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Warning And Safety Instructions - Miele ESS 3060-10 Operating And Installation Instructions

Built-in system drawer
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Warning and Safety instructions

To avoid the risk of accidents and
damage to the appliance, please
read these instructions carefully
before using it for the first time. They
contain important notes on its
installation, safety, use and
Keep these instructions in a safe
place for reference, and pass them
on to any future user.
This appliance is intended for
domestic use only, and must only be
used as described in these instructions.
Any other usage is at the owner's risk
and could be dangerous. The
manufacturer cannot be held liable for
damage resulting from incorrect or
improper use or operation.
The drawer may only be built in in
combination with the following Miele
– DG 3450 / 3460 steam ovens
– CVA 3650 / 3660 coffee machines
For safety reasons, this machine
may only be used when it has been
fully installed.
This appliance is intended for
domestic use only and is not to be used
for commercial purposes.
Do not store cooked food in the
drawer. The moisture in the food can
lead to corrosion in the appliance.
In countries where there are areas
which may be subject to infestation by
cockroaches or other vermin, pay
particular attention to keeping the
appliance and its surroundings in a
clean condition at all times. Any
damage which may be caused by
cockroaches or other vermin will not be
covered by the guarantee.
Do not sit or lean on the opened
drawer. This can damage the
telescopic runners. The drawer has a
maximum load bearing capacity of
15 kg.
Repairs may only be carried out by
a service technician authorised by the
manufacturer. Repairs and other work
by unqualified persons could be very
dangerous and invalidate the
The appliance is only intended for
use by adults who have read these
This appliance is not a toy! To avoid
the risk of injury, keep children well
away and do not let them play with it.
They should be supervised whenever
you are working in the kitchen.
Packaging, e.g. cling film,
polystyrene and plastic wrappings,
must be kept out of the reach of babies
and young children. Danger of
suffocation. Dispose of or recycle all
packaging safely as soon as possible.