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Using The Car Recorder; Recording Videos; Record Videos While Driving; Driver Fatigue Alert - HP f500g User Manual

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3 Using the Car Recorder

3.1 Recording Videos

3.1.1 Record videos while driving

When the vehicle engine starts up and the Automatic Record function is
enabled, the camcorder automatically turns on and starts recording.
Recording will automatically stop when the engine is switched off.
Or, press the
On some cars, the recording will continue when the engine is switched off.
With some vehicle models, the automatic power up and off feature of this car camcorder will not
function because the cigarette lighter/power socket is not linked to the ignition system.
To work around this issue, please do one of the following:
- Manually turn on or off the cigarette lighter/power socket if this is possible with your vehicle model.
- Manually plug in the power adapter into the socket to turn on the car camcorder and unplug from
the socket to turn off the car camcorder.

3.1.2 Driver Fatigue Alert

Press the
Press the
press the
Driver Fatigue Alert function will remind
the driver should take a rest after
continuing to drive for over one hour via ''
bi bi sound '' from the device and also the
alert picture ( as enclosed ) will be appear in
the LCD screen. The product will remind the
driver again after 30 minutes as each
interval . But the product will recalculate
the alert time If the car stop moving over 5 minutes .
button to stop recording manually.
button to enter the OSD menu.
button to select Driver Fatigue Alert and