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Handling instructions


   Summary of Contents for Hitachi WH 14DBDL

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    WH 14DBDL ∙ WH 18DBDL WR 14DBDL ∙ WR 18DBDL WH18DBDL WR18DBDL Handling instructions...

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    c) Prevent unintentional starting. Ensure the GENERAL POWER TOOL SAFETY switch is in the off position before connecting to WARNINGS power source and/or battery pack, picking up or carrying the tool. WARNING Carrying power tools with your fi nger on the switch Read all safety warnings and all instructions.

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    14. Please use the designated attachments which are that can make a connection from one terminal to listed in the operations manual and Hitachi’s catalog. another. Accidents or injuries could result from not doing so.

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    ○ Make sure that any swarf and dust falling on the power tool during work do not collect on the battery. Power Output ○ Do not store an unused battery in a location exposed to swarf and dust. ○ Before storing a battery, remove any swarf and dust that 2 to 3 digit number may adhere to it and do not store it together with metal parts (screws, nails, etc.).

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    The specifi cations of this machine are listed in the Table on page 9. Weight NOTE Due to HITACHI’s continuing program of research and Switching ON development, the specifi cations herein are subject to change without prior notice. Switching OFF CHARGING Before using the power tool, charge the battery as follows.

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    3. Charging <UC18YSL3> <UC18YFSL, UC18YML2> When inserting a battery in the charger, the charge When inserting a battery in the charger, the pilot lamp indicator lamp will blink in blue. will light up continuously in red. When the battery becomes fully recharged, the charge When the battery becomes fully recharged, the indicator lamp will light up in green.

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    (every second), please take the charger to the the cause of the failures. Once the charging has been Hitachi Authorized Service Center. completed, give 15 minutes rest until the next charging. 4. Disconnect the charger’s power cord from the MOUNTING AND OPERATION receptacle or cigarette lighter socket.

  • Page 8: Maintenance And Inspection

    In the operation and maintenance of power tools, the safety regulations and standards prescribed in each country must be observed. Important notice on the batteries for the Hitachi cordless power tools Please always use one of our designated genuine batteries. We cannot guarantee the safety and...

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    WH14DBDL WH18DBDL WR14DBDL WR18DBDL 14.4 14.4 /min 0 - 2900 0 - 2600 0 - 2600 0 - 2600 /min 0 - 2000 0 - 2000 0 - 2000 0 - 2000 /min 0 - 1400 0 - 1400 0 - 1400 0 - 1400 /min 0 - 900...

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    14.4V (Li-ion) 337191 18V (Li-ion) 336471 UC18YML2 (14.4V - 18V) 336475 UC18YFSL (14.4V - 18V) 337131 329897 UC18YSL3 (14.4V – 18V)

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    Shinagawa Intercity Tower A, 15-1, Konan 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan Code No. C99708211 G Printed in China...

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