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Bluetooth Module
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  Summary of Contents for Motorola Bluetooth Module

  • Page 1 Bluetooth Module User’s Guide...
  • Page 3 Welcome Welcome to Motorola’s “connected” world of Bluetooth personal area wireless networking. We are pleased you have chosen the Motorola Bluetooth Phone Module to keep you connected with ease. The Bluetooth Phone Module enables you to exchange data and/or audio seamlessly between your cellular telephone and other Bluetooth devices such as PDAs or notebook computers.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Getting Started ......5 What Is Bluetooth? ......5 Attaching the Module to Your Phone .
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    Getting Started What Is Bluetooth? Bluetooth is a type of radio communication. Bluetooth devices can find and communicate with each other without using any wires. Bluetooth devices (such as Bluetooth Phone Modules and speakerphones) communicate through a common link that the two devices share.
  • Page 6: Attaching The Module To Your Phone

    Attaching the Module to Your Phone Do This 1 Turn off your phone. 2 Remove the battery cover. 3 Attach the Bluetooth module. Note: The Bluetooth module uses some battery power whenever it is attached. (See “Adjusting the Power Mode” on page 9).
  • Page 7: Bluetooth Menus

    Bluetooth Menus Note: Bluetooth menu items only appear when the Bluetooth module is attached. Before you make a bond, the Bluetooth Link Menu includes these selections: • Bluetooth Link • Hands Free • Reconnect • Scan All • Voice Dial •...
  • Page 8: Naming Your Module

    When other Bluetooth devices find your module in a scan, they see its 12-character Bluetooth address. (PC tools can see more character.) If you want them to see a text name instead, you can “name” your module. To name your Bluetooth module: Find the Feature Press 1 keypad keys...
  • Page 9: Adjusting The Power Mode

    Adjusting the Power Mode Continuous You can select more battery power when a feature is on. To set the power mode: Find the Feature Press SELECT Getting Started Save power mode. Your module uses Settings > Bluetooth Link > scroll to the power option you want Refer to the table on 10 for information on the Power Mode settings.
  • Page 10 Feature other devices always can find your module other devices • first 60 seconds can bond (connect) to • first 60 seconds your module your module constant scans for new devices Getting Started Power Mode Continuous • first 60 seconds after power-up •...
  • Page 11: Turning Voice Dial On And Off

    Turning Voice Dial On and Off You can change the function of the button on some Bluetooth headsets. This only applies to phones with voice recognition. • With Voice Dial Dial button. • With Voice Dial Find the Feature Press SELECT Getting Started , this button functions like your phone’s Voice...
  • Page 12: Linking Devices

    Linking Devices Starting a Link to Another Device You can tell your module to find and link to other Bluetooth devices. Your module remembers the last device it linked, so you can reconnect it quickly. Note: You can only link to one device at a time. Finding and Linking Devices To look for available Bluetooth devices and select one to link: Find the...
  • Page 13 The module scans for devices and shows you a list of the ones it finds. To link a device in the list: Press LINK Linking the Last Device You can quickly reconnect the last device that linked to your module: Find the Feature The module links to the device.
  • Page 14 Resolving a Lost Link If your Bluetooth module loses its link to a handsfree device, it automatically tries to reconnect for 8 seconds. If it cannot reconnect, it displays Retrying Bluetooth Link: Use Handset? Note: This only applies to handsfree devices such as headsets and car kits.
  • Page 15: Ending A Link

    Ending a Link To disconnect your Bluetooth module from another device: Find the Feature Press Tip: If you are using a handsfree device during a voice call, you can switch to the handset (the phone’s earpiece and microphone) by Use Handset pressing >...
  • Page 16: Receiving A Link From Another Device

    Receiving a Link from Another Device Other Bluetooth devices may ask to link with your module, if it is awaiting links. Awaiting Links Your module automatically awaits links from new devices for 60 seconds when you: • turn on your phone Save •...
  • Page 17 The phone displays a brief notice and the module awaits new links for 60 seconds. Responding to Link Requests If a device’s access level is set to then your module grants the device’s link requests without any notice. To change a device’s access level, refer to “Editing a Device in Your Device List”...
  • Page 18: Managing Your Device List

    For additional security, the requesting device may also require you to enter a passkey (authorization code): Press 1 keypad keys Managing Your Device List Your module keeps a list of the devices that link with it. If you change the name and access level for a device in this list, your module will use your settings the next time it links to the device.
  • Page 19 Access Level Descriptions You can grant one of two access levels to a device: Access Description Automatic The device can use any of your module’s services (standard without asking you for approval. access) Your phone asks for your approval each time the device wants to use a service on your module.
  • Page 20 Editing a Device in Your Device List To edit a device in your list: Find the Feature Press EDIT CHANGE 4 keypad keys CHANGE SELECT Linking Devices > Settings > Bluetooth Link scroll to the device you want to edit display the device’s details Name select...
  • Page 21 Deleting a Device in Your Device List To delete a device in your list: Find the Feature Press SELECT Linking Devices > Settings > Bluetooth Link scroll to the device you want to delete display the device list menu Delete select >...
  • Page 22: Troubleshooting

    Bluetooth Bond Failed: List Full Resolution Check to make sure that the Bluetooth module is attached and connected correctly. This error appears if the module was attached but became loose or unattached. Your phone may display this error when you try to establish a bond connection between your module and another device.
  • Page 23 Troubleshooting Error Resolution Invalid: If you enter an incorrect Passkey, you need to start Bluetooth the bond again. You do not get another chance to Passkey enter the Passkey. No links found The module found no devices during a scan. Unable to This error appears if a device is not available Connect...

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