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Notes On Safety; Notes On Installation - Sony XAV-62BT Operating Instructions Manual

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Notes on safety

• Comply with your local traffic rules, laws and
• While driving
– Do not watch or operate the unit, as it may lead
to distraction and cause an accident. Park your
car in a safe place to watch or operate the unit.
– Do not use the setup feature or any other
function which could divert your attention from
the road.
– When backing up your car, be sure to
look back and watch the surroundings
carefully for your safety, even if the rear
view camera is connected. Do not
depend on the rear view camera
• While operating
– Do not insert your hands, fingers or foreign
object into the unit, as it may cause injury or
damage to the unit.
– Keep small articles out of the reach of children.
– Be sure to fasten seatbelts to avoid injury in the
event of a sudden movement of the car.
Preventing an accident
Pictures appear only after you park the car and set
the parking brake.
If the car starts moving during video playback,
the picture is automatically switched to the
background screen after displaying the caution
"Video blocked for your safety."
The monitor connected to the REAR VIDEO
OUT is active while the car is in motion.
The picture on the display is switched to the
background screen, but audio source can be
Do not operate the unit or watch the monitor
while driving.

Notes on installation

• We recommend this unit should be installed by a
qualified technician or service personnel.
– If you try to install this unit by yourself, refer to
the supplied "Installation/Connections" guide
and install the unit properly.
– Improper installation may cause battery drain or
a short circuit.
• If the unit does not work properly, check the
connections first, referring to the supplied
"Installation/Connections" guide. If everything is
in order, check the fuse.
• Protect the unit surface from damage.
– Do not expose the unit surface to chemicals,
such as insecticide, hair spray, insect repellent,
– Do not leave rubber or plastic materials in
contact with the unit for a long time. Otherwise,
the finish of the unit may be impaired, or
deformation may occur.
• When installing, be sure to fix securely.
• When installing, be sure to turn the ignition off.
Installing the unit with the ignition on may cause
battery drain or a short circuit.
• When installing, be sure not to damage any car
parts such as pipes, tubes, fuel tank or wiring by
using a drill, as it may cause a fire or an accident.



Table of Contents

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