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Nokia 5160 Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents

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  • Page 2 Keys Fixed-length Power key antenna See p. 6. See p. 15. Do not attempt to extend or remove! Earpiece See p. 16. Current function of Navi™ key Screen 0HQX Navi™ key See p. 6. Scroll keys See p. 6. Clear key See p.
  • Page 3: Indicators And Icons

    Indicators and icons You have an active call. You have one or more new voice messages. You have one or more new text messages. Keyguard is on. Your phone will not accept any keypresses. To turn it off, press 8QORFN , then The alarm clock is set.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Power key ....... 6 Nokia Navi™ key ......6 Scroll keys .
  • Page 5 Answering a call ......17 Silencing an incoming call....18 5.
  • Page 6 14. Accessories Nokia Xpress-on™ color covers ... . .55 Batteries .......58...
  • Page 7 Radio frequency (RF) signals ....66 Care and maintenance ....67 16. Technical information 17. Nokia Limited Warranty 18. Index...
  • Page 8 NOTES...
  • Page 9: For Your Safety

    1. For your safety Read these simple guidelines before using your phone. Failure to comply with these guidelines may be dangerous or illegal. Road Safety Comes First Don’t use a hand-held phone while driving; park the vehicle first. Switch Off In Hospitals Follow any regulations or rules.
  • Page 10: Fcc/Industry Canada Notice

    Updates The latest version of this Owner’s Manual may be found on Nokia’s World Wide Web site at
  • Page 11: Battery Installation & Charging

    2. Battery installation & charging Before you can use your new phone, you need to attach and charge the battery. Attaching the battery To attach the battery, place it on the back of the phone as shown and slide it toward the top of the phone until it clicks into place.
  • Page 12: Removing The Battery

    Problems charging If your phone displays 1RW FKDUJLQJ , charging is suspended. Check that the battery is connected to an approved charging device. If the battery is very hot or cold, wait for a while; charging will automatically resume after the battery is restored to its normal operating state.
  • Page 13: Important Battery Information

    1 Press and hold the button at the top of the battery. 2 Slide the battery toward the bottom of the phone. 3 Lift the battery off the phone. Important battery information • The battery can be charged and discharged hundreds of times but it will eventually wear out.
  • Page 14: About The Phone, Keys & Menu

    • select a quick alert setting (see page 24) (if Keyguard is off and the phone is not connected to a headset or handsfree car kit) • silence the ringing of an incoming call Nokia Navi™ key Your phone’s Navi™ key appears below the display. Its current function is indicated by the word that appears above it (for example, 0HQX ).
  • Page 15: Clear Key

    Clear key Use the clear key • delete a character to the left of the cursor • clear all characters from the display (press and hold) • return to the previous menu level • return from the menu to the start screen (press and hold) •...
  • Page 16: Menu

    To get to the start screen, press and hold for a second. (If there are characters on the display this clears the characters, then you must press and hold again.) Menu Your phone’s menu allows you to easily access the many powerful features in your phone.
  • Page 17: Menu Shortcuts

    Menu shortcuts When you select a menu item, numbers appear on the display above the scroll bar. If you become familiar with these numbers, you can use them as shortcuts for accessing different menu items. For example, to access the 3KRQH VHWWLQJV menu, you can simply press 0HQX 4 2.
  • Page 18: Ringing Options

    4 Settings 8 My tones Call settings Ringing options 411 Emergency key 9 811 Ring 412 Automatic redial 812 Ascending 413 Calling card 813 Ring once 414 Automatic answer 814 Beep once 815 Silent Phone settings Ringing tone 421 Touch tones 422 Language Ringing volume 423 Restore factory settings...
  • Page 19: Entering Letters And Numbers

    Entering letters and numbers Cursor The cursor is a blinking vertical line that appears on the screen when you are entering text or numbers. Characters you enter appear to the right of the cursor. Pressing the key deletes the character to the left of the cursor. Use the scroll keys to move the cursor to the right or left ABC mode...
  • Page 20: Special Characters In Names

    Changing letter case Press the key to switch between upper- and lower-case letters. The icon switches to to indicate that you are using lower case. Entering numbers To enter numbers while in ABC mode, you can: • press and hold the corresponding key until the number appears, or •...
  • Page 21: Keyguard (Locking The Keypad)

    Character This character creates a pause. Digits to the right of the S are sent as touch tones after a 2.5-second pause. Use this character to save phone numbers of automated services that require you to enter a password or other information after the call is answered.
  • Page 22 Notes about Keyguard • When Keyguard is on, the only way to answer a call is to press $QVZHU . • When Keyguard is on, calls may be possible to the emergency number programmed into your phone (e.g. 911 or other official emergency number). However, one-touch emergency dialing (‘emergency key 9’) does not operate.
  • Page 23: Basic Functions

    About the antenna Your Nokia phone has a fixed-length antenna. Do not attempt to extend or remove it. Normal position Hold the phone as you would any other telephone, with the antenna pointed up and over your shoulder.
  • Page 24: Making A Call

    Get a strong signal When you are at the start screen (see page 7) or in a call, the strength of the radio signal is indicated by the signal indicators on the left side of your phone’s display. These indicators scroll as the signal strength increases and decreases.
  • Page 25: Last Number Redial

    Last number redial The last 10 numbers you dialed are stored in the dialed calls list. Use this list to redial a number you have called recently. 1 From the start screen, press to access the dialed calls list. 2 Scroll to the desired number. 3 Press &DOO .
  • Page 26: Silencing An Incoming Call

    Caller ID Caller ID is a network service that displays the phone number of the person calling you, if it is available. Check with your service provider for details. If the caller can be identified, the phone displays the caller's phone number and FDOOLQJ .
  • Page 27: Settings

    5. Settings This section describes some phone settings that allow you to customize your phone to suit your preferences and that you probably won’t change very often. Automatic redial Use 0HQX 4 1 2 to turn this feature on or off. When this feature is on and the wireless network is busy, your phone will redial a number up to three times.
  • Page 28 Dialing Use for cards that Cards using sequence require you to: this sequence Access no. Dial 1-800 access number, MCI, AT&T True + phone no. then phone number, then Choice, Sprint + card no. card number (+ PIN if Canada, Unitel required) Access no.
  • Page 29: Clock

    Clock Your phone has an internal clock that can be displayed on the start screen. The clock must be set in order for call times to be recorded (see ‘Call log’ on page 42). If you remove the battery for longer than a couple of seconds, the time will be lost.
  • Page 30: Language

    Language Use 0HQX 4 2 2 to set the language of your phone’s display. You can choose from English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. The shortcut for choosing English is to press 0HQX 4 2 2 1. Lights If you’re using your phone with a car kit, use 0HQX 4 2 4 to set your phone’s lights to 2Q (lights stay on) or $XWRPDWLF (after 15 seconds, lights turn off until the next key is pressed, phone rings, etc.).
  • Page 31: Message Alert Tone

    $VFHQGLQJ The phone rings using the currently selected ringing tone. The ringing volume starts low and increases with successive rings. 5LQJ RQFH The phone rings once using the currently selected ringing tone. %HHS RQFH The phone beeps once. 6LOHQW The phone makes no sound when you receive a call. icon appears at the start screen.
  • Page 32: Quick Alert Settings

    Warning and game tones Use 0HQX 8 6 to turn your phone’s warning and game tones on or off. Warning tones are created by events such as confirmations, errors, power on, battery low, and recharge battery. Vibrating alert If your phone has a vibrating battery attached, use 0HQX 8 7 to set your phone to vibrate when you receive a voice call.
  • Page 33: Voice Mailbox Number

    +HDGVHW Automatically selected when your phone is connected to a headset. Remembers any changes you make to settings in Menu 8, My tones, and uses them the next time you connect the phone to a headset. &DU Automatically selected when your phone is connected to a car kit.
  • Page 34: Welcome Note

    Welcome note Use 0HQX 2 3 to create or change the welcome note for your phone. This note is displayed briefly each time you turn on your phone. It can be your name, a reminder, etc. To save the note, press 2SWLRQV , then 6DYH . To erase the note, press 2SWLRQV , then (UDVH .
  • Page 35: Emergency Calls

    6. Emergency calls 1 If the phone is not on, switch it on. 2 Press and hold the key for several seconds to ready the phone for calls. 3 Key in the emergency number for your present location (e.g. 911 or other official emergency number). Emergency numbers vary by location.
  • Page 36: Emergency Key 9

    Emergency key 9 Use 0HQX 4 1 1 to turn on this feature. When this feature is on, the phone attempts to make an emergency call when you: • press and hold the 9 key, or • press 9, then press &DOO . Note: When Keyguard is active, the only way to make an emergency call is to dial the emergency number, then press &DOO .
  • Page 37: Advanced Functions

    7. Advanced functions Network feature setting Call forwarding, call waiting, and send own number are network services available through your service provider. These features do not appear in your phone’s 1HWZRUN VHUYLFHV menu until you save the related feature code(s) given to you by your service provider.
  • Page 38: In-Call Menu

    In-call menu When you are in a call, the Navi™ key function is (QG . However, your phone has an in-call menu that allows you to perform several functions while in a call. To access the in- call menu, press to change the Navi™...
  • Page 39: Ending All Calls

    Note: This feature might not be supported in your network. Contact your service provider for details. To return to the first caller Choose 6ZDS from the in-call menu. The call to the second person ends and you may resume your conversation with the first person you called.
  • Page 40: Call Forwarding

    Example: If the code for cancelling call waiting is *810 and the number you want to call is (214) 555-1234, dial -;435478884567, then press &DOO. Cancelling call waiting: menu method You can save the code for cancelling call waiting given by your service provider and then use 0HQX 4 4 4 2 to cancel call waiting.
  • Page 41: 1-Touch Dialing

    Cancelling call forwarding Standard method To cancel call forwarding, you must get the call forwarding cancellation code from your service provider. 1 Dial the code for cancelling call forwarding (for example, *710). 2 Press &DOO . Menu method You can save the code for cancelling call forwarding and then use the menu to cancel call forwarding.
  • Page 42: Choosing Your Phone Number (Nam Selection)

    If a key already has a number assigned to it, you can press 2SWLRQV and then view, change, or erase the number assignment. Making calls using one-touch dialing Press and hold a number key (2 through 8) for a few seconds to call the number assigned to it.
  • Page 43: Calling Card Calls

    Standard method 1 Dial the feature code followed by the number you want to call. 2 Press &DOO . Example: If the feature code to hide your number is *67 and the number you want to dial is (214) 555-1234, dial -9:5478884567 , then press &DOO .
  • Page 44: System Selection

    System selection Your phone is capable of working in residential, private, and public systems. You can choose how your phone selects a network to use. This feature is 0HQX 5 in your phone. The default is $XWRPDWLF , which means your phone automatically searches for networks available to you and chooses the appropriate one.
  • Page 45: Touch Tones

    Touch tones Your phone can generate various sounds, called touch tones, when the keys are pressed. Touch tones can be used for many automated services such as checking voice mail, movie times, and airline arrival/ departure times. Note: Sending confidential information over the air using touch tones is not recommended.
  • Page 46: Restore Factory Settings

    Sending touch tone strings 1 During a call, press to clear any numbers from the display. 2 Press 2SWLRQV . 3 Scroll to 7RXFK WRQHV , then press 2. . 4 Enter or find the touch tone string, then press 2. . Restore factory settings You can use 0HQX 4 2 3 to reset many of the settings in your phone to their factory defaults (as in a new phone).
  • Page 47: Phone Book

    8. Phone book Your phone allows you to save 100 phone numbers and associated names so they are right at your fingertips for easy dialing. Saving names and numbers Saving a name and number is easy! Just enter the phone number, , then press 6DYH .
  • Page 48: Finding Names And Numbers

    Notes about saving names • A name may appear only once in memory. If you try to save a name that already exists in memory, the phone asks if you want to replace the existing name. • If you try to save a phone number and your phone book is full, you are given the option to replace an existing entry.
  • Page 49: Editing Names And Numbers

    Editing names and numbers To edit phone book entries, press 0HQX 1 3, scroll to the entry you want to edit, then press (GLW . Edit the name and number as needed. Erasing names and numbers Use 0HQX 1 4 to erase entries from your phone book. 2QH E\ RQH lets you select one entry at a time to be erased.
  • Page 50: Call Log

    9. Call log For your convenience, the call log (Menu 3) saves a list of phone numbers you have dialed, and can show you how much time you have spent on the phone. If you subscribe to the caller ID network service, the call log also records the phone numbers of missed calls and received calls.
  • Page 51: Received Calls

    Viewing the missed calls list at any time Use 0HQX 3 1 to view the missed calls list at any time. To dial a number, press 2SWLRQV , then choose &DOO . Received calls If you subscribe to the caller ID network service, your phone automatically stores the phone numbers of the 10 most recent calls you’ve answered.
  • Page 52: Viewing Call Timers

    Viewing call timers Use 0HQX 3 5 to view the various call timers. /DVW FDOO is the duration of the last call, or current call if applicable. $OO FDOOV is the duration of all calls since the timers were last reset.
  • Page 53: Voice Messages

    10. Voice messages Voice mail is a network service that allows callers to record a message when you cannot be reached. You can then call your voice mailbox and retrieve your messages. Saving your voice mailbox number When you subscribe to voice mail, your service provider will give you a voice mailbox number.
  • Page 54: Text Messages

    11. Text messages The text message network service allows you to receive text messages from a variety of sources, such as a Web page set up by your service provider. Contact your service provider for more information. Reading messages When you receive a text message, the phone displays the indicator, either 0HVVDJH UHFHLYHG or 1HZ HPHUJHQF\ PHVVDJH (if an emergency message has been received), and makes a sound (depending on the message alert tone;...
  • Page 55: Storage Of Incoming Messages

    About the Inbox The Inbox holds text messages that have not been deleted or saved. Use 0HQX 2 1 1 to access the Inbox at any time. You will see a list of message headers. The icon in front of the header indicates that a message has been read. The icon indicates that a message has not been read.
  • Page 56: Extra Features

    12. Extra features Alarm clock The alarm clock feature is based on your phone’s internal clock and sounds an alert at a time you specify. Setting the alarm clock Use 0HQX 7 1 to turn the alarm clock on or off. Note that when you’re entering the alarm time, use two digits for both hours and minutes (for example, enter 1:30 as 3463 ).
  • Page 57: Games

    • To shut off the alarm, press any key except 6QRR]H. The phone displays .HHS WKH SKRQH RQ" Press <HV to keep it on or to switch it off. • If you press 6QRR]H, the phone turns itself off for 10 minutes, then the alarm sounds again.
  • Page 58 Logic Find the secret combination of figures in a column. Possible figures are shown at the top of the display. Press the 5 key repeatedly to select a figure and the 2, 4, and 8 keys to move the cursor. Once you think you have the right combination, press the key.
  • Page 59: Security Features

    13. Security features Access codes overview Access codes consist of the lock code and security code. When you get your phone, you should change these codes from their defaults, write down the new codes, and keep them in a safe place away from the phone. Avoid using access codes that are similar to emergency numbers, such as 911, to prevent accidental dialing of the emergency number.
  • Page 60: Restricting Incoming Calls

    Restricting incoming calls Choose 5HVWULFW LQFRPLQJ FDOOV to prevent your phone from receiving incoming calls. Enter your security code, then press 2. . Press 0DUN , then press . Press <HV to save this change (or to cancel). Note: This feature requires the caller ID network service, and the caller’s ID must be available to the phone in order for the restriction to work.
  • Page 61: Phone Lock

    2 Enter the phone number, area code, etc. to which you want to restrict calls, then press 2.. 3 If you want, give a name of up to 10 characters to the restriction (such as -RH\, /RQJ GLVW, or 40;33 &V), then press 2..
  • Page 62: How To Unlock Your Phone

    How to unlock your phone Press 0HQX , enter the lock code, then press 2. . Answering a call when the phone is locked Press $QVZHU . Saving the unlocked phone number Use 0HQX 4 3 2 2 to save a number that may be called even when your phone is locked.
  • Page 63: Accessories

    You can select the accessories that best suit your specific communication needs. For availability, see your local authorized Nokia dealer. A few practical rules for accessory operation: • Keep accessories out of small children's reach.
  • Page 64: Changing Covers

    Changing covers When changing covers, don’t use the phone’s antenna as leverage! 1 Switch off the power and disconnect the phone from the charger or any other device. 2 Using a coin, depress the colored tab on the top of the phone and slide the color cover forward.
  • Page 65 5 Place the bottom of the cover against the bottom of the phone. Make sure all three sets of plastic tabs line up with their respective slots, as shown at left. Close the cover and snap it shut all the way around the edge of the phone.
  • Page 66: Batteries

    Batteries Several batteries are available for your phone: • BLS-2 Extended Li-Ion 900 mAh • BMS-2S Extended NiMH 900 mAh • BMS-2V Vibrating NiMH 900 mAh • BLS-4 Ultra Extended Li-Ion 1500 mAh Charging times The table below displays approximate battery charging .
  • Page 67: Chargers And Other Accessories

    The following chargers and other accessories are available for your phone; please see your dealer for details. Also, refer to any accessory options manual that may have been included in your sales package for the entire line of authentic Nokia accessories.
  • Page 68 Note: When a charger is not in use, disconnect it from the power source. Do not leave the battery connected to a charger for longer than a week, since overcharging may shorten its life. If left unused, a fully charged battery will discharge itself over time.
  • Page 69 Charger can also be used with the DCH-9 Compact Desktop Charging Stand. LCH-9 Rapid Cigarette Lighter Charger The multivoltage Rapid Cigarette Lighter Charger allows you to charge your phone when you travel. The small charger's functional design fits well with most car lighters and interiors.
  • Page 70 wall outlet and connect the connector to the back of the Compact Desktop Charging Stand. Place your phone and/or a spare battery in the stand to begin battery charging. When the phone is charging, no lights are displayed on the stand;...
  • Page 71: Reference Information

    15. Reference information Important safety information Traffic safety Do not use a hand-held telephone while driving a vehicle. If using a hand-held phone park the vehicle before conversing. Always secure the phone in its holder; do not place the phone on the passenger seat or where it can break loose in a collision or sudden stop.
  • Page 72: Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

    Persons with pacemakers: • Should always keep the phone more than 6 inches (20 cm) from their pacemaker when the phone is switched on; • Should not carry the phone in a breast pocket; • Should use the ear opposite the pacemaker to minimize the potential for interference.
  • Page 73: Emergency Calls

    Users are advised to switch off the phone while at a refueling point (service station). Users are reminded of the need to observe restrictions on the use of radio equipment in fuel depots (fuel storage and distribution areas), chemical plants or where blasting operations are in progress.
  • Page 74: Radio Frequency (Rf) Signals

    Remember, to make or receive any calls the phone must be switched on and in a service area with adequate signal strength. Emergency calls may not be possible on all wireless phone networks or when certain network services and/or phone features are in use. Check with local service providers.
  • Page 75: Care And Maintenance

    Care and maintenance Your phone is a product of superior design and craftsmanship and should be treated with care. The suggestions below will help you to fulfill any warranty obligations and allow you to enjoy this product for many years. When using your phone, battery, charger, OR any accessory: •...
  • Page 76: Technical Information

    Printed in Canada 10/98 NOKIA is a trademark of Nokia Corporation and/or its affiliates. The information contained in this User Guide was written for Nokia phone NSW-1NX. The right to make changes and improvements to any of the products described in this guide without prior notice is reserved.
  • Page 77: Nokia Limited Warranty

    17. Nokia Limited Warranty Nokia Mobile Phones, Inc. (“NMP”) warrants that this cellular phone (“Product”) is free from defects in material and workmanship, according to the following terms and conditions: 1. The limited warranty for the Product extends for one (1) year beginning on the date of purchase of the Product.
  • Page 78 The Consumer shall return the Product to the place of purchase for repair or replacement processing. b) If “a” is not convenient the Consumer shall ship the Product prepaid and insured to: Nokia Mobile Phones, Inc. Attn: Repair Department 795 West Nasa Blvd. Melbourne, FL 32901...
  • Page 79 13. Questions concerning this limited warranty may be directed to: Nokia Customer Service 6200 Courtney Campbell Causeway, Ste. 900 Tampa, FL 33607 phone: 1-888-NOKIA2U (1-888-665-4228) or (813) 288-3800 fax: (813) 287-6612 14.
  • Page 80: Index

    18. Index call waiting 31 answering a waiting call 31 cancelling 31 caller ID 18 ABC mode 11 showing/hiding number 34 access codes 51 calling card accessories 55 making calls 35 batteries 58 set-up 19 chargers 59 calls covers 55 answering 17 alarm clock 48 answering automatically...
  • Page 81 menu 8 editing names/numbers 41 shortcuts 9 emergency calls 27, 65, 65 message alert tone 23 emergency key 9 28 messages erasing names/numbers 41 text see text messages voice mail 45 external antenna jack 7 missed calls 42 muting the microphone 16, factory settings, restoring My tones (menu) 22 game tones 24...
  • Page 82 power key 6 reading 46 profiles see quick alert Saved folder 47 settings storage 47 three-way calling 30 timers 43 quick alert settings 24 tones 22 keypad 23 message alert 23 reading text messages 46 quick alert settings 24 received calls 43 ringing option 22 redial ringing tone 23...
  • Page 83 Para obtener un manual del usuario en español favor de llamar o enviar un fax al teléfono 1-888-NOKIA2U (1-888-665-4228), fax 813-287-6612.

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