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Before Use; Check The Accessories; Operating Environment - Concox GK309 User Manual

Student card phone
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in turns for three times until the call is picked up.
During phone calls, short press to hang up.
During ringtone setting, when the ringtone is playing, short press to stop.
Power Off
The device can only be turned off when the restricted power off function is
(1) In standby mode, long press any Family Numbers to dial the relative number;
(2) When Family numbers call in, short press any Family Number buttons to answer the phone
(3) During phone calls, long press family numbers can switch between receiver and speaker.

3 Before use

3.1 Check the accessories

After open the box, please check whether the accessories are complete. If there is anything
missing, please contact your supplier.

3.2 Operating environment

The device should be operated in the temperature of 0℃-40 ℃ and in the humidity of 45℃
-85 ℃. The device should be used away from TV, computer, telephone and other office
equipment; otherwise the communication may be influence.
3.3 Battery
When the red LED light is flashing, it means the battery is low and needed to be charge. The
standby time provided by your supplier is based on an ideal environment, for reference only. The
real standby or working time varies from the operating environment and internet statue.
3.4 Charging
(1) Connect the wall charger with the charging cable;
(2) Open the rubber plug of the dock connector and connect it with the charging cable;
(3) The charging process will take 3 to 4 hours. In the meanwhile, it is normal that the battery and
the device will become hot;
(4) The device can still be working during charging;
NOTE: It is normal that the indicator will light up after few seconds if the device shuts down
because the battery runs out.
Warning: Please charge in a ventilated place with the temperature of 0℃-40 ℃ and use



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