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Nimh Battery Installation; Aa Alkaline Battery Installation - Motorola Talkabout T7400 User Manual

Motorola user's guide two-way radio t7400, t7450
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NiMH Battery Installation

Your radio uses one rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery pack. These cells
provide 13 hours of radio use; based upon 5/5/90 duty cycle (5% Transmit, 5%
Receive, 90% Standby).
• To begin, slide the Ribbed Latch on the bottom of the
radio away from the back cover, or toward the contacts.
• Slide and lift the back cover off.
• Position the battery with the Motorola Logo side up, and
the charge contacts are facing the bottom of the radio.
Insert the top of the battery into the radio and push the
battery up and into the battery compartment to fit tightly
into place.
• Slide and snap the cover back into place.
AA Alkaline Batteries Installation
Your radio also uses 4 AA alkaline batteries. These cells
provide 22 hours of radio use. Based upon 5/5/90 duty
• Push the Ribbed Latch on the bottom of the radio away
from the battery door.
• Slide and lift the battery door off.
• Place AA batteries so that the + markings match the
markings in the compartment.
• Slide and snap the battery cover into place.

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