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Yamakawa MR-200 Manual page 11

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To differentiate internal & external memory drive:
You will find two removable drive after plugin the USB cable with the
Check once to the drive, you can check the memory size of the
particales drive (32MB / 64MB).
If insert MMC/SD card, the drive size is same with the card.
How to format the player?
The purpose of re-formatting the player is to try to restore the player to normal
operation. This is for when the player is not able to function properly or in cases
where you player is unable to power on. Keep in mind, that the content of the
player will be removed once being formatted.
* Please make sure when you format the player, the "file system" is calling
FAT or FAT16. Otherwise, the player will appear "Error please reformat". To
solve the problem, user is suggested to reformat the player by choosing
FAT/FAT16 when the format windows pop-up.
Connect the player to the PC.
Right click the additional drive and click Format.
Click "Yes" to confirm.
Firmware Upgrader
You should check your vendor's website for new firmware upgrades, these
developments provide add-on functions and language support options.
Upgrades are announced on the web site and users can then download the
software from the download section at



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