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Andrews NEOflo SC25/200 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

High efficiency condensing stainless steel storage water heater.
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NEOfl o
High Effi ciency Condensing Stainless Steel Storage Water Heater
High Effi ciency Condensing Stainless Steel Storage Water Heater
Please read and understand these instruction before commencing installation and leave this manual with the customer for future reference


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 INSTALLATION OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL NEOfl o High Effi ciency Condensing Stainless Steel Storage Water Heater High Effi ciency Condensing Stainless Steel Storage Water Heater SC25/200 SC25/300 Please read and understand these instruction before commencing installation and leave this manual with the customer for future reference M2574C...
  • Page 2 NEOflo Technical Data Technical Parameter Sheet SC25/200 SC25/300 Daily electricity consumption 0.109 0.108 elec Declared load profile Sound power level, indoors Daily fuel consumption 30.648 31.112 fuel Emissions of nitrogen oxides mg/kWh Weekly fuel consumption with smart controls fuel, week, smart Weekly electricity consumption with smart controls elec, week, smart Weekly fuel consumption without smart controls...
  • Page 3 Th ese instructions apply in the UK and must be followed except for any statutory obligation. All installation and service work on the Andrews Water Heater must be carried out by a competent person, failure to install cor- rectly could lead to prosecution.
  • Page 4 List of Figures & Tables Page CONTENTS Section Page Fig 1.1 User Control TECHNICAL DATA Inside cover Fig 2.1 General Dimensions Fig 3.1 Open Vent Example User Instructions Fig 3.2 Re-Circulation Design GENERAL & SAFETY INFORMATION 5 Fig 3.3 De-Stratifi cation Design Gas Safety Standards Fig 4.1 Unvented Design...
  • Page 5 NEOfl o USER’S OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR SAFETY - READ BEFORE OPERATING Th is appliance is equipped with an ignition device WARNING which automatically lights the burner. • Do not remove or adjust any component part of this water heater; contact the installer. BEFORE OPERATING after a prolonged time off, smell •...
  • Page 6 De-Stratifi cation If your installation has been equipped with a de-strati- fi cation pump wired from the heater, a pump symbol will show on the display when it is running. Other symbols If the wrong buttons are pressed it is possible that an engineering mode might be accidentally entered and different symbols will be displayed.
  • Page 7 GENERAL & SAFETY INFORMATION IGE/UP/1A, 1B: Strength/tightness testing and direct purg- Th e NEOfl o range features a stainless steel tank with a stainless steel integrated heat exchanger and a fully auto- matic electronic control. It also provides mains outputs for IGE/UP/2: Installation pipework.
  • Page 8 Andrews Water Heaters has commissioned an inde- Dispose of the appliance correctly according to the laws and pendent evaluation of their products to investigate regulations in force.
  • Page 9 GENERAL DIMENSIONS Fig 2.1 Service Clearance all models mm Left & Right Above In Front Model Width Depth Height 25/200 1570 25/300 1545 NEOfl o Water Heater September 2015...
  • Page 10: Water Quality & Treatment

    WATER QUALITY AND TREATMENT allowed for a feed cistern being 227 litres (50 gallons). When installing an Andrews Water Heaters in hard water areas we would recommend that a water treatment spe- Th e actual cistern capacity is the capacity to the normal cialist is consulted.
  • Page 11 NEOfl o OPEN VENT EXAMPLE Service Valve Outlets Fig 3.1 Drain NEOfl o SECONDARY RETURN DESIGN NEOfl o DE-STRATIFICATION DESIGN 1. Pressure Reducing Valve 2. Non Return Valve 3. Expansion Vessel Pump 4. Pressure Relief Valve 5. Temp & Pressure Relief Valve Pump 6.
  • Page 12 Installation of unvented hot storage water systems must age system, the Unvented System Kit, part number B314, comply with Part G of Schedule 1 of the Building Regula- available from Andrews Water Heaters must be fi tted. See tions. Parts List Page 25.
  • Page 13 NEOfl o UNVENTED SYSTEM DESIGN Expansion Vessel Hot Water Temperature/Pressure Relief Valve Wall Bracket Assembly Cold Water Inlet of Water Hose Assembly Heater Pressure Reducing Valve/Strainer Check Valve Expansion Valve Tundish CONDENSATE DISPOSAL METHODS Cold Water Feed Balanced Cold Water Fig 4.1 Take-off (if required) CONDENSATE DISPOSAL METHODS...
  • Page 14: Flue Equivalent Length Calculation

    FLUE SYSTEMS Examples: Th e appliance can be installed using a number of alterna- Concentric fl ue system that uses one straight length tive arrangements depending upon the installation re- and one 90° bend. quirements It is delivered with its two 80 mm connection 1 x 1m straight length points combined into a 80/125 concentric outlet on the 1 x 90°...
  • Page 15 Flue Parts Part Number Balanced Flue. 1m length Horizontal Terminal 5136146 Vertical Terminal 5136147 45° bend 1m Concentric Length 5136148 90° bend Concentric 45° Bend 5136150 Horizontal Terminal Concentric 90° Bend 5136151 Vertical Terminal Flue Wall Bracket 125 mm 5136152 Debris Guard Condensate Trap Kit 5136153...
  • Page 16 OPEN FLUE EXAMPLE Vertical Terminal Debris Guard 125mm length 25mm length Horizontal Terminal 80mm Air duct connection Incline 3° back to Heater to Heater 80mm Flue duct 80mm Flue duct connection connection Fig 6.2 HORIZONTAL FLUE EXAMPLE Concentric 90 deg. bend Horizontal Terminal SC 25/200: 375mm 90 deg.
  • Page 17 VERTICAL FLUE EXAMPLE Vertical Terminal Concentric 90 deg. bend 90 deg. x 80mm bend 80mm Air duct extension Twin Adapter 80mm Air duct connection Fig 6.4 FLUE TERMINAL DIMENSIONS Clip pipes every 1000mm Fig 6.5 NEOfl o Water Heater September 2015...
  • Page 18 FLUE TERMINAL POSITIONS Th e fl ue discharge position for any fl ue type must conform to the following requirements Fig 6.6 Minimum Distance A Directly below an opening, air brick, opening window etc. B Above an opening, air brick, opening window etc. C Horizontally to an opening, air brick, opening window etc.
  • Page 19: Servicing

    VENTILATION REQUIREMENTS Refer to BS 6798 and BS 5440:2 for additional informa- Natural Gas tion Th e gas meter, regulator and supply pipework must be sized so as to provide an adequate supply to the Open Flue Type B Heater in addition to any other appliances connected Th e room in which an appliance is installed must have to the supply.
  • Page 20 ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS Access to the terminal connections (Fig. 7.1) Remove the Lower Front Panel, the Connection Box is IMPORTANT, this appliance must be earthed facing you on the left hand side. Th e Connection Box can be completely removed by loosening its fi xing screws in CAUTION: Isolate the mains electrical supply before its keyhole slots.
  • Page 21 WIRING DIAGRAM LINK: Remove if seperate switched live provided B R Bk R/Br Switch On/Off R/Br R/Br X1.1 HEAT DEMAND X1.2 LOCKOUT ALARM DE-START PUMP X1.3 X1.5 FLAME PRESENCE O/P X1.6 X1.7 X1.8 LCD Display X1.9 DSP49G1053 X1.10 X4.1 X2.1 24Vdc X4.2 X2.2...
  • Page 22 COMMISSIONING After installation of the water system, open the main water supply valve, fl ush the system and fi ll the heater. FILLING 1. Check that the tank drain connection is fi tted and closed. 2. If the appliance is connected to a hot water recir- culation system, open the isolation valve immedi- ately before the connection point to the tank.
  • Page 23 Burner Lockouts No Flame established. If the Heater is unable to light or detects a safety condi- False Flame detected tion the control will lockout and the Heater will stop fi r- Overheat sensor > 95C or short circuit. ing. Th e display will show RESET and a number referring Incorrect Fan speed detected to the type of error.
  • Page 24 DIAGNOSTICS Th e Display can provide additional information whilst Running, In Standby and In Error, when the buttons are pressed. Th e table below details the sub-sections available. Pressing Service A, Service B and Reset together will, test all the segments of the LCD display. Buttons MODE Service A...
  • Page 25: Burner & Combustion Chamber

    Spark & Sense Electrode SERVICING • Turn off the Heater. Health and Safety Statement : • Pull off the HT and Earth leads. Th is Heater contains no asbestos. • Remove the cover over the Ignition Control connections and pull it off the Gas Valve. In all cases, before work commences turn off the Mains •...
  • Page 26: Lcd Display

    FLUE THERMOSTAT (Fig. 9.4) Th is is located on the sump fl ue connection. • Remove the lower front panel. • Pull off the electrical connector. Throttle adjustment • Undo from the fl ue connection. • Replacement is the reverse. IGNITION CONTROL (Fig.9.4) •...
  • Page 27: Venturi

    VENTURI (Fig. 9.4) • Remove the lower front panel. • Pull off the air tube (Fig. 9.4). • Undo the three screws holding the venturi to the gas valve. • Undo the two screws holding the venturi to the fan and remove.
  • Page 28 HEATER COMPONENTS EXTERNAL Tank Inspection Hatch Temperature & Pres- sure Relief Valve High Limit Sensor Removable Cover (To access Control Sensor) Display Panel Control Sensor Door Fig 9.3 NEOfl o Water Heater September 2015...
  • Page 29 HEATER COMPONENTS INTERNAL Combustion Test Point Flue Th ermostat Spark & Sense Electrode Ignition Lead Fan Mounting Spacer Fan Gasket Wiring Connection Ignition Control Gas Cock Flue Elbow Release Condensate Pipe 41mm Gas Valve Air Duct Cylinder Drain Pipe 22mm Fig 9.4 Condensate Trap Venturi...
  • Page 30 7a 7b Parts List ITEM DESCRIPTION Part No. Temp & Pressure Relief Valve G068 User LCD Control G072 Switch ON/OFF 5140814 Cylinder Inspection Hatch G175 High Limit Sensor G075 Thermostat Pocket G076 Complete Wiring Loom SC25/200 G176 Complete Wiring Loom SC25/300 G177 Control Sensor G077...
  • Page 31 NEOflo Product Fiche Product name SC25/200 SC25/300 Declared load profile Water heating energy efficiency class Water heating energy efficiency Annual energy vonsumption Other load profiles for which the water heater is suitable to use and the corresponding heating energy efficiency and annual electricity consumption Thermostat temperature setting °C...

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