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Care And Maintenance; Filter Maintenance; Troubleshooting - Electrolux Quiet Clean PU3650 Operating And Maintenance Instruction Manual

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Table of Contents

Care and Maintenance

Your Electrolux Built-in Vacuum comes with a
lifetime limited warranty (see complete warranty
details elsewhere in this pamphlet). It will give
you a lifetime of trouble-free service by following
some simple guidelines:
• Motor never needs lubrication. Bearings are
permanently sealed and lubricated.
• Motor brushes should be checked by your
authorized Electrolux dealer after 500 hours of use.
• Power unit can be dusted off with a clean,
soft cloth. Caution: do not use liquid
cleaners or water as an electrical shock
may occur.
• Do not tamper with power unit. Do not place
anything on top of power unit as this could
restrict cooling air to the motor, causing the
motor to overheat
• Do not attempt to pick up anything that will
not go through the cleaning tool or hose end.
Do not use the system to pick up
construction debris.
• Do not attach anything else to the system's
electrical power source. Be sure that a properly-
sized protected circuit is used for your unit's
electrical requirements. Consult your authorized
Electrolux dealer for the correct size.
• After removing the hose from the inlet, hold
the inlet door open for a few seconds to help
clear dirt from the vacuum tubing and make
sure the power unit has been turned off.
• To ensure proper cleaning, use only one inlet
at a time.
• If service is ever required, have it performed
by your authorized Electrolux dealer.

Filter Maintenance

Electrolux's exclusive filter is permanent and
self-cleaning. However, if cleaning is desired,
just follow these five easy steps:
1. Remove the dirt receptacle.
2. Wrap a large plastic trash bag around the
lower portion of the power unit, holding it firmly
in place - (as illustrated).
3. Grasp the sewn-in weight at the bottom of
the filter through the bag (as shown) Shake
vigorously Dirt will drop into bag
4. Carefully remove the plastic bag from the
unit. Then empty the dirt receptacle into the
bag, as well.
5. Replace the dirt receptacle on the power
unit. Remember, any dirt that is spilled can be
easily vacuumed by attaching the hose to the
utility inlet and activating the power unit with the
manual switch.
Secure Seal System
Your Electrolux Built-in Vacuum has a Secure
Seal System with an easy, twist-off bucket that
also provides a tighter, longer-lasting seal.
Trouble Shooting
Partial Loss Of Suction
1. Clean out dirt receptacle. Inspect and clean filter
(see Filter Maintenance). Replace dirt receptacle.
2. Turn ON power unit with on/off button. Then
check the suction at each inlet. If it is not the
same at each one, the line is partially clogged.
To locate the clogged area in the system, start
with the inlet closest to the power unit and
check the suction. Continue to check each
successive inlet until you locate the inlet where
a loss In suction is occurring. The clog will be
between that inlet and the previous one you
checked. To remove the clog, carefully Insert an
electrician's fish tape in the inlet and push the
obstruction through. Or, with another vacuum,
you can reverse the suction in the system to
remove the clog. If neither method is successful,
call your Electrolux dealer.
3. Have your authorized Electrolux dealer check
the gasket under the motor and the gasket
located where the dirt receptacle attaches to
the upper cylinder.
Total Loss Of Suction (with motor
1. Check the hose for obstruction.
2. Turn on power unit with the on/off button
and follow the same procedure as in step #2
above. However, with a total loss of suction at
all inlets, if the problem is a clog in the system,
it would be located between the power unit and
the first inlet.
Motor Refuses To Start
1. Check fuses or breakers (trip switches) in the
electric panels in your house.
2. If your power unit has a control light, the
green light will indicate when the unit has
proper voltage and the low-voltage circuit is
supplying power to the inlets. Should the light
be on, but the motor starts only with the on/off
button and not at the inlets, the problem is
broken low-voltage wiring to the wall inlets.
Call your authorized Electrolux dealer.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents