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AWS MB-100 User Manual

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Copyright © 2011 American Weigh Scales, Inc.
All rights reserved. Rev. 3.0
American Weigh Scales
MB-100 (100g x 0.01g)
MB-650 (650g x 0.1g)
User Manual



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  Summary of Contents for AWS MB-100

  • Page 1 American Weigh Scales Matchbox User Manual Scale MB-100 (100g x 0.01g) MB-650 (650g x 0.1g) Copyright © 2011 American Weigh Scales, Inc. All rights reserved. Rev. 3.0...
  • Page 2 Matchbox Manual Thank you for purchasing the American Weigh Matchbox Series digital pocket scale. Please read all operating instructions carefully before use. Scales are precision measuring devices and should always be handled with proper care. To ensure years of reliable service, keep these simple tips in mind: •...
  • Page 3 I. Part List 1. Scale 2. Plastic Cover 3. Printed Cover 4. CR2032 Battery(one) II. Key Description 1. ON/OFF - Press to turn the scale on or off. Hold (while scale is on) to enter Calibration Mode (expert) 2. TARE/MODE - Press briefly to re-zero the scale. Hold to change weighing unit.
  • Page 4: Using The Tare Feature

    2. If the scale is turned off then back on, it will default to the last unit used. • MB-100 & MB-650 Units: g (gram) oz (ounce) ozt (troy ounce) dwt (pennyweight) ct (carat) gn (grain) VI. Using the Tare Feature...
  • Page 5: Calibration

    of an empty container or vessel for net weight determination. NOTE: The weight of the container will subtract from the available capacity (subtractive taring). 1. Place the empty container or vessel on the weighing platform. 2. Press the TARE/MODE key briefly. The display will then reset to zero. If the container is removed, its weight will be displayed as a negative number.
  • Page 6: Troubleshooting

    Matchbox Manual Model Acceptable Calibration Recommended Tolerance (±) Weight Accuracy Class MB-100 0.02g 100g OIML M2 MB-650 0.2g 500g OIML M2 VIII. Adjustment 1. With the scale ON, press and hold the ON/OFF button to enter calibration mode. 2. The LCD will flash “CAL” followed by the required calibration weight (see chart above).
  • Page 7: Error Codes

    2. O-Ld - Overload. The maximum capacity has been exceeded. Remove the extra weight to avoid permanently damaging the load cell. 3. Lo - Batteries are low. Replace the batteries. XI. Specifications MB-100 MB-650 Max. Capacity 100g 650g Readability 0.01g...
  • Page 8 Matchbox Manual American Weigh Scales, Inc. Norcross, GA 30092 Made In China to our exact specifications and quality control.

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