name . 3 .

  • Page 21: Settings

    Starting System Air conditioner App Settings f Press the Menu  Settings to check and set the version information of Wi-Fi kit . f Press the Temp . numerical values to set adjustment unit of set temperature . f Press the Temp . unit to set display unit of temperature . •...

  • Page 22: Updating The Wi-fi Kit

    Updating the Wi-Fi kit f When a new program is released with the update of the Wi-Fi program, update notice is delivered through the mobile App . f If a user agrees with the update, Wi-Fi kit starts the update . f When the update is completed, the Wi-Fi kit is restarted automatically .

  • Page 23: Troubleshooting

    Problem Solution f Samsung Smart Home App supports android operating Samsung Smart Home App cannot be searched on Play store, system 4 . 0 (ICS) or higher . For iPhone, the App supports GALAXY Apps or iPhone App Store .

  • Page 24: Open Source Announcement

    The software included in this product contains open source software . You may obtain the complete corresponding source code for a period of three years after the last shipment of this product by sending an email to mailto:oss . r equest@samsung . c om .

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