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Scanning; Advanced Scan - Motorola Talkabout T7400 User Manual

Motorola user's guide two-way radio t7400, t7450
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By using
, you can monitor Channels and Codes for transmissions and lock in on
the one that interests you. More importantly, you can find someone in your group
who has accidentally changed Channels and is talking during your scan. You don't
have to set a new Channel or Code, the radio just resets itself temporarily to that
Channel and Code and you can start talking.
• To start scanning, briefly press
Your Channel/Code screen displays
When the radio detects channel activity, it stops on that channel and displays its
Channel and Code. You can talk to the person(s) transmitting without having to
switch Channels by pressing
• To stop scanning, briefly press
If you press
while the radio is scanning, the radio will transmit on the Channel
which was selected before you activated Scan.
If no transmission occurs within five seconds, scanning will resume.

Advanced Scan

If Scan stops on a Channel that you don't want, briefly press
scanning for the next active Channel in the Scan List.
Scan Nuisance Delete
If Scan continuously stops on an undesired Channel, hold press
and begins to scroll through Channels.
to resume
key for

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