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AKZM 775
Manual de utilizare şi întreţinere
Ръководство за потребителя и поддръжка
Uputstvo za upotrebu i održavanje
Navodila za uporabo in vzdrževanje
Priručnik za uporabu i održavanje


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  • Page 1 AKZM 775 Manual de utilizare şi întreţinere Ръководство за потребителя и поддръжка Uputstvo za upotrebu i održavanje Navodila za uporabo in vzdrževanje Priručnik za uporabu i održavanje...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS YOUR SAFETY AND THAT OF OTHERS IS PARAMOUNT This manual and the appliance itself provide important safety warnings, to be read and observed at all times. This is the danger symbol, pertaining to safety, which alerts users to potential risks to themselves and others.
  • Page 3 - This appliance is designed solely for use as a domestic appliance for cooking food. No other type of use is permitted (e.g.: heating rooms). The Manufacturer declines all responsibility for inappropriate use or incorrect setting of the controls. - This appliance can be used by children from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe...
  • Page 4: Installation

    - Never leave the appliance unattended during food drying. - If alcoholic beverages are used when cooking foods (e.g. rum, cognac, wine), remember that alcohol evaporates at high temperatures. As a result, there is a risk that vapours released by the alcohol may catch fire upon coming into contact with the electrical heating element.
  • Page 5: General Recommendations

    GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS Before use: Remove cardboard protection pieces, protective film and adhesive labels from accessories. Remove the accessories from the oven and heat it at 200° for about an hour to eliminate the smell and fumes from the insulating materials and protective grease. During use: Do not place heavy objects on the door as they could damage it.
  • Page 6: After Sales Service

    AFTER-SALES SERVICE Before calling the After-Sales Service: See if you can solve the problem yourself with the help of the suggestions given in the “Troubleshooting guide“. Switch the appliance off and back on again it to see if the fault persists. If after the above checks the fault still occurs, get in touch with the nearest After-sales Service.
  • Page 7: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE Use protective gloves. WARNING Ensure the oven is cold before carrying out the following operations. Disconnect the appliance from the power supply. REMOVING THE DOOR To remove the door: Open the door fully. Lift the catches and push them forwards as far as they will go (Fig. 1). Close the door as far as it will go (A), lift it up (B) and turn it (C) until it is released (D) (Fig.
  • Page 8: Replacing The Oven Lamp

    REPLACING THE OVEN LAMP To replace the rear lamp (if present): Disconnect the oven from the power supply. Unscrew the lamp cover (Fig. 6), replace the lamp (see note for lamp type) and screw the lamp cover back on. Reconnect the oven to the power supply. To replace the side lamp (if present): Disconnect the oven from the power supply.
  • Page 9: Instructions For Oven Use

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR OVEN USE FOR ELECTRICAL CONNECTION, SEE THE PARAGRAPH ON INSTALLATION Control panel Upper heating element/grill Cooling fan (not visible) Dataplate (not to be removed) Light Circular heating element (not visible) Turnspit (if present) Lower heating element (hidden) 10. Door 11.
  • Page 10: Control Panel Description

    INSERTING WIRE SHELVES AND OTHER ACCESSORIES IN THE OVEN The wire shelf and other accessories are provided with a locking mechanism to prevent their accidental removal. Fig. 1 Insert the wire shelf horizontally, with the raised part “A” upwards (Fig. 1). Angle the wire shelf when it reaches the locking position “B”...
  • Page 11: Description Of Display

    DESCRIPTION OF DISPLAY A. Display of heating elements activated during the various cooking functions B. Time management symbols: timer, cooking time, end of cooking time, time C. Information regarding selected functions D. Automatic BREAD/PIZZA function selected Indication of door locked during automatic cleaning cycle (pyro-cleaning) Internal oven temperature G.
  • Page 12: Fast Preheating

    FAST PREHEATING Turn the “Functions” knob to the symbol to select the fast preheating function. Confirm by pressing : the settings are shown on the display. If the proposed temperature is that desired, press button . To change the temperature, proceed as described in previous paragraphs.
  • Page 13: Selecting Special Functions

    TIMER This function can be used only with the oven switched off and is useful, for example, for monitoring the cooking time of pasta. The maximum time which can be set is 23 hours and 59 minutes. With the “Functions” knob at zero, turn the “Browse” knob to display the desired time. Press button to start the countdown.
  • Page 14 Bread Turn the “Function” knob to the symbol : the display shows “BREAD” and AUTO alongside. Press to select the function. Turn the “Browse” knob to set the required temperature (between 180°C and 220°C) and confirm with button Turn the “Browse” knob to set the required cooking duration and press to start cooking.
  • Page 15: Function Description Table

    FUNCTION DESCRIPTION TABLE FUNCTION SELECTOR KNOB (Continued) To halt cooking and switch off the oven. LAMP To switch the oven interior light on/off. To speed up defrosting of food. Place food on the middle shelf. Leave food in its packaging in order to prevent it from drying out on the outside. DEFROST For keeping just-cooked food hot and crisp (e.g: meat, fried or flans).
  • Page 16 FUNCTION SELECTOR KNOB (Continued) For the display settings (language, time, brightness, volume of acoustic signal, SETTINGS energy saving function). To bake different types and sizes of pizza and bread. This function contains two programmes with predefined settings. Simply indicate the values required BREAD/PIZZA (temperature and time) and the oven will manage the cooking cycle automatically.
  • Page 17: Cooking Table

    COOKING TABLE Recipe Function Pre- Shelf Temp. Time Accessories and notes heating (from (°C) (min) bottom) 160-180 30-90 Cake tin on rack Leavened cakes Level 4: cake tin on rack 160-180 30-90 Level 1: cake tin on rack Drip-tray / baking tray or 160-200 35-90 Filled pies...
  • Page 18 Recipe Function Pre- Shelf Temp. Time Accessories and notes heating (from (°C) (min) bottom) Pizza 220-250 15-30 Drip-tray / baking tray (Pizza) Level 3: drip-tray / baking 10-20 tray or rack Frozen pizza Level 4: pan on rack 230-250 10-25 Level 1: drip-tray / baking tray 180-190...
  • Page 19 Recipe Function Pre- Shelf Temp. Time Accessories and notes heating (from (°C) (min) bottom) Level 2: rack (turn food two thirds of the way through 55-70 cooking) (Medium) Roast chicken 1-1.3 Level 1: drip-tray with water Level 2: turnspit (if present) 3 (High) 60-80 Level 1: drip-tray with water...
  • Page 20 TESTED RECIPES (in compliance with IEC 50304/60350:2009-03 and DIN 3360-12:07:07) Recipe Function Pre- Shelf (from Temp. Time Accessories and notes heating bottom) (°C) (min) IEC 60350:2009-03 § 8.4.1 15-30 Drip tray / baking tray Shortbread Shelf 4: baking tray 20-35 Shelf 1: drip tray IEC 60350:2009-03 §...
  • Page 21: Recommended Use And Tips

    RECOMMENDED USE AND TIPS How to read the cooking table The table indicates the best function to use for any given food, to be cooked on one or more shelves at the same time. Cooking times start from the moment food is placed in the oven, excluding pre-heating (where required).
  • Page 22 Printed in Italy 07/2012 5019 300 01237...

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