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Cleaning And Care; Appliance Front And Interior - Miele ESS 3060-10 Operating And Installation Instructions

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Cleaning and care

Appliance front and interior

Under no circumstances use a steam cleaning appliance
to clean this appliance. The steam could cause lasting
damage to the surface material and other components for
which the manufacturer cannot be held liable.
Only use domestic washing up liquid to clean this
appliance; commercial cleaning products are not suitable,
and may damage the appliance.
Remove any soiling immediately.
If not, it might become impossible to remove and could
cause the outer surface to alter or discolour.
Clean the front using a Miele microfibre E-cloth or with a
clean sponge and a solution of hot water and washing-up
liquid. Then dry with a soft cloth.
The external surfaces of this appliance are all susceptible
to scratching. Scratches on glass surfaces could even
cause a breakage.
Contact with unsuitable cleaning agents can alter or
discolour the outer surfaces.