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Trouble Shooting - Acer AL1703 User Manual

Acer lcd monitor user manual
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No image
No Signal Input
"Out Of Range"
Fuzzy image
Image too bright
Image too dark
Irregular image
Distorted image
Image is not centered
Size is not appropriate
Uneven color
Color too dark
Dark area distorted
White color is not white
Can't adjust LCD monitor
with the buttons in the
The other problem
Check the information in this section to see if the problems can be solved before
requesting repair.
Note:The consumers are only allowed to solve the problems described as below.
Any unauthorized product modification, or failure to follow instructions
supplied with the product will end the warranty immediately.
Make sure power button is ON.
Check whether the LCD monitor and computer power cords are plugged and
whether there is a supply of power.
Check the signal connection between the computer and LCD monitor.
Check the computer image output resolution and frequency and compare the value
with the preset values (Please refer to [Appendix-Display Mode]).
Adjust Phase.
Adjust brightness and contrast by OSD.
Check the signal connection between the computer and LCD monitor.
Perform Auto Adjust.
Reset the LCD monitor. (perform the "Recall" function by OSD)
Take off extra accessories (such as signal extension cord).
Use OSD Image Menu to adjust H. Position and V. Position.
Check image size setting.
Perform Auto Adjust.
Use OSD Color Menu to adjust color setting.
Please contact the stores where you purchased the unit or service center listed at
your warranty card.

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