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Philips E122 User Manual

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Philips continuously strives to improve its products. Due to software
upgrading, some contents in this user guide may be different from your
product. Philips reserves the rights to revise this user guide or withdraw
it at any time without prior notice. Please take your product as standard.
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  Summary of Contents for Philips E122

  • Page 1: Your Phone

    Philips continuously strives to improve its products. Due to software upgrading, some contents in this user guide may be different from your product. Philips reserves the rights to revise this user guide or withdraw it at any time without prior notice. Please take your product as standard.
  • Page 2: Home Screen

    Home screen Your phone’s home screen consists of the following areas: Status Bar Shortcut Keys Learn about the main keys. Icons Definition Function Dial Make or answer a call. Confirm and Select or confirm an option; navigation key Long press to turn on or off the torch. Hang-up/ End a call;...
  • Page 3 Icons & symbols Learn about the icons and symbols on the screen. Icons Definition Function Ringtone Your phone will ring when receiving a call. Vibration Your phone will vibrate when receiving a call. only Battery The bars indicate the battery level. You have a new message.
  • Page 4: Getting Started

    Getting started Insert SIM card and Charge the battery Learn about installing SIM card and charging the battery for the first use. Insert SIM card Remove the back cover. Take out the battery. Insert the SIM 1/SIM 2 card. Install the battery. Replace the back cover.
  • Page 5: Insert A Micro Sd Card (Memory Card)

    Charge the battery A new battery is partially charged. The battery icon in the upper-right corner shows the battery level of charging status. Tips: • You can use the phone while it is charging. • Keeping the charger plugged to the mobile phone when the battery is fully charged will not damage the battery.
  • Page 6: Using Your Phone

    Using your phone Use basic call functions Make a call Enter the phone number. (and select SIM1 or SIM2 Press to dial the number. Press to hang up. Tips: • For international calls, long press to enter the "+" sign for the international prefix.
  • Page 7: Receive And Send Messages

    Receive and send messages You can use the menu to send text message. Messaging Select > Messaging Write message Select Text message or Multimedia message, write your message. Press >Send to to send the message. Options Enter text Your mobile phone supports a number of text entry methods, including English input, numeric input and symbol input.
  • Page 8: Manage Your Phonebook

    Introduction of input methods: Input method Function English input Press the keys that are marked with the letter you wish to enter. Press once to get the first letter on the key, press twice quickly to get the second letter and so on until the letter you want is displayed on the screen.
  • Page 9: Audio Player

    MultiMedia Audio player Save MP3 music files to your Micro SD card and then insert the card to your phone. Play music Go to > > , go to Entertainment Multimedia Audio player list select your desired song in the folder. To refresh the list, press >...
  • Page 10: Video Recorder

    or )to turn off the audio player. Press Back Note: • When listening to music, adjust the volume to a moderate level. Continuous exposure to high volume may impair your hearing. FM radio Learn about listening to radio programs by using a FM radio. Listen to a radio station Plug the supplied headset into your phone.
  • Page 11: View Photos

    Take a photo Go to > Multimedia Camera Aim the lens at the subject. < > - Press to zoom in or zoom out, press to adjust the brightness. Press O or C to take a photo. Press L(right) to exit. Tips: •...
  • Page 12: Check World Clock

    Set an alarm Go to > Tools Alarm Select an alarm, press to edit the alarm. Edit Press to finish setting the alarm. Done Turn off an alarm Go to > Tools Alarm Select the alarm you want to turn off, press Edit <...
  • Page 13: Sim Settings

    To use the SNS (Social Networking Services) function. SIM settings Check that your phone is turned on. Enter the PIN code if required. Go to > select Settings Dual SIM settings, Dual SIM open/Only SIM1 open/Only SIM2 open Profiles The profiles are defined for several scenes. They consist of the settings for ringtone, volume, and others.
  • Page 14: User Profiles

    Settings SIM settings Function Definition Dual Select the dual SIM switch mode. switch Dual Select active mode to receive calls or message from a settings SIM card. User profiles Function Definition User profiles Select the desired profile from the list of profiles and tap O or LOptions >...
  • Page 15: Network Settings

    LCD backlight Select the brightness of backlight. Display Select display options for your phone. Wallpaper Select an image as the wall paper of your phone. Screen saver Enter screen saver mode after a time span. Power on display Select the power on animation. Power off display Select the power off animation.
  • Page 16: Restore Factory Settings

    Phone lock Set passowrd protection for your phone. You are required to enter the password each time you turn on the phone or change to a new SIM card (1122 by default). Change Change your phone password as desired. password Auto Set an time span for the keypad to be locked.
  • Page 17 Line switching Select a phone line. Advanced Go to advanced settings. settings Blacklist This option allows you to reject the incoming calls or messages from those included in the blacklist. Auto redial Keep redialing the number that fails to go through. Call time Get reminded after the call time span once or...
  • Page 18: Safety & Precaution

    You should only use Philips Authentic Accessories, as the use of any other accessories may damage your phone and may be dangerous, and will make all guarantees for your Philips phone null and void. The use of an unspecified type of battery may also cause an explosion.
  • Page 19: Troubleshooting

    :The plastic material is recyclable (also identifies the type of plastic). WEEE Marking in the DFU: “Information to the Consumer” Disposal of your old product Your product is designed and manufactured with high quality materials and components, which can be recycled and reused. When this crossed-out wheeled bin symbol is attached to a product it means the product is covered by the European Directive 2002/96/EC Please inform yourself about the local separate collection system for electrical and electronic...
  • Page 20 Your battery seems to over heat You might be using a charger that was not intended for use with your phone. Make sure you always use the Philips authentic accessory shipped with your phone. Your phone doesn’t display the phone numbers of incoming calls This feature is network and subscription dependent.
  • Page 21: Trademark Declaration

    While there may be differences between the SAR levels of various phones and at various positions, they all meet the international protection standards for exposure to radio waves. The highest SAR value for this E122 model phone when tested for compliance against the standard was 0.596 W/kg for ICNIRP recommendation.
  • Page 22 SIM card must be removed from the Product before it is given to Philips. Philips assumes no liability for damaged or loss of the SIM card or the data contained therein.
  • Page 23 No carrier, retailer, agent, dealer, employee, thereof, or employee of Philips is authorized to make modifications to this limited warranty and you should not rely on any such representation.