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Troubleshooting - Yamakawa MR-200 Manual

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The player does not work or nothing is displayed on the LCD.
Check the capacity and the polarity of the battery. The player will
automatically shut down to save power if it is left idle for 1 minute.
2. The buttons are not responding.
Check if the "Hold" button on the main unit is locked. If yes, buttons will
have no response.
3. Unable to play MP3 file.
Check if the memory contains any MP3 files.
Check if the player is in Music Mode.
Check if the MP3 player supports the format of the stored files.
4. Unable to play ADPCM
Check if the memory contains any VOC files
Check if the player is in Voice Mode.
5. Unable to record via line-in.
Check if there is enough space in the selected memory.
Check if cable is stereo and connected to the device properly.
6. A-B looping function is not working.
This function only works during playback.
7. Unable to install software.
Our installation CD only supports Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP XP
Pro, XP home with Latest Windows Service Pack. Other systems are not
8. Unable to find the mass storage device after connected to the PC.
Make sure your have installed the correct driver. Make sure the player is
power on and ready. Make sure USB device is installed. You may check
this in the "Device manager" in your PC.
9.How to reset MP3 Player to factory settings.
Choose default setting in system settings. Choosing "YES" allows you to
reset the player to factory default settings.
10. Backlight does not turn on.
Check if the backlight is disabled in the system setting. This is for power
saving purposes.
11. When insert MMC/SD card, the player stop?
It is because when your insert the MMC/SD card, the device need to
re-determine the song playlist both internal & external. So everytime you
insert a MMC card, the number of songs that will be played is different and



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