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LG 32LX330C Owner's Manual

Lg led tvs are lcd tvs with led backlighting
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Safety and Reference
* LG LED TVs are LCD TVs with LED backlighting.
Please read this manual carefully before operating
your TV and retain it for future reference.
P/NO : MFL68925802 (1510-REV03)



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  Summary of Contents for LG 32LX330C

  • Page 1 OWNER’S MANUAL Safety and Reference LED TV* * LG LED TVs are LCD TVs with LED backlighting. Please read this manual carefully before operating your TV and retain it for future reference. 32LX330C 43LX341C 43LX540S 43LX310C 22LX570M 32LX770M 42LX330C 49LX341C...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions Read these instructions. Keep these instructions. Heed all warnings. Always comply with the following precautions Follow all instructions. to avoid dangerous situations and ensure peak performance of your product. • Do not use this apparatus near water. WARNING/CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN...
  • Page 3 • Use only with the cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or appliance, and have the cord replaced with table specified by the manufacturer, or sold with an exact replacement part by an authorized the apparatus. When a cart is used, use caution service.
  • Page 4 TV, unplug the power cord and contact an • Do not attempt to modify this product in any authorized service center. way without written authorization from LG • Keep the product away from direct sunlight. Electronics. Unauthorized modification could •...
  • Page 5 • Only use an authorized AC adapter and power The panel is a high technology product with cord approved by LG Electronics. Otherwise, this resolution of two million to six million pixels. may result in fire, electric shock, malfunction or In a very few cases, you could see fine dots on product deformation.
  • Page 6: Fcc Notice

    FCC Notice FCC RF Radiation Exposure Statement [For having wireless function (WLAN, Bluetooth,...)] (For USA) This equipment has been tested and found to This equipment complies with FCC radiation comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
  • Page 7: Note To Cable/Tv Installer

    Through these activities, LG seeks to contribute to (Except for LX570M, LX770M series) conserving natural resources and protecting the • When attaching the stand to the TV set, place environment.
  • Page 8: Maintenance

    Warning when using USB storage devices CAUTION • Do not push, rub, or hit the surface with your • USB storage devices with a built-in auto fingernail or a sharp object, as this may result in recognition program or its own driver may not scratches on the screen and image distortions.
  • Page 9: Adjusting The Menu

    If you place your finger over the joystick CAUTION button and move it left or right, you can • When handling the TV, be careful not to damage Volume adjust the volume level. (Depending the protruding joystick button. upon model) Control (Depending upon model) If you place your finger over the joystick...
  • Page 10: Mounting On A Table

    Detailed instructions will be included with the wall mount. We recommend that you use an LG brand wall mount. The LG wall mount is easy to adjust or to connect the cables.
  • Page 11 When you do not use LG’s wall mount bracket, CAUTION use a wall mount bracket where the device is • Disconnect the power before moving or adequately secured to the wall with enough space installing the TV. Otherwise electric shock may to allow connectivity to external devices.
  • Page 12: Connecting To An Antenna Or Cable

    • When using the wall mounting bracket, apply • The external device connections shown may the adhesive protective label to cover the differ slightly from illustrations in a manual. unused stand opening(s). This will prevent the • Connect external devices to the TV regardless accumulation of dust and dirt.
  • Page 13: Remote Control

    Remote Control Accesses the saved channel list. Alternates between the two last channels selected (pressing repeatedly). (Use only when provided with your particular Adjusts the volume level. model.) Accesses your favorite channel list. The descriptions in this manual are based on the buttons on the remote control.
  • Page 14: Specifications

    To select Picture Mode Specifications SETTINGS PICTURE Picture Mode Product specifications may be changed without prior notice due to upgrade of product functions. Select the picture mode optimized for the viewing environment or the program. Television System • Vivid Heightens contrast, brightness, and sharpness to display vivid images.
  • Page 15: Supported Video Formats

    HDMI (DTV) Supported Mode Supported Video Formats • Maximum: 1920 x 1080 @ 30p (only Motion JPEG Horizontal Vertical Resolution Frequency (kHz) Frequency (Hz) 640 x 480 @ 30p) • .asf, .wmv 31.46 59.94 640 x 480p [Video] MPEG-2, MPEG-4 Part2, DivX3.11, DivX4, 31.50 60.00 DivX5, DivX6, XViD, H.264/AVC, VC1(WMV3,...
  • Page 16: Open Source Software Notice

    • File Type : M4A are available for download. [Bit rate] Free Format LG Electronics will also provide open source code [Sample freq.] 8 kHz ~ 48 kHz to you on CD-ROM for a charge covering the cost [Support] MPEG-4 of performing such distribution (such as the cost of •...
  • Page 17 Covered by one or more of the following U.S. patents: 7,295,673; 7,460,668; 7,515,710; 7,519,274. Important Information (For LX530S, LX540S series) You can download the SuperSign Software and TV manual from LG Electronics website. Visit support/download/supersign. Server : SuperSign SuperSign SuperSign
  • Page 18: Key Codes

    Key Codes • This feature is not available for all models. Code Code Function Note Function Note (Hexa) (Hexa) CH +, PR + R/C Button LIST R/C Button CH -, PR - R/C Button EXIT R/C Button VOLUME + R/C Button PIP(AD) R/C Button VOLUME -...
  • Page 19: External Control Device Setup

    • LGTV supports PL2303 chip-based (Vendor ID : 0x0557, Product ID : 0x2008) USB to serial converter which is RS-232C IN (CONTROL & SERVICE) not made nor provided by LG. (PC) (TV) • It can be purchased from computer stores that carry accessories for IT support professionals.
  • Page 20 Customer Computer RS-232C Configurations 7-Wire Configuration (Serial female-female NULL modem cable) RS-232C (Serial port) D-Sub 9 D-Sub 9 3-Wire Configurations (Not standard) D-Sub 9 D-Sub 9 Set ID For Set ID number, see Real Data Mapping. Press SETTINGS to access the main menus. Press the navigation buttons to scroll to (General →...
  • Page 21: Communication Parameters

    Communication Parameters • Baud rate : 9600 bps (UART) • Stop bit : 1 bit • Data length : 8 bits • Communication code : ASCII code • Parity : None • Use a Cross-over cable or Null Modem cable. Command Reference List (Depending upon model) DATA...
  • Page 22: Transmission / Receiving Protocol

    Transmission / Receiving Protocol Transmission [Command1][Command2][ ][Set ID][ ][Data][Cr] [Command 1] First command to control the TV. (j, k, m or x) [Command 2] Second command to control the TV. [Set ID] You can adjust the [Set ID] to choose desired monitor ID number in option menu. Adjustment range in TV is 1 to 99.
  • Page 23 • Commands may work differently depending upon model and signal. 01. Power (Command : k a) 10 : Video mute on ▶ To control Power *On or Off of the set. Ack [d][ ][Set ID][ ][OK/NG][Data][x] Transmission[k][a][ ][Set ID][ ][Data][Cr] * In case of video mute on only, TV will display On Screen Display(OSD).
  • Page 24 07. Brightness (Command : k h) 12. Remote control lock mode (Command: k m) ▶ To adjust screen brightness. ▶ To lock the front panel controls on the monitor and You can also adjust brightness in the PICTURE remote control. menu.
  • Page 25 16. Color(Colour) Temperature (Command : x u) * (Depending upon model) ▶ To adjust colour temperature. You can also adjust Ack [q][ ][Set ID][ ][OK/NG][Data][x] Color(Colour) Temperature in the PICTURE menu. Transmission [x][u][ ][Set ID][ ][Data][Cr] Data Min : 00 to Max : 64 20.
  • Page 26 3. Tune to the satellite (DVB-S) Channel 1000. * Tune Command Examples: Set ID = All = 00 1. Tune to the Analog cable (NTSC) channel 35. Data 00 & 01 = Channel Data is 1000 = 03 E8 Set ID = All = 00 Data 02 = Digital Satellite TV = 40 Data 00 = Channel Data is 35 = 23 Result = ma 00 03 E8 40...
  • Page 27 * Tune Command Examples: Data Min : 00 to Max : 64 1 Tune to the digital antenna (ISDB-T) channel 17-1. Set ID = All = 00 Ack [g][ ][Set ID][ ][OK/NG][Data][x] Data 00 = Don’t know Physical = 00 Data 01 &...
  • Page 28 * If [Data 00] is 00 (3D On), [Data 03] has no [Data 01] It has own range for each 3D option meaning. determined by [Data 00]. 1) When [Data 00] is 00 * If [Data 00] is 01 (3D off) or 02 (3D to 2D), [Data 00 : Right to Left 01], [Data 02] and [Data 03] have no meaning.
  • Page 29: Child Safety

    CHILD SAFETY: PROPER TELEVISION PLACEMENT MATTERS THE CONSUMER ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY CARES • Manufacturers, retailers and the rest of the consumer electronics industry are committed to making home entertainment safe and enjoyable. • As you enjoy your television, please note that all televisions – new and old- must be supported on proper stands or installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Page 30 The model and serial numbers of the TV are located on the back and on one side of the TV. Record them LG Customer Information Center below should you ever need service. For inquires or comments, visit or call; MODEL 1-888-865-3026 USA, Commercial User...