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Features For Utility Stitches; Pivoting - Brother NV5000 Operation Manual

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Features for Utility Stitches


If the pivot setting is selected, the machine stops with
the needle lowered (in the fabric) and the presser foot is
automatically raised to an appropriate height when the
"Start/Stop" button is pressed. When the "Start/Stop"
button is pressed again, the presser foot is automatically
lowered and sewing continues. This function is useful
for stopping the machine to rotate the fabric.
• When the pivot setting is selected, the machine
starts when the "Start/Stop" button is pressed or
the foot controller is pressed down even if the
presser foot has been raised. Be sure to keep your
hands and other items away from the needle,
otherwise injuries may occur.
When the pivot setting is selected, the height of the
presser foot when sewing is stopped can be changed
according to the type of fabric being sewn. Press
to display "PIVOTING HEIGHT" on P. 1 of the
settings screen. Press
three heights (3.2 mm, 5.0 mm or 7.5 mm). To raise the
presser foot further, increase the setting. (Normally, 3.2
mm is set.)
to select one of the
• The "NEEDLE POSITION" (P. 2 of the settings
screen) must be set in the down position for the
pivot function to be used. When "NEEDLE
POSITION" is set in the raised position,
appears as light gray and cannot be used.
• When the setting is selected, the pivot function can
only be used with stitches where presser foot J or N
is indicated in the upper-left corner of the screen. If
any other stitch is selected,
gray and is not available.
• Since the presser foot is fully raised when the
automatic thread cutting key is pressed, press the
"Presser Foot Lifter" button to lower the presser foot,
and then press the "Start/Stop" button to continue
• If the pivot setting is selected,
"PRESSER FOOT HEIGHT" in the settings screen
are not available and the setting cannot be changed.
Select a stitch.
to select the pivot setting.
→ The key appears as
appears as light


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