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Turn On Mp3 Player; Turn Off Mp3 Player; Multiple Language Support; Pc Connection - Yamakawa MR-200 Manual

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Turn on MP3 player

Press and hold
Make sure the HOLD button is switched off. If not, "LOCKED" will
be displayed.

Turn off MP3 player

Press and hold

Multiple Language Support

When the player is in stop mode, pressing the Vol+ and Vol- buttons will
change the song name display language. By using these buttons will convert
the song titles through a series of different languages listed below:
Western European Languages - (ISO8859)
Korean (Hangeul, KS)
Japanese (Hiragana, Katakana and Kanzi, shift JIS)
Traditional Chinese (Big 5)
Simplified Chinese (GB)

PC Connection

This is a mass storage device.
Windows 98. The driver is not required for Windows 2000/XP or Mac. For
Window 98 users, please download the driver from
Locate the downloaded driver file (setup.exe) on your hard drive and double
click the driver file (setup.exe). Follow on-screen prompts to complete the
driver installation process.
(For Window 98 users, you can use the Window 98 driver CD if you retailer
bundled it in the package)
Mac OS 8/9 may or may not require driver installation.
Transfer files from PC to player:
1. Switch on the player and connect it securely to the PC with the USB cable.
2. Double click on "My Computer" on the desktop of windows, there will be
an additional drive created.
3. If the player is connected to your PC, you will see "USB Connected" on the
player's screen.
4. To download music files to your MP3 player, simply drag the files from the
Windows File Explorer and drop them to the newly opened drive. You can
also upload files from the player to the PC by doing the reverse.
(except when your player is connected to a PC)
No driver installation is required except



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