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Motorola S705 SoundPilot User Manual

Bluetooth stereo headphones and controller.
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S705 SoundPilot
Headphones and Controller
S705 SoundPilot
Congratulations on purchasing your new
As the first Class 1 Bluetooth stereo
headphones and controller on the
market, the Motorola S705 SoundPilot
offers music and communication in
perfect harmony. Innovatively designed,
your S705 empowers you to listen to
and wirelessly control your favorite
tunes without the worry of missing a
call—all with the freedom of using your
own favorite headphones.
With superior sound and power, the
Motorola S705 SoundPilot is light in
weight but heavy in style and
functionality—so go ahead, take control,
and never miss a beat or a call.
S705 SoundPilot
• S705 Bluetooth Stereo
Headphones and Controller
• Motorola S231 headphones
• Detachable shirt clip
• Detachable neck strap
• Wall charger
• Carry pouch
• User's Guide (this manual)
• Quick Start Guide
S705 SoundPilot


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   Summary of Contents for Motorola S705 SoundPilot

  • Page 1: Package Contents

    Motorola S705 SoundPilot offers music and communication in perfect harmony. Innovatively designed, your S705 empowers you to listen to and wirelessly control your favorite tunes without the worry of missing a call—all with the freedom of using your own favorite headphones.

  • Page 2: Safety And General Information, Smart Practices While Driving, Industry Canada Notice To Users

    Connecting Your Headphones to Your S705 ..... . . 27 Operation..... 28 Turning Your S705 On and Off .

  • Page 3

    Listen to music from your phone that supports Bluetooth streaming music capabilities. Overview Music Source Home stereo Overview To use your S705, your phone or music device should support the following Bluetooth profiles: Profile (Handsfree Profile) A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)

  • Page 4: Getting Started

    Once complete, when powered on, your S705’s battery meter indicates full charge (r). When powered off, the backlight turns off. Note: Your S705 can be used while charging. 3 When charging completes (about 2 hours), remove charger from the electrical outlet, and detach charger from your S705.

  • Page 5

    S705’s battery life. Pairing Your S705 With Your Bluetooth Device(s) You must pair (link) your S705 and your Bluetooth-enabled phone or music device before you can make/receive calls or listen to streaming music. (You can listen to FM radio without pairing.) “Pairing”...

  • Page 6

    Your S705 can store pairing information for up to eight different Bluetooth devices. Device IDs are stored in your S705’s memory. If you try to pair more than eight devices, the oldest paired device is removed from the list. Devices...

  • Page 7

    2 Attach quick release mechanism to your S705. Note: The neck strap can be attached to either end of your S705. However, for optimal microphone performance, attach neck strap as shown (on end near microphone and Getting Started 2 Insert shirt clip onto the back of your S705.

  • Page 8

    Both the Music Idle screen and Music Operation Operation Turning Your S705 On and Off To turn on or off your S705, press and hold e button for at least 3 seconds until the Motorola logo is displayed. When turned on, your S705 automatically establishes handsfree...

  • Page 9: Status Indicators

    A combination of the display panel (status indicators, menus, and operational text) and controls (buttons and navigation joystick) are used to operate your S705. Status Indicators Your S705 displays graphical icons to indicate status of battery, music streaming, and Bluetooth connections. z Streaming Operation Menus...

  • Page 10: Listening To Music

    Buttons and Navigation Joystick Several push buttons and a multi-position navigation joystick allow you to perform tasks with your S705. The actions performed by these controls depend on the screen displayed. On most screens, a selection box indicates the most logical action to perform.

  • Page 11

    Playing Streaming Music To play music on your S705 from your selected Bluetooth streaming music source: • start from your streaming music source, • select Play Music from menus, or • press V button on joystick from Music Idle screen (shown on page 29).

  • Page 12: Listening To Fm Radio

    3 Move right (H) with joystick. You see: x Connect Operation Listening to FM Radio Your S705 allows you to listen to FM radio with your headphones. Playing FM Radio To listen to FM radio: • select FM Radio from menus, or •...

  • Page 13: Making And Receiving Calls

    FM radio. To minimize disruption, place your phone in vibrate or silent mode. Making and Receiving Calls Your S705 allows you to make and receive phone calls from your Bluetooth phone. Note: Some features are phone/network dependent.

  • Page 14: Receiving A Call

    2 Press Send button on the phone. Ringing is heard over headphones. You see: Calling... Once connected, the On a Call screen displays. Hang up On a Call Making a Call Using Last Dialed Phone Number Press and hold W button. If music/radio is playing, it is paused/muted.

  • Page 15: Setting Language

    (G) with joystick to switch to first call. Operation To lock your S705’s keys, press and hold V button until you see the Lock screen. Lock This screen displays a few seconds, then redisplays the operating screen. To unlock your S705’s keys, press and hold...

  • Page 16

    3 Disconnect the connections are Handsfree active connection from phone. Troubleshoot If S705 is currently connected to a Bluetooth device, you see: Disconnect? Move right (H) with joystick to disconnect current Bluetooth connection. Your S705 is placed in Bluetooth discoverable mode:...

  • Page 17: Approved Accessories

    RF energy exposure guidelines and may void your mobile device’s warranty. For a list of approved Motorola accessories, visit our Web site at: Electromagnetic...

  • Page 18

    If you choose to use your mobile device while driving, remember the following tips: • Get to know your Motorola mobile device and its features such as speed dial and redial. If available, these features help you to place your call without taking your attention off the road.

  • Page 19: What Does This Warranty Cover

    FCC Notice To Users FCC Notice To Users Motorola has not approved any changes or modifications to FCC Notice this device by the user. Any changes or modifications could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. See 47 CFR Sec.

  • Page 20: Who Is Covered

    Motorola Limited Warranty Use of non-Motorola Products and Accessories. Defects or damage that result from the use of Non-Motorola branded or certified Products, Accessories, Software or other peripheral equipment are excluded from coverage. Unauthorized service or modification. Defects or...

  • Page 21: What Other Limitations Are There, Product Registration

    What Will Motorola Do? Motorola, at its option, will at no charge repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any Products, Accessories or Software that does not conform to this warranty. We may use functionally equivalent reconditioned/refurbished/pre-owned or new Products, Accessories or parts. No data, software or...

  • Page 22: Export Law Assurances

    (AVRCP) 10 Bluetooth connecting to devices 29 pairing with devices 15 putting in discovery mode 59 Index connecting headphones 27 deleting music source from memory 43 ending a call 56 FM radio adjusting volume 46 locking/unlocking keys while listening making voice dial call while listening...

  • Page 23

    skipping to next station 47 skipping to previous station 47 Handsfree Profile (HFP) 10 icons (status indicators) 32 keys locking and unlocking 41, 47, 56 locking/unlocking keys 56 making voice dial call 49 menus 34 music Index overview 7 pairing with Bluetooth devices 15 pausing music 40 playing FM radio 45...

  • Page 24

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