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Philips 1800 User Manual

Mobile phone e-gsm 900/1800/1900.
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 2: Discover Your Phone

    Therefore, Philips reserves the rights to revise this user guide or withdraw it at any time without prior notice. Philips provides this user guide as is and does not accept, except as required by applicable law, liability for any error, omission or discrepancy between this user guide and the product described.
  • Page 3 Use the Browse Contacts moving press name. Access the Call list Press Go to previous menu Press Quickly return Press and hold to idle when browsing menus View the last call Press made Lock/Unlock the Press and hold keypad idle mode. Access a function Press >...
  • Page 4 activate it, and a second time to enter the related menu. Then simply apply a reasonable pressure, as if you were writing on paper. You will not always be able to use the touchscreen, as in some cases, it will not replace the keys for interaction.
  • Page 5 bar located on the right hand side of the screen shows your actual position in the list. With the stylus and the navigation key, you can then select or adjust all the functions of your phone as described in the relevant chapter of this user guide.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    1. Getting started ...1 Insert the SIM card ...1 Switch on the phone ...2 Set date and time ...2 Copy the SIM phonebook ...2 Calibration ...2 Charge the battery ...2 2. Main features ...4 Access and view the phonebook ...4 Make a call ...4 Answer and end a call ...4 Tag and send pictures ...4...
  • Page 7 Receive a call ... 22 7. Contacts ... 23 Settings ... 23 Add contacts in a phonebook ... 24 Fotocall: see & hear who’s calling ... 24 Edit and manage contacts ... 25 8. Settings ... 27 Sounds ... 27 Display ...
  • Page 8 Conference call ... 68 Explicit call transfer ... 68 Icons & symbols ... 69 Troubleshooting ... 70 Table of Contents Precautions ... 73 Philips authentic accessories ... 76...
  • Page 9: Getting Started

    1 • Getting started Read the safety instructions in the «Precautions» section before use. To use your phone, you must insert a valid SIM card supplied by your GSM operator or retailer. The SIM card contains your subscription, your mobile number, and memory in which you can store phone numbers and messages (see “Contacts”...
  • Page 10: Switch On The Phone

    Remove the protective film covering the screens and the camera lens before using the phone. Switch on the phone To switch on the phone, press the the PIN code if required (i.e. the 4 to 8-digit secret code of your SIM card). It is preconfigured and communicated to you by your operator or retailer.
  • Page 11 one end, then plug it into a main AC power socket with easy access on the other end. The battery symbol indicates the state of charge: - during charging, the 4 charge indicators scroll; it takes around 1.45 hours to fully recharge your mobile phone.
  • Page 12: Main Features

    2 • Main features Access and view the phonebook In idle mode, press on the selected phonebook (in SIM or Contacts in phone, see “Contacts” page 23), the content that appears on the screen may vary. To view the phonebook during a call, press select List.
  • Page 13: Quickcall

    TV slideshow This feature allows you to display your pictures listed in the TV Slideshow (automatically in a slideshow, or manually, one-by-one) on a TV screen via the TV Link accessory, or on the main (internal) screen of your phone. Connect the TV Link to the TV video yellow (RCA) jack on one end, and to your mobile’s audio jack at the other end.
  • Page 14: Fotocall: See And Hear Who's Calling

    Foto Talk: send voice clips with pictures This feature allows you to quickly send a message made of a picture and a sound. When in idle mode, press the camera key to activate the camera. If needed, press switch to the mode.
  • Page 15: Change The Ringer

    If already on the phone, press handsfree mode and back. Change the ringer Select Settings > Sounds > Ringer, press move to select a ringer in the list. Press to confirm your choice. Activate the silence mode If you don’t want your phone to ring when you receive a call, deactivate the Silent ringer by selecting...
  • Page 16: Clear The Call List

    Record a conversation most countries, recording is subject to law regulation. Record dialogue We advise you to notify the caller if you intend to record the conversation you have with them and only record if they agree. You should also keep any recording private.
  • Page 17: Menu Tree

    3 • Menu tree The table below describe the complete menu tree of your mobile phone, and the page reference you should refer to for more information concerning each feature or setting. Settings p27 Sounds p27 Silent / Ringer volume / Ringer / Messages ringer / Equaliser / Key tones / Sounds alerts / Vibra alert Display p28...
  • Page 18 Broadcast SMS p44 Reception / Topics / District codes SMS chat p44 Quick message p44 MMS p45 New MMS / Receive an MMS / Manage folders / Settings Contacts p23 View names list Phonebook settings Delete all / Contacts select / Group settings / Copy to phone Games &...
  • Page 19 Camera p14 Multimedia p52 Picture album p52 List of available pictures Sound album p52 List of available sounds Demo mode p56 Memory status p56 Sound recording p56 TV Slideshow p55 BeDJ p56 Menu tree Operator services p64 Service numbers The numbers available in this menu are operator and subscription-dependent, please check with your operator.
  • Page 20: Text Or Number Entry

    4 • Text or number entry Text can be entered in editing screens in two different ways: by using T9 ® predictive Text Input, or basic text input. Two other modes for numbers and punctuation marks are also available. Icons appearing on the screen show the active text mode.
  • Page 21: Basic Text Input

    Basic text input If you wish to access the basic text input, press This method requires multiple key presses to reach the desired character: the letter "h" is the second letter on key, so you must press it twice to enter "h". Example: how to enter the word "home": Press (GHI)
  • Page 22: Taking Pictures

    5 • Taking pictures Your mobile phone features a digital camera that allows you to take pictures, store them in your phone, use them as wallpaper or send them to your friends. How to... Activate / deactivate Open/close the camera door the camera or press the camera button.
  • Page 23 displayed in the bottom(Zoom, Effect, Shot) and top (Self-Timer, Vision). All options and key presses described in this section are applicable only when the camera mode is active, i.e. when the preview is displayed on the screen. You can also press to access any of them (see “Settings”...
  • Page 24 Take a picture If the self-timer option is Off, and once the camera was activated, press the camera key to take a picture. The number that appears shows its row. Press: To ignore the picture you have just taken and go back to preview mode. To save it in the Camera Picture...
  • Page 25: Settings

    Select the mode, then press the camera key Clip to take the picture. window automatically opens: Record sound record the sound or message of your choice (press to cancel, to stop the recording, or wait for the max. recording time of 30 seconds to be reached).
  • Page 26 Camera Allows you to switch from a camera mode mode to another: see “Preview mode settings” page 14. To choose a quality available among Picture the following: Low, Medium, High. quality To set the Sounds Alert first one occurs 3 seconds before the shot, the second one when the picture is shot.
  • Page 27: Bedj

    6 • BeDJ BeDJ allows you to create your own sound by using a styles, or any SP-MIDI or MIDI ring tones saved in your phone. You can then send your own mix to friends and relatives, use it as a ringer or an alarm, etc. Reminder: in most contexts, the touchscreen allows you to manage options using the stylus pen, and is equivalent to pressing the actual keys.
  • Page 28: Record A Mix

    etc.), the current tempo value, the status of the recording and the name of the track are displayed. In the bottom part of the screen, 9 tracks can be mixed, linked to keys key corresponding to the track to be activated. Up to 9 tracks are available: press and hold keys to open the track selection list.
  • Page 29: Create Your Own Style And Mix

    < Highlight Move previous or next is active, you can then change its track current volume (see above). Stop recording Press The recording will stop automatically when the mix reaches 50 KB (approximately 2 min.). Capacity depends on the memory available in your phone: select Multimedia >...
  • Page 30: Save Your Own Styles

    The number of active tracks depends on the melody you have chosen. From scratch When selecting Advanced, BeDJ opens a complete new set of empty tracks. Press and hold : the list of all the MIDI files present in your phone appears on the screen. Select one of them and press A new list appears, showing all tracks of the selected MIDI file (max.16).
  • Page 31: Contacts

    7 • Contacts Contacts menu allows you to select one of the two available phonebooks: the one on your SIM card (number of entries depending on capacity) or the one in your phone (up to 499 names), which is the default selected phonebook.
  • Page 32: Add Contacts In A Phonebook

    Add contacts in a phonebook Contacts will be added to the selected phonebook. In the SIM phonebook Press when in idle mode and select <New>. Enter the name and the number of your choice, then the type of number allocated to the name (Phone, or Data) and press name in your phonebook.
  • Page 33: Edit And Manage Contacts

    This feature allows you to personalize the groups available with their own name («Friends», «Office», etc.), a given picture (from the Picture given melody (from the Ringers link one or several names to a group: when a name in that group calls, it will appear along with the corresponding picture, and the melody defined for that group will ring.
  • Page 34 Select to access the list of all numbers or fields Show saved for this contact, then <New> field for this contact. Select one of the fields and press to access a second set of options, which are: The first number you enter Make default becomes the default number: it appears in first position in the...
  • Page 35: Settings

    8 • Settings Settings menu allows you to customise your phone and change the settings related to each available option (sounds, time and date, security, etc.). The Profiles menu allows you to change several settings at once (see page 34). Sounds Silent Allows you to set the...
  • Page 36: Display

    • when an event programmed in your due, • when there’s a Missed call, • when the Battery alert requires charging, • to manage the duration of your calls with a (the beep cannot be heard by the caller). alert This menu only allows you to set the alert sounds On or Off, NOT the alerts themselves.
  • Page 37: Short Cuts

    You must select several pictures (up to 10) in order to display a slide show. When selecting only one picture to be used as screen saver, only this picture will be displayed. Backlight Allows you to set a backlight by selecting one of the available values. Backlight Backlight is activated when receiving incoming calls or messages, browsing menus, etc.
  • Page 38: Voice Command

    To use the hotkeys, simply press and hold the key corresponding to the function you want to launch or to the number you want to dial while in idle mode. Voice command Allows you to set up direct access to a specific function by linking it to a voice Voice Command tag.
  • Page 39: Security

    Menus can always be accessed this way, even when the option is set to Off. Security Public names Allows you to manage a specific names list, called Public Names Public names calls to this list via the option. Call Allows you to restrict the calls to restriction Public Names you can only access the names of...
  • Page 40: Calibration

    will be blocked and unusable. If this happens, contact your operator or retailer. PIN protection This allows you to set the PIN protection or Off. When On, you PIN protection will be asked to enter your PIN code when switching your phone on. You cannot change your PIN code if this option is Off.
  • Page 41: Time And Date

    phone will try to register on a network, according to your preferences. Access settings This menu allows you to create several data profiles: when using WAP or when Access settings sending MMS, the selected profile will be used to connect to the GSM or GPRS network. Options described below are operator and/or subscription dependent.
  • Page 42: Language

    Set date Allows you to set the date by pressing the appropriate numeric keys. You can Set date also Time zone Time zone and daylight savings should be set first (double-check date and time if previously set). Allows you to set the time zone you belong according Time zone...
  • Page 43 The settings listed in the column Personal, in the following table, are default settings preset during production. As you can change them, the personal settings in your phone may differ from the table. Each box of the table refers to the settings as stored in the menu (whether you have Personal...
  • Page 44: Messages

    9 • Messages This menu allows you to send short messages, with sounds, animations or pictures, as well as manage the ones you receive. Sending SMS isn’t available from the idle mode when the SMS Chat feature is On (see page 44). In this case, you can only access the Answer option.
  • Page 45: Read Sms

    picture, only the picture will be taken into account and vice-versa. Some pre-defined items are supplied as standard with your mobile phone. Personal pictures and sounds that you have stored in the relevant menus cannot be sent when they are copyright protected. Read SMS This menu allows you to read all types of SMS, whether sent, received, read...
  • Page 46 To extract a number included in the extracted message itself, if this number is included in double quotes (several numbers extracted), To save the melody that was sent Store together with the SMS. melody SMS settings This menu allows you to customise your SMS via the following options: SMS settings To select your default SMS centre.
  • Page 47: E-mail

    Auto save Allows you to set which will automatically save messages sent in the Archive SMS Archive This menu allows you to consult all read messages you saved and to SMS Archive archived messages at once. You save a message by activating the Auto save SMS above), or by selecting a received message, pressing twice and selecting...
  • Page 48 Advanced This menu features advanced settings that you shouldn’t have to change. If the fields of these menus are empty, or if you encounter connection problems, contact your ISP. SMPT authenticat. in most European countries: your e-mails will NOT be sent if set to On. Contact your provider for complete information.
  • Page 49 Send mail This menu allows you to send e-mails to one or several recipients at a time, Send mail including with an attachment such as a jpeg picture. Once received, your messages can be forwarded and the attachments visualised with the appropriate software.
  • Page 50 Select mailbox: your phone automatically Open connects to the e-mail server and downloads the list of e-mail headers if any (five at a time). (or Previous) appears at the end (or Next beginning) of the list, other e-mail headers are pending: select one of the available options and press to retrieve them.
  • Page 51 You must have stored a picture before being able to view it via the Picture album menu. See “Picture album” page 52 for more details. If there isn’t enough memory to store the new picture, you must delete other items (name, event or picture) to release enough memory to be able to save the new picture.
  • Page 52: Sms Chat

    Broadcast SMS The Broadcast SMS feature is network dependent. This menu allows you to manage the reception of SMS broadcast regularly Broadcast SMS transmitted to all subscribers on the network. It give you access to the following options: To set the reception of cell broadcast Reception messages or Off.
  • Page 53: Mms

    "Over the air", via the Club Philips web site. Connect to, select your country, then click Enter the club. Click Set it up in the bottom left corner of the next window and follow the steps described.
  • Page 54: Mms Options

    Allows you to design your message: Media Add a Picture, (move previous icon if not automatically selected, press corresponding menu), and create more slides by pressing Send now to send the MMS to the selected recipient(s), Access the Although the picture preview when creating the MMS is (W)105 x (H)55 pixels, the maximum size of a picture you can send is (W)640 x (H)640 pixels.
  • Page 55 Preview MMS To preview the slide show you have created. Slide duration To change the value of slide duration set in Settings (see page 47), and to set a settings delay between each slide. Send MMS Once your message is complete, simply select and press .
  • Page 56: Manage Folders

    Close To close the MMS and go back to the list of options. Manage folders Four different folders are available. The default (active) folder is the one you last selected. Lists all messages saved as templates. Templates You can Play, Edit Drafts Lists all messages saved as drafts, or...
  • Page 57 The following settings are available: Allows you to choose from: Retrieval mode Manual: you connect manually to the server by selecting a notification in the Inbox, selecting Read then Play. will place received MMS in Automatic: the Inbox. Select the MMS and press >...
  • Page 58: Infrared

    10 • Infrared Your mobile phone integrates the infrared technology (also called IrDA), that allows you to send or receive data to and from other IrDA-compliant devices through a wireless link (e.g., another mobile phone, a PC or PDA, a printer etc.). You can use IrDA to quickly send a sound you just mixed to a friend’s mobile phone, or to receive pictures from their PDA.
  • Page 59 (Service Pack 3 and up mandatory in this case). Specific software modules for Lotus Notes, Lotus Organizer and Microsoft Outlook are designed to allow synchronisation from your Philips mobile phone to these applications (refer to their respective user guides for detailed information).
  • Page 60: Multimedia

    11 • Multimedia Sound album This menu allows you to manage and listen to the sounds stored in your mobile phone, your Sound Album Standard melodies or Records. When entering one of the available sub-menus, select a sound and press to access the following options: the selected sound.
  • Page 61 Select a picture add press to access the options described below, which the icons located on the left hand side of the screen allow you to perform. In each case, press to go back one step, or validate and go to the next option. Double-tap an item to select it, and to insert it automatically in the middle of the screen.
  • Page 62 Advanced Crop Fake (i.e. to cut out an area and paste it into another picture). In both cases, tap the screen once to define the top left corner of the cropping area, and a second time to indicate its bottom right corner.
  • Page 63: Tv Slideshow

    TV screen via the TV Link accessory or on the screen of your phone. TV Link may not supplied with your product. In this case, you must purchase it separately. See “Philips authentic accessories” page 76 for details. Manual...
  • Page 64: Memory Status

    Demo mode Press to launch the Demo mode If you turned the phone on without having inserted a SIM card, this menu is available in the first menu level. Memory status This menu allows you to display the percentage of memory available in your phone.
  • Page 65: Games & Applications

    12 • Games & Applications Euro converter These menus allow you to convert a sum from or into Euros by entering the -> Euro amount and pressing The currency used for the conversion is determined by the country where you have subscribed. The Euro converter is available upon subscription and only in countries using the Euro.
  • Page 66 Create a new event This menu allows to create events and store them in your organiser. When the Organiser organiser alert is beep alerts you when an event is due. Select <New>, then the type of event to create (Holiday, Meeting, ToDo), and enter its starting and ending date &...
  • Page 67: Java

    JAVA Your mobile phone features JAVA, which allows you to run JAVA- JAVA compatible applications such as games downloaded on the network. Settings Auto launch Allows you to set the automatic launch of JAVA Off. When On, a JAVA application will be automatically launched right after it was installed.
  • Page 68: Call Information

    13 • Call information Call settings This menu allows you to set all the call options (call forward, waiting, etc.) and gives you access to the menus described Call settings hereafter. Call forward To divert incoming calls to your mailbox or to a number (whether in your contacts or not) and applies Data calls,...
  • Page 69: Call List

    Any key answer To accept a call by pressing any key, except to reject a call. Call waiting With GSM Applies to calls, call calls Data option is active, you hear a beep if someone tries to call you while already on a call.
  • Page 70: Call Counters

    Call counters This menu allows you to handle the cost and duration of your calls. Call counters GSM counters This menu gives you access to the options described below. The GSM Call Counters do not include WAP connections. Most options mentioned below are subscription dependent.
  • Page 71 GPRS counters This feature is subscription and network dependent. Last mobile session This option will display the last connection session or transfer volume of your mobile phone (e.g., after a WAP connection over GPRS). Call information Last PC session This option will display the last connection session or transfer volume of your PC transmission.
  • Page 72: Operator Services

    "Over the air", via the Club Philips web site. Connect to, select your country, then click Enter the club. Click Set it up in the bottom left corner of the next window and follow the steps described.
  • Page 73 Your mobile phone connects to the network according to the Access settings you have defined in the menu Settings > Network (see page 33). Homepage This is the link to the first WAP site you access when launching a WAP session. In most cases, this menu item is preconfigured and will connect to your operator’s WAP homepage.
  • Page 74 Security To display the list of installed security Certificates its details or delete it), the or the info Current To rename the currently selected Rename profile (start entering the new name profile for the edit screen to appear). To activate or deactivate the Browser options downloading of images attached to...
  • Page 75: Make A Second Call

    browsing or downloading multimedia files into your handset. If your push inbox is full, a message will ask you to delete some messages. In this case, you must select WAP > Push Inbox and delete some of the messages it contains before being able to receive more.
  • Page 76: Answer A Third Call

    Press To reject the call. Press To select End call call, then answer the incoming call. To receive a second call, you must have deactivated the Call forward for voice calls (see page 60) and activated the Call waiting (see page 61). Answer a third call While in communication and one call being on hold, you may receive a third call.
  • Page 77 Icons & symbols In idle mode, several symbols can be displayed simultaneously on the screen. If the network symbol isn’t displayed, the network is not currently available. You may be in a bad reception area, moving to a different location may help. - Your phone will not ring when Silent receiving a call.
  • Page 78: Troubleshooting

    Take the phone to a warmer place and try again. In other cases please contact your phone supplier. You might be using a Philips charger that was not intended for your phone. Make sure you always use the Philips authentic accessory shipped with your phone.
  • Page 79 Your phone This feature is network and doesn’t subscription dependent. If the display the network doesn’t send the caller’s phone number, the phone will display numbers of Withheld incoming your operator calls information on this subject. Some networks You can’t send text message exchanges with other messages...
  • Page 80 The autonomy is linked to your autonomy settings (e.g., of your backlight duration) and the features phone you use. To increase the autonomy, seems lower and whenever possible, you must that deactivate features you do not use. indicated in the user guide A car contains many metallic parts Your phone...
  • Page 81: Precautions

    The network controls the power at which the phone transmits. • Your phone transmits/receives radio waves in the GSM frequency (900 /1800/1900MHz). • The GSM network controls transmission power (0.01 to 2 watts). •...
  • Page 82: Performance Improvement

    In areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere (e.g. petrol stations and also areas where the air contains dust particles, such as metal powders). In a vehicle transporting flammable products (even if the vehicle is parked) or a vehicle powered by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), check first that the vehicle complies with the applicable safety rules.
  • Page 83: En 60950 Norm

    Philips has marked the battery and packaging with standard symbols designed to promote the recycling and appropriate disposal of your eventual waste. The battery should not be disposed of with general household waste.
  • Page 84: Philips Authentic Accessories

    As a consequence, the package contents may vary. To maximise the performance of your Philips phone and not to void the warranty, always purchase Philips Authentic Accessories that are specially designed for use with your phone. Philips Consumer Electronics cannot be held liable for any damage due to use with non authorised accessories.
  • Page 85 Independent JPEG group. Philips authentic accessories Data connect kit Easy data connection to your Philips mobile phone. The USB cable enable high speed connection between your phone and your computer. Just connect your phone to the cable for an automatic organiser and phonebook synchronization within a few seconds.
  • Page 86 JAVA trademark Microsystems, Inc. ® Communications Inc. Tegic Euro. Pat. App. 0842463 In-Fusio and the games engine Exen are trademarks of In-Fusio France. trademark Tegic...
  • Page 87: Declaration Of Conformity

    KT12 4RQ, UK Identification mark: 0168 Le Mans, 12th March, 2004 In case your Philips product is not working correctly or is defective, please return your phone to the place of purchase or to the Philips National Service Center.

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