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Summary of Contents for NEC MobilePro 250e

  • Page 1 P C 2 0 0 3 O C K E T R E F E R E N C E G U I D E...
  • Page 2 Since implementation by (1 3URGXFW 6DIHW\ customers of each product may vary, the suitability of specific product configurations and applications must be determined by the customer and is not warranted by NEC Computers 0RGLILFDWLRQV WR WKH 3URGXFW International B.V.
  • Page 3 3UHIDFH This reference guide contains detailed information on the use of the NEC ® ® Pocket PC powered with the Microsoft Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003. The guide is organised as follows: &KDSWHU  ² *HW 6WDUWHG, provides procedures for unpacking, charging ®...
  • Page 4 *HW 6WDUWHG Unpack Your Pocket PC „ Get to Know Your Pocket PC „ Before You Start „ Charge the Battery „ Calibrate and Activate the Pocket PC „ Learn the Basics „ „ Install ActiveSync Using a Secure Data Card „...
  • Page 5 8QSDFN <RXU 3RFNHW 3& *HW WR .QRZ <RXU 3RFNHW 3& Your Pocket PC ships with a number of accessories. When you unpack the Your Pocket PC is a multifunction handheld device designed for ease of Pocket PC, verify that you have all of the items listed here and that they are use in the office, on the road, at home or wherever you are.
  • Page 6 Ã )URQW )HDWXUHV Touch Screen — enter, read, send, receive and modify data by tapping the touch screen with the stylus. Backlighting is automatic with The front features of the Pocket PC are shown in the following figure. automatic dimming after a preset time. Tap the touch screen to restore Brief descriptions follow the figure.
  • Page 7 %DFN )HDWXUHV 5LJKW 6LGH )HDWXUHV The back features of the Pocket PC are shown in the following figure. The right side features of the Pocket PC are shown in the following figure. Brief descriptions follow the figure. Brief descriptions follow the figure. 3RFNHW 3&...
  • Page 8 /HIW 6LGH )HDWXUHV 7RS )HDWXUHV The left side features of the Pocket PC are shown in the following figure. The top features are shown in the following figure. Brief descriptions Brief descriptions follow the figure. follow the figure. 3RFNHW 3& /HIW 6LGH )HDWXUHV 3RFNHW 3&...
  • Page 9 %RWWRP )HDWXUHV &UDGOH )HDWXUHV The bottom features are shown in the following figure. Brief descriptions Use the cradle to hold the Pocket PC when charging the battery, follow the figure. synchronising data with your computer or when you keep your Pocket PC on for long periods.
  • Page 10 %HIRUH <RX 6WDUW &KDUJH WKH %DWWHU\ The hard reset switch on the back of your Pocket PC should be switched to Your Pocket PC contains a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. The battery the ON (down) position before you can use your Pocket PC. If this is not must be charged before you use the Pocket PC the first time.
  • Page 11 &KDUJLQJ WKH %DWWHU\ When the battery is fully charged, the following occurs. Ã The battery-charging LED is off. Ã The “power remaining” indicator indicates 100%. You can leave the Pocket PC in the cradle and the AC adapter connected to keep your battery charged. 1RWH Whenever possible, keep your Pocket PC connected to the AC adapter and a power source.
  • Page 12 &DOLEUDWH DQG $FWLYDWH WKH 3RFNHW 3& /HDUQ WKH %DVLFV It is essential that you calibrate and activate your Pocket PC before you use There are two basic screens you need to know about to get started. These it. This ensures accurate positioning when entering text and selecting are the “Today”...
  • Page 13 7RGD\ 6FUHHQ At the top of the screen is the “Start” bar. The bar displays the current time and any active program. The bar also allows you to switch to programs and The “Today” screen normally appears whenever you power on the Pocket close screens.
  • Page 14 By using the stylus and several control buttons, you can open tasks from The “Start” bar at the top of the screen displays the time and one or more the “Today” screen and Navigation Bar and enter or read data at selected status icons.
  • Page 15 ,QVWDOO $FWLYH6\QF The following table lists the activities on your Navigation Bar. To see the list 6WDUW on your Pocket PC, tap to open the “Navigation Bar” screen. Tap 3URJUDPV to see more activities. Look on the Companion CD for additional A key component of your Pocket PC is the Microsoft ActiveSync program.
  • Page 16 6\QFKURQLVLQJ 6HWXS Your Pocket PC comes with ActiveSync already installed. However, to synchronise information with your computer, you must also install ActiveSync on your computer. Install ActiveSync on your computer from the Companion CD as follows: 1RWH Before starting the ActiveSync installation, ensure that you have Microsoft Outlook 2002 or later installed on your computer.
  • Page 17 Press the power button on the Pocket PC and check your Calendar (tap the &DOHQGDU &DOHQGDU program button or tap and tap ). Please note that your calendar information in Microsoft Outlook on your computer was copied to your Pocket PC. Also look at Contacts and Tasks. If you have Contacts and Tasks information on your computer, you should see that information copied to your Pocket PC.
  • Page 18 8VLQJ DQ 6' RU 00& &DUG $FFHVVLQJ 3RFNHW 3& )XQFWLRQV ,FRQ )XQFWLRQ $FFHVV An optional SD or MMC card can be used to add memory to your Pocket Tap 6WDUW, $FWLYH6\QF and tap 6\QF or ActiveSync PC or expand the capabilities of your Pocket PC. 7RROV.
  • Page 19 $FFHVVLQJ 3RFNHW 3& )XQFWLRQV $FFHVVLQJ 3RFNHW 3& )XQFWLRQV ,FRQ )XQFWLRQ $FFHVV ,FRQ )XQFWLRQ $FFHVV Tap 6WDUW, ,QWHUQHW ([SORUHU Tap 6WDUW, 6HWWLQJV and tap the 6\VWHP tab. Internet Settings, …r„ˆv…r†Ã Explorer System Select About, Backlight, Certificates, Clock, ‚ƒ‡v‚hyÀ‚qr€Ã‚…ÃQ‚pxr‡ÃQ8Æ’purqÇ‚à p‚€ƒˆ‡r… Memory, Power, Regional Settings, Remove Programs or Screen.
  • Page 20 *HW +HOS +HOS 5HVRXUFHV ,WHP 5HVRXUFH The following table provides a comprehensive list of where you can get 0LFURVRIW 3RFNHW 3& )HDWXUHV Pocket Word, Excel, help and information on your Pocket PC, the software, connections, Reader, Outlook (Inbox, and choose accessories and support.
  • Page 21 /HDUQ WKH %DVLFV Overview „ Pop-up Menus „ Notifications „ Enter Information „ Enter Text with the Input Panel „ Write on the Screen „ „ Draw on the Screen Record a Message „ Use a Preset or Frequently Used Message „...
  • Page 22 3RSXS 0HQXV 1RWLILFDWLRQV Pop-up menus are used throughout your Pocket PC and vary slightly from Your Pocket PC can remind you of things to do. For example, if you have program to program. With pop-up menus, you can quickly choose an set up an appointment in Calendar, a task with a due date in Tasks or an action for an item.
  • Page 23 (QWHU 7H[W ZLWK WKH ,QSXW 3DQHO When you use the input panel and the soft keyboard, your Pocket PC anticipates the word you are typing or writing and displays it on the screen. When you tap the displayed word, it is inserted into the text at the insertion Use the input panel in the Command Bar to select the way you want to point.
  • Page 24 8VLQJ /HWWHU 5HFRJQL]HU 8VLQJ %ORFN 5HFRJQL]HU With Letter Recognizer, you can use the stylus to write letters, just as you With Block Recognizer, you can use the stylus to input character strokes would on paper. Use these steps to write with Letter Recognizer. that are similar to those used on other devices.
  • Page 25 :ULWH RQ WKH 6FUHHQ 8VLQJ 7UDQVFULEHU In any program that accepts writing, such as 1RWHV, &DOHQGDU, &RQWDFWV and 7DVNV, you can use your stylus to write directly on the screen. Write the way you do on paper. You can edit and format what you have written and convert the information to text at a later time.
  • Page 26 :ULWLQJ LQ 1RWHV 7RROV 8QGR If you accidentally write on the screen, tap , tap and try again. You can also select your writing by tapping the button to deselect it and then dragging the stylus across the screen. &RQYHUWLQJ \RXU :ULWLQJ WR 7H[W After you hand wrote your message, you can convert it to text.
  • Page 27 7RROV 5HFRJQLVH and tap . Your writing is converted to text. Please follow these recommendations. à You can also tap and hold the selected words until the pop-up screen Write neatly. 5HFRJQLVH displays, then tap à Write on the lines and draw descenders below the line. Write the cross of the “t”...
  • Page 28 &UHDWLQJ D 'UDZLQJ To select multiple drawings, deselect the button and then drag to select the drawings you want. Tap and hold the selected drawing, then tap an editing command on the (GLW pop-up menu (cut, copy, paste) or tap the command on the menu.
  • Page 29 8VH D 3UHVHW RU )UHTXHQWO\ 8VHG 0HVVDJH 5HFRUGLQJ D 0HVVDJH When using Inbox or MSN Messenger, use My Text to quickly insert preset or frequently used messages into the text entry area. To insert a 0\ 7H[W message, tap and tap a message. 1RWH You can add text after inserting a My Text message.
  • Page 30 )LQG DQG 2UJDQLVH ,QIRUPDWLRQ 2UJDQLVH )LOHV The Find feature on your Pocket PC helps you to quickly locate information. You can also organise your information with File Explorer. Use the following steps to find information. )LQG On the menu, tap Enter the text you want to find, select a data type and tap to start the search.
  • Page 31 &XVWRPLVH <RXU 3RFNHW 3& 8VLQJ $FWLYH6\QF WR $GG 3URJUDPV You will need to install the appropriate software for your Pocket PC on You can customise your Pocket PC by adjusting its settings and installing your computer. ActiveSync is already installed on your Pocket PC. additional software.
  • Page 32 8VLQJ WKH ,QWHUQHW WR $GG 3URJUDPV Ã Tap 3URJUDPV )LOH ([SORUHU and locate the program (tap the 0\ 'HYLFH folder list, labelled My Documents by default and tap Use the following procedure to load programs from the Internet on your to see a list of all folders on the Pocket PC).
  • Page 33 8VH 0LFURVRIW 3RFNHW 2XWORRN Calendar „ Contacts „ Tasks „ Notes „ „ Inbox...
  • Page 34 &DOHQGDU 6FUHHQ Microsoft Pocket Outlook includes Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Inbox and Notes. You can use these programs individually or together. For example, e-mail addresses stored in Contacts can be used to address e-mail messages in Inbox. Using ActiveSync, you can synchronise information in Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange on your computer with your Pocket PC.
  • Page 35 8VLQJ WKH 6XPPDU\ 6FUHHQ &DOHQGDU $SSRLQWPHQW When you tap an appointment in Calendar, a summary screen is displayed. (GLW To change the appointment, tap 6XPPDU\ 6FUHHQ 1RWHV To add notes, tap the tab. You can enter text, draw or create a recording.
  • Page 36 6FKHGXOH D PHHWLQJ &RQWDFWV 6FUHHQ You can schedule a meeting as follows: Create an appointment. $WWHQGHHV In the appointment details, hide the input panel and tap From the list of e-mail addresses you have entered in Contacts, select the meeting attendees. The meeting notice is created automatically and placed in the Outbox folder.
  • Page 37 )LQGLQJ D FRQWDFW &RQWDFWV ,QSXW 3DQHO There are four ways to find a contact: Ã In the contact list, enter a contact name in the box under the navigation bar. To show all contacts again, clear text from the box or tap the button to the right of the box.
  • Page 38 8VLQJ WKH 6XPPDU\ 6FUHHQ 7DVNV .HHSLQJ D 7R 'R /LVW When you tap a contact in the contact list, a summary screen is displayed. Use Tasks to keep track of what you have to do. (GLW To change the contact information, tap 7DVNV 6FUHHQ &RQWDFWV 6XPPDU\ 6FUHHQ 1RWH...
  • Page 39 &UHDWLQJ D WDVN You can enter a start date and due date or enter other information by first tapping the field. If the input panel is open, you need to hide it to Create a task as follows: see all available fields. &DWHJRULHV To assign the task to a category, tap and select a category...
  • Page 40 8VLQJ WKH 6XPPDU\ 6FUHHQ 1RWHV 6FUHHQ When you tap a task in the task list, a summary screen is displayed. To (GLW change the task, tap 7DVNV 6XPPDU\ 6FUHHQ &UHDWLQJ D 1RWH Create a note as follows: 1RWHV &DSWXULQJ 7KRXJKWV DQG ,GHDV Create your note by writing, drawing, typing and recording.
  • Page 41 ,QER[ 6HQGLQJ DQG 5HFHLYLQJ (PDLO 1RWHV ,QSXW 6FUHHQ You can use the Inbox to send and receive e-mail messages in one of several ways: Ã Synchronise e-mail messages with Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Outlook on your computer. Ã Send and receive e-mail messages by connecting directly to an e-mail server through an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or a network.
  • Page 42 &RQQHFWLQJ 'LUHFWO\ WR DQ (PDLO 6HUYHU 8VLQJ WKH 0HVVDJH /LVW In addition to synchronising e-mail messages with your computer, you can Messages you receive are displayed in the message list. By default, the send and receive e-mail messages by connecting to an e-mail server using most recently received messages are displayed first in the list.
  • Page 43 0HVVDJH 6FUHHQ You specify your downloading preferences when you set up the service or select your synchronisation options. You can change them at any time. Ã Change options for Inbox synchronisation using ActiveSync options. For more information, see ActiveSync Help. Ã...
  • Page 44 &RPSRVLQJ 6FUHHQ 7RROV If you want to organise messages into additional folders, tap , then 0DQDJH )ROGHUV to create new folders. To move a message to another 0RYH WR folder, tap and hold the message in the message list and tap on the pop-up menu.
  • Page 45 8VH &RPSDQLRQ 3URJUDPV Pocket Word „ Pocket Excel „ MSN Messenger „ Windows Media Player for Pocket PC „ Microsoft Reader „ Pictures „...
  • Page 46 3RFNHW :RUG )ROGHUV 6FUHHQ The companion programs consist of Microsoft Pocket Word, Microsoft Pocket Excel, Windows Media™ Player for Pocket PC and Microsoft Reader. 3URJUDPV To switch to a companion program on your device, tap on the menu and tap the program name. 1RWH All titles described in this chapter are optional and may not be included on your specific Pocket PC.
  • Page 47 7\SLQJ 0RGH :ULWLQJ 0RGH Using the input panel (keyboard or other input mode), enter typed text into In writing mode, use your stylus to write directly on the screen. Ruled lines the document. For more information on entering typed text, see Chapter 2. are displayed as a guide and the zoom magnification is greater than in typing mode to allow you to write more easily.
  • Page 48 'UDZLQJ 0RGH 5HFRUGLQJ 0RGH In drawing mode, use your stylus to draw on the screen. Gridlines appear In the recording mode, you can embed a recording into your document. as a guide. When you lift your stylus off the screen after the first stroke, Recordings are saved as .wav files.
  • Page 49 Ã 3RFNHW ([FHO 6FUHHQ 9LHZ Show and hide window elements. Tap and then tap the elements you want to show or hide. Ã Freeze panes on a worksheet. First select the cell where you want to 9LHZ )UHH]H 3DQHV freeze panes. Tap and tap .
  • Page 50 061 0HVVHQJHU 1RWH If you already use MSN Messenger on your computer, your contacts show up on your Pocket PC without being added again.  Messenger on your Pocket PC is an instant messaging program that lets you à see who is online :RUNLQJ ZLWK &RQWDFWV Ã...
  • Page 51 1RWH 1RWH To see others online without being seen, in the 7RROV menu tap To switch back to the main window without closing a chat, tap 0\ 6WDWXV and select $SSHDU 2IIOLQH &RQWDFWV. To revert back to your chat window, tap &KDWV and select the person whom you were chatting with.
  • Page 52 :LQGRZV 0HGLD 3OD\HU IRU 3RFNHW 3& Use Microsoft Windows Media Player on your computer to copy digital audio and video files to your Pocket PC. You can play Windows Media and MP3 files on your Pocket PC. Use Microsoft Windows Media Player for Pocket PC to play digital audio and video files that are stored on your Pocket PC or on a network.
  • Page 53 *HWWLQJ %RRNV RQ <RXU 3RFNHW 3& 0LFURVRIW 5HDGHU /LEUDU\ 6FUHHQ You can download book files from the Web. Just visit your favourite eBook retailer and follow the instructions to download the book files. 8VLQJ WKH /LEUDU\ The Library is your Reader home page. The home page displays a list of all books stored on your Pocket PC or storage card.
  • Page 54 Ã 6HDUFK IRU 7H[W Find text in a book by tapping )LQG In addition to the text, each book page includes a page number and book on the pop-up title. menu. Enter the word you want to search for and tap the desired Find option.
  • Page 55 3LFWXUHV 9LHZLQJ 3LFWXUHV You can view thumbnails of .jpg pictures and select a picture that you want Use Pictures to view .jpg pictures stored on your Pocket PC or on a storage to see in full-screen view. card, send pictures to others, view a slideshow of your pictures, or set a picture as the background on the “Today”...
  • Page 56 9LHZLQJ 6OLGHVKRZ RI 3LFWXUHV (GLWLQJ 3LFWXUHV You can view your .jpg pictures as a slideshow on your Pocket PC. Pictures will display slides of the pictures shown in thumbnail view with 5- After you open a picture, you can rotate, crop, zoom, and adjust the second intervals between slides.
  • Page 57 6HWWLQJ 3LFWXUH DV %DFNJURXQG You can use one of your own .jpg pictures as the background on the “Today” screen, and specify how you want it displayed on the screen, such as adjusting the transparency level. In Pictures, tap the picture you want to set as the background. Tap 7RROV and tap 6HW DV 7RGD\ :DOOSDSHU.
  • Page 58 8VH 3RFNHW ,QWHUQHW ([SORUHU Pocket Internet Explorer „ Mobile Favourites Folder „ „ AvantGo Channels...
  • Page 59 Use Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer to view Web or Wireless You will see the page that was downloaded the last time you synchronised Application Protocol (WAP) pages in either of these ways. with your computer. If the page is not on your Pocket PC, the favourite is dimmed.
  • Page 60 à Tap the 0RELOH )DYRXULWHV )ROGHU )DYRXULWHV icon and then tap the favourite you want to view. Only items stored in the Mobile Favourites subfolder in the Favourites à Tap 9LHZ $GGUHVV %DU and tap . In the address bar at the top of folder in Internet Explorer on your computer are synchronised with your the screen, enter the Web address you want to visit and then tap Pocket PC.
  • Page 61 $YDQW*R &KDQQHOV If you want to download the pages that are linked to the mobile favourite you just created, in Internet Explorer on the computer, right- 3URSHUWLHV click on the mobile favourite and click on . In the AvantGo is a free interactive service that gives you access to personalised 'RZQORDG tab, specify the number of links deep you want to content and thousands of popular Web sites.
  • Page 62 *HW &RQQHFWHG Transfer Items Using Infrared „ Connect to the Internet „ Connect to Work „ End a Connection „ Connect Directly to an E-mail Server „ Get Help on Connecting „...
  • Page 63 6HQG ,QIRUPDWLRQ You can use your Pocket PC to exchange information with other mobile devices in addition to your computer, a network or the Internet. The Send information as follows: following connection options are available: Ã Use the IR port on your Pocket PC to send and receive files between Switch to the program where you created the item you want to send two devices.
  • Page 64 &RQQHFW WR WKH ,63 Be sure that nothing obstructs the path between the IR ports on both devices and that the ports are aligned properly. You can connect to your ISP and use the connection to send and receive e- Tap and hold the item and tap Beam File on the pop-up menu.
  • Page 65 &RQQHFW WR :RUN To start the connection, use one of the following programs. Your Pocket PC automatically begins connecting. Once connected, you can: If you have access to a private network, such as a corporate network you à Send and receive e-mail messages by using Inbox. Before you can use use at work, you can send e-mail messages, view intranet pages, Inbox, you need to provide the information it needs to communicate synchronise your Pocket PC and possibly access the Internet.
  • Page 66 (QG D &RQQHFWLRQ If necessary, connect the network card to the network by using a network cable. For information, see the documentation that came with your network card. To end a connection, do one of the following: Ã To start the connection, use one of the programs listed in the preceding When connected via dial-up or VPN, tap the Connection icon on the section.
  • Page 67 6HW XS DQ (PDLO 6HUYLFH *HW +HOS RQ &RQQHFWLQJ $FFRXQWV 1HZ $FFRXQW In Inbox on your Pocket PC, tap and tap . Follow More information on the procedures described here, as well as information the directions in the New Service wizard. on additional procedures, can be found in the following locations.
  • Page 68 ,I <RX +DYH 3UREOHPV Problem Solving „ Soft Reset „ Hard Reset „ Help Resources „...
  • Page 69 3UREOHP 6ROYLQJ You may occasionally encounter a problem with your Pocket PC. In most cases, the problem is one that you can solve yourself. 3UREOHP :KDW WR 'R If there is a problem, the Pocket PC may display an error message. If this Unit stops Soft reset the Pocket PC (see “Soft happens, follow any instructions on the screen.
  • Page 70 3UREOHP 6ROYLQJ 3UREOHP 6ROYLQJ 3UREOHP :KDW WR 'R 3UREOHP :KDW WR 'R Touch screen does Data is lost after the Whenever possible, keep your Pocket Calibrate the touch screen. Tap not respond battery runs 6HWWLQJV, tap the 6\VWHP tab, 6FUHHQ PC connected to the AC adapter and a completely out of and $OLJQ 6FUHHQ.
  • Page 71 Backup your data if necessary. Disconnect all cables from your Pocket PC. Make sure that your Pocket PC is switched off. Unscrew the cap of your stylus. Use the pointed end of the cap to slide the hard reset switch to the OFF (up) position. +DUG 5HVHW In some cases, you may need to clear the memory (RAM) from your Pocket PC with a hard reset.
  • Page 72 +HOS 5HVRXUFHV If the problem you are experiencing cannot be solved, you might want to try the following help resources. +HOS 5HVRXUFHV ,WHP 5HVRXUFH :LQGRZV 3RFNHW 3& +HOS Windows Pocket PC Help file included with Windows Pocket PC. Tap 6WDUW on the “Today”...
  • Page 73 6SHFLILFDWLRQV System „ Physical „ „ Environment...
  • Page 74 ,QIUDUHG ,U'$ &RPPXQLFDWLRQ The following specifications are standard except where noted. Ã Data transfer rate: up to 115.2 kb per second 6\VWHP 6SHFLILFDWLRQV Ã Distance: 5 to 20 centimetres 'LVSOD\ 3RFNHW 3& ,2 3RUWV 65K colour, 240 x 320 pixels, TFT, liquid crystal display (LCD), with front Ã...
  • Page 75 3K\VLFDO 6SHFLILFDWLRQV 3RZHU 0DQDJHPHQW Ã Low battery power detection 'LPHQVLRQV DSSUR[LPDWH — Less than 50 % (battery low warning) Ã 4.82 in. (h) x 3.02 in. (w) x 0.44 in. (d) — Less than 10 % (battery very low warning) Ã...
  • Page 76 ,QGH[ program, 1-3 features, 1-2, 1-6 recording, 1-5 Customization AC adapter reset, 1-5 adding or removing programs, 2-11 connecting, 1-8 adjusting settings, 2-11 specifications, 8-2 & Accessories, 8-3 ActiveSync, 5-4 Calendar add programs, 2-11 creating an appointment, 3-2 Drawing features, 1-12 creating meeting requests, 3-3 editing on screen, 2-8 Activites...
  • Page 77 creating mobile favorite, 5-3 Modem favorite links, 5-3 connecting to Internet, 6-3 Getting help mobile favorites folder, 5-3 connecting to network, 6-4 resources, 1-17 mobile links, 5-3 MSN Messenger saving memory, 5-4 chatting with contacts, 4-7 IR port, 8-2 setting up, 4-6 Hard reset location, 1-5 working with contacts, 4-6...
  • Page 78 Pocket Internet Explorer Windows Media, 1-12 physical, 8-3 browsing, 5-2 speaker, 8-2 features, 5-2 storage environment, 8-3 view favorites, 5-2 system, 8-2 Recording Pocket MSN, 4-6 weight, 8-3 message, 2-8 Pocket PC 2003 Start menu Recording button operating system, 1-2 adding programs, 2-12 location, 1-5 Pocket Word...
  • Page 79 on screen, 2-5 tips, 2-7 ,QGH[...