Towing The Vehicle; Recreational Vehicle Towing - Cadillac XT5 2017 Owner's Manual

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Vehicle Care
If the jumper cables are
connected or removed in the
wrong order, electrical shorting
may occur and damage the
vehicle. The repairs would not be
covered by the vehicle warranty.
Always connect and remove the
jumper cables in the correct order,
making sure that the cables do
not touch each other or other
Jumper Cable Removal
Reverse the sequence exactly when
removing the jumper cables.
After starting the disabled vehicle
and removing the jumper cables,
allow it to idle for several minutes.

Towing the Vehicle

Incorrectly towing a disabled
vehicle may cause damage. The
damage would not be covered by
the vehicle warranty.
Do not lash or hook to
suspension components. Use the
proper straps around the tires to
secure the vehicle.
Use only a flatbed tow truck for
towing a disabled vehicle. Never
use a sling type lift or damage will
occur. Use ramps to help reduce
approach angles if necessary.
A towed vehicle should have its
drive wheels off the ground.
If the vehicle is equipped with tow
eye, only use the tow eye to pull the
vehicle onto a flatbed car carrier
from a flat road surface. Do not use
the tow eye to pull the vehicle from
snow, mud or sand.
Consult a professional towing
service if the disabled vehicle must
be towed.
Recreational Vehicle
Recreational vehicle towing means
towing the vehicle behind another
vehicle, such as behind a motor
home. The two most common types
of recreational vehicle towing are
known as dinghy towing and dolly
towing. Dinghy towing is towing the
vehicle with all four wheels on the
ground. Dolly towing is towing the
vehicle with two wheels on the
ground and two wheels up on a
device known as a dolly.
Here are some important things to
consider before recreational vehicle
The towing capacity of the
towing vehicle. Be sure to read
the tow vehicle manufacturer's

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Table of Contents

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