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Mitsubishi Electric XL5980LU User Manual

Mitsubishi electric lcd projector user manual xl5980u, xl5980lu.
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User Manual
X L5980
This User Manual is important to you.
Please read it before using your projector.
EN – 1


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   Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric XL5980LU

  • Page 1 LCD PROJECTOR MODEL XL5980U XL5980LU User Manual X L5980 This User Manual is important to you. Please read it before using your projector. EN – 1...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Using the remote control ...8 Battery installation ... 8 Installation ...9 Basic connections ... 10 Preparing the projector for operation ... 12 To operate projector power ON... 13 Menu operation ... 15 Picture adjustment... 18 Advanced feature for presentation ... 20 Lamp replacement ...
  • Page 4: Important Safeguards

    Water and moisture Do not use this projector near water or in con- tact with water. Accessories Do not place this projector on an unstable cart, stand, tripod, bracket or table.
  • Page 5 • Never put any heat-producing device under the projec- tor so that the projector does not overheat. • Do not attach the projector to a place that is unstable or subject to vibration. • Do not install the projector near any equipment that produces a strong magnetic field.
  • Page 6: Overview

    Overview Control area TEMP LAMP POWER AUTO POSITION LENS SHIFT ENTER MENU ZOOM/ KEYSTONE FOCUS VOLUME SOURCE MUTE Terminal panel REMOTE REMOTE INPUT 1 INPUT 2 AUDIO MAIN AUDIO AC IN EN – 6 Remote control sensor (Front) Lens Control area Air outlet grille Terminal panel Air inlet grille...
  • Page 7: Bottom Side

    • This remote controller cannot be repaired. Adjustment foot (Left/Right) Air inlet grille/Filter cover Lamp cover Caution: Do not replace the lamp immediately after using the projector because the lamp has got extremely hot. Laser aperture Transmission window Wired remote control jack Indicator POWER button...
  • Page 8: Using The Remote Control

    The range for operation is about 10 m (about 32 feet) when the remote control points to the projector. The dis- tance to the screen back to the projector must be less than 7 m (about 23 feet). Depending on the type of the screen, the distance will be different.
  • Page 9: Installation

    The maximum projection area * Center of the lens when the image is projected along the top of the maximum projection area. For XL5980U only. For XL5980LU, please refer to page 30. Distance from the screen : L Screen Maximum...
  • Page 10: Basic Connections

    • Plug in the projector and the connected devices firmly, and unplug them by holding and pulling out their power plugs, not by pulling the power cords. • When the projector and the connected devices are located too close to each other, the projected image may be affected by their interference.
  • Page 11 Contact your dealer for further information. • This projector uses a stereo pin jack for its audio input. Check the type of the audio output terminal of the connected computer and prepare a proper cable for connection. Some computers may not have the audio output terminal.
  • Page 12: Preparing The Projector For Operation

    • Slanting the projector more than ±15˚ (right and left or front and rear) may cause trouble or explo- sion of the lamp. You can tilt the projector up to 7 degrees using the adjustment feet only. • The image may not be projected in a shape of a...
  • Page 13: To Operate Projector Power On

    6, 8 1. Turn on the equipment connected to the projector. 2. Put the projector into standby mode by pressing the main power switch. The POWER indicator lights up red. 3. Turn the projector on by pressing the POWER but- ton.
  • Page 14: Turning Off The Projector

    It will take another 60 seconds before the lamp indicator goes off. If you want to turn on the projector again, wait until the indicator is off, and then press the POWER button.
  • Page 15: Menu Operation

    Menu operation IMAGE INSTALLATION FEATURE SIGNAL * 1: The item can not be selected when the sRGB is set to ON. * 2: The item can not be selected with certain signals. * 3: The item can not be selected when the selected source is VIDEO or S-VIDEO.
  • Page 16 STANDARD for sport scenes and video sources. Select THEATER for projecting film sources. 2 INSTALLATION AUTO POWER ON ... Select ON to boot up the projector automatically by turning on an externally connected power switch such as a breaker even when the main power switch of the projector is off.
  • Page 17 SCART terminal. • Some AV devices equipped with the SCART terminal may not be compatible with the projector. • When VIDEO SIGNAL is set to AUTO, the image may not be projected with correct colors. Change the setting of VIDEO SIGNAL depending on the input signal in such cases.
  • Page 18: Picture Adjustment

    Picture adjustment User memory for signal setting This projector can memorize the maximum of 2 signal menu settings. Memorizing the setting 1. Select MEMORIZE in the SIGNAL menu, and press the ENTER button. 2. Press the $ or % button to select the memory which you wish to record (USER 1 or USER 2).
  • Page 19: Color Temperature

    The white, which temperature is low, becomes reddish white. When the color temperature is higher, the white becomes more bluish. This projector sets this color temperature by changing the numbers of contrast blue and red.
  • Page 20: Advanced Feature For Presentation

    Advanced features for presentation Expand By pressing the EXPAND button on the remote con- trol, you can magnify the detailed image of the picture. You can also view the screen displaying the picture as its original size (native resolution display). Setting the Expand mode 1.
  • Page 21: Mouse Remote Control

    • Turn off computer and the projector before connecting with SERIAL port. When connecting the computer with the projector when the personal computer is on, the remote control does not work as a mouse. In that case, restart the personal computer.
  • Page 22: Lamp Replacement

    • Please confirm the TEMP indicator illuminates about 2 seconds and the lamp time has been reset. • The projector will not turn on if you do not secure the lamp lid. • You must reset the operation time meter after you replace the lamp.
  • Page 23: Maintenance

    • The power will not turn on if the air-filter cover is improperly installed. Caution: Be sure to use the projector with an air-filter. If not, dust may get inside the projector, causing a fire or a breakdown. Cleaning the projector and the...
  • Page 24: About The Terminal Cover (with Anti-theft Alarm Device)

    About the terminal cover (with Anti-Theft Alarm device) This projector includes a terminal cover with Anti- Theft Alarm device. Once the terminal cover is installed, its Anti-Theft Alarm device will detect vibration caused by the projector being moved and emit an alarm.
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    (In this case, the TEMP indicator does not light up.) • The projector is not at a right angle to the screen. The image is distorted. The image is dark. • Brightness, tint and color are not adjusted correctly.
  • Page 26: Indicators

    Indicators The projector has three indicators each of which shows the working condition of the projector. The following offers solutions to possible problems. If a problem persists, turn the projector off and consult your dealer. Normal condition POWER LAMP TEMP...
  • Page 27: Specifications

    Temperature, humidity +41°F (+5°C) - +104°F (+40°C), 30~90% (performance guarantee) ) For XL5980U only. For XL5980LU, please refer to page 30. ) For XL5980U only. Kensington Lock This projector has a Kensington Security Standard connector for use with a Kensington MicroSaver Security System.
  • Page 28: Dimensional Drawings

    Specifications (continued) Connectors RS-232C (8P) PIN No. NAME – – – CTS / 5V IN/OUT DCD / CLOCK RI / DATA : For RS-232C/MOUSE terminal Dimensional drawings (mm) 131.5* * Factory-defaults of XL5980U What’s included in the box 2 AC power cord 1 Audio/Video cable 1 RGB cable for PC 2 RS-232C cable...
  • Page 29 Specification of RGB signals in each computer mode of the projector Signal mode Resolution (H x V) TV60 – TV50 – 1080i – 525p – 625p – 720p – PC98 640 x 400 CGA70 640 x 400 CGA84 640 x 400...
  • Page 30 Specifications (continued) Specification of the attached lens (for XL5980LU) With Short Throw Zoom Lens (OL-X500SZ) F No. F2.0 - F2.3 Focal distance f=37 mm - 44 mm Zoom/Focus Electrical drive (Zoom ratio 1.2 : 1) Picture size 40 inch (81 cm X 61 cm) - 300 inch (610 cm X 457 cm) (aspect ratio 4:3)
  • Page 31 With Rear projection Short Throw (OL-X500FR) F No. F2.5 Focal distance f=22mm Focus Manual drive Picture size 50 inch (102 cm X 76 cm) - 200 inch (406 cm X 305 cm) (4:3) (Recommended) 70 inch (142 cm X 107 cm) - 100 inch (203 cm X 152 cm) (4:3) Screen Diagonal size Width...
  • Page 32 MITSUBISHI Projector Contact Information North America MESCA (Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc.) Information Technologies Group, 4299 14th Avenue, Markham, Ontario L3R 0J2, Canada Sales & Technical Inquires Phone :+1-(800) 450-6487 :+1-(905) 475-7958 E-mail Customer Care E-mail MDEA (Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc.) (Warranty Registration)

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