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Roger" Beeps/Talk Confirmation Tone; Button Beeps - Motorola Talkabout T7400 User Manual

Motorola user's guide two-way radio t7400, t7450
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"Roger" Beeps/Talk Confirmation Tone

When you turn this feature On, your two-way radio transmits a unique tone when
you finish transmitting. It's like saying "Roger" or "Over" and lets others know
you have finished talking. If the person you are talking to does not hear the talk
confirmation tone, you can enable it by pressing and holding
as you turn On
your radio. Now, whenever you release
, you let your friends know you have
finished talking by transmitting a "Roger" Beep tone. "Roger" Beeps will be
disabled as the Default Setting.
Note: To toggle the Talk Confirmation Tone feature, turn your radio Off and then
back On while pressing and holding

Button Beeps

Every time you press a button on the front of your radio, it beeps unless you turn
Button Beeps Off. To turn Button Beeps Off, turn your radio On while you press
and hold
. To turn Button Beeps back On, turn the radio Off and then back
On again while you press and hold
. On is the Default setting.

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