Miele NOVOTRONIC T 7634 Operating Instructions Manual

Vented dryer.
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Operating Instructions
Vented dryer
T 7634
To avoid the risk of personal injury or
damage to the appliance, it is
en - CA
essential that you read these
operating instructions before
installation and use. This maschine
is not approved for use in the
United States.
M.-Nr. 07 323 240

   Summary of Contents for Miele NOVOTRONIC T 7634

  • Page 1

    Operating Instructions Vented dryer T 7634 To avoid the risk of personal injury or damage to the appliance, it is en - CA essential that you read these operating instructions before installation and use. This maschine is not approved for use in the United States.

  • Page 2: Caring For The Environment

    Caring for the environment Disposal of packing material The packing materials protect the dryer from damage during transport. They have been selected for environmental compatibility and efficient disposal and can therefore be recycled. To prevent suffocation, ensure that any plastic wrappings, bags, etc. are disposed of safely and kept out of the reach of children.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Caring for the environment ......... . 2 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Installation and connection ........30 Front view.

  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    Other uses may be dangerous. Miele will not be held liable for damage caused by improper use or incorrect operation. Do not allow children to play on or in the appliance.

  • Page 6

    A faulty power cord must be replaced by a genuine Miele power cord. Do not use the dryer without a lint screen or with a damaged lint screen.

  • Page 7: Save These Instructions

    Do not hose down the dryer. Accessories Accessory parts may only be attached or installed when they have been expressly approved by Miele. If other parts are added or installed, guarantee, performance and/or product liability claims are invalidated. The manufacturer will not be held...

  • Page 8: Operating The Dryer, Control Panel

    Operating the dryer Control panel Display Delay button This button has a dual function: - Selecting the duration of the Timed cold and Timed warm programs. - Pre-selection of start time. Buzzer button The end of the program is signaled audibly.

  • Page 9

    Display The following functions are selected from the display: – Delay – Selecting duration of timed programs. – Programmable functions. The display also shows: – Program duration. – Program stage: Drying Cooling down End. – Test and fault messages. Program duration/ Estimated time remaining When a program is selected, the estimated time remaining will be...

  • Page 10: Laundry Care, Care Symbols, Drying Tips

    Laundry care Care symbols Drying Normal/higher temperature reduced temperature: select Gentle (for delicate fabrics) Not suitable for dryer Ironing and rotary ironing very hot not very hot Do not iron/rotary iron Drying tips – Always check the weight recommendation for maximum loads as listed in the "Program Overview"...

  • Page 11

    – Wrinkling increases with larger loads. This especially occurs with very fine fabrics as used in shirts and blouses. To limit wrinkling the dryer performs the following actions: 1. Tumble drying with drum reversal (prevents roll-ups of laundry, creasing and uneven drying), 2.

  • Page 12: Proper Drying, Brief Instructions

    Proper drying Brief instructions The operating steps identified with numbers( , , ...) may be used as short-cut instructions. Preparing the laundry Loosen the washed garments and sort them by: ..desired drying level, . . . type of fabric and finish, .

  • Page 13

    Select program ^ Select the desired program. The indicator light for the program selected lights up. Other indicator lights for drying levels or extras may be lit, and drying times displayed. Dryness level selection in programs: – Normal, Wrinkle-free, Express, Dress shirts, denim/jeans ^ Press the button repeatedly until the desired indicator light is lit.

  • Page 14

    Proper drying Starting the program The Start/Stop button flashes during program selection. This means that a program can be started. ^ Press the Start/Stop button. The Start/Stop button lights. Drying appears in the display and the time remaining is counted down. Before the end of a program After the drying phase finished a cooldown phase follows.

  • Page 15: Options/delay, Gentle, Buzzer, Delay

    Gentle Delicate fabrics (with the rsymbol on the care label, such as acrylics) must be dried at lower temperatures for longer durations. On some programs Gentle is permanently set and cannot be deselected. Buzzer At the end of the program a buzzer sounds at intervals, for a maximum of 1 hour.

  • Page 16: Program Overview

    Program Overview Normal Extra dry, Normal Fabrics Single- and multi-layered cotton such as: hand towels, T-shirts, baby clothes. Note – Select Extra dry for multi-layered and extra thick fabrics. – Do not use Extra dry to dry jersey fabrics like T-shirts and baby clothes - they may shrink.

  • Page 17

    Woolens Fabrics Woolens. Note – Remove items immediately after the end of the program while still slightly damp. Allow items to air dry. Gentle Unavailable. Smoothing Fabrics – Cotton or linen fabrics. – Synthetics, cotton or blends. For example: cotton trousers, jackets, shirts.

  • Page 18

    Program Overview Timed cold Fabrics – Any fabric needing airing. Timed warm Fabrics – Additional drying of multi-layered garments which dry unevenly owing to their design: e.g., jackets, pillows and voluminous fabrics. – Drying individual laundry items: e.g. bath towels, bathing suits, dish cloths.

  • Page 19: Changing The Program Sequence, Switching Over From A Running Program

    Switching over from a running program As a protection against unintentional changes, program selection is no longer possible. To be able to choose a new program, you must cancel the current program. - Canceling and selecting a new program ^ Press the Start/Stop button. The load will be cooled down for a few minutes, until a specific drying time and temperature have been...

  • Page 20: Electronic Lock

    Electronic lock The lock function protects your dryer against unauthorized use. You can activate this function whenever you wish. It locks the dryer's electronics. It can be turned on, but no program can be started. – In such a case, the Gentle indicator light flashes and a key symbol 0-§...

  • Page 21: Cleaning And Care, Cleaning Door Lint Filter

    Cleaning door lint filter The lint screen in the door casing collects lint generated by the drying process. Clean it after every drying*. * Also check the lint screen when the Filter/Vent indicator light comes Cleaning the lint screen without water Tip: You can dispose of the lint without touching it by using a vacuum cleaner.

  • Page 22: Cleaning Port-hole Grilles, Cleaning The Dryer

    Cleaning and care Cleaning port-hole grilles Periodically clean the screens in the door opening as well as the air passage underneath the screens. ^ Turn the left and right screen knobs (until you hear them click). ^ Grasping the knobs, pull the lint screens out towards the center ^ Clean the screens under running hot water and dry them.

  • Page 23: Trouble Shooting, Test And Fault Messages

    If you wish to dry, you must disable the lock function (see "Electronic lock function"). – Switch the dryer off and then on again. – Start a program. If program interruption and error message occur, a fault is present. Contact Miele customer service.

  • Page 24

    Trouble shooting Problem Filter/Vent indicator light goes on. Cancelling a program Filter/Vent indicator light goes on. The buzzer sounds. Cause The indicator light shows that the dryer is not operating at its most efficient or economical. Possible causes: Blockage by lint or detergent residues.

  • Page 25: Other Faults

    Other faults Problem Cause The drying Please check all possible causes and switch the dryer process goes on off and then on again. too long or even Insufficient ventilation, switches off. perhaps because the Even after the lint installation space is too screen is cleaned, small.

  • Page 26

    Trouble shooting Problem Synthetic-fiber laundry items are statically charged after drying. There has been a lint buildup. Cause Synthetics have a tendency to static discharges. Drying releases fabric lint formed primarily from rubbing during wear but also, in part, from washing.

  • Page 27

    – Select one of the programs. – If the program will still not start, there is a fault. Contact Miele customer service. – Meanwhile, use another program. – Is the dryer switched – Is it plugged in? –...

  • Page 28: Replacing The Light Bulb

    ^ Open the cover by pressing lightly while rotating your wrist. The cover opens downwards. The heat-resistant bulb should be obtained only from Miele customer ser- vice. The bulb should be of the same type and maximum wattage indicated on the data plate and the lighting cover.

  • Page 29: Customer Service, Repairs, Program Updates, Warranty Conditions And Warranty Period, Optional Accessories

    Correction) as well as for diagnose and testing. In this way, future developments in fabrics and in the drying procedure can be integrated into your appliance. Miele will give timely notification of Pro- gram updates. Warranty conditions and warranty period Warranty information can be found in your warranty booklet.

  • Page 30: Installation And Connection, Front View

    Installation and connection Front view Venting connection: The dryer vent duct can be connected to the rear of the machine (as supplied) or on either the right or left side. Power cord Control panel Door Four height-adjustable screw feet...

  • Page 31: Rear View, Installation Site, Carrying The Dryer To The Installation Site, Washer-dryer Stack

    The dryer can be combined with a Miele automatic washer in a washer-dryer stack. For this, a "WTV 412" stacking unit* is required. * Miele accessory available on order Installation of the stacking unit may be performed only by an authorized Miele technician.

  • Page 32: Leveling The Dryer, Ventilating The Installation Area

    Installation and connection Leveling the dryer To ensure trouble-free operation, the dryer must be perfectly level. ^ Compensate for floor irregularities by turning the threaded feet in or out. Ensure that is an air gap of at least 10 mm between the underside of the dryer and the floor.

  • Page 33: Electrical Connections

    Electrical connections GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS This appliance must be grounded. In the event of malfunction or breakdown, grounding will reduce the risk of electric shock by providing a path of least resistance for electric current. This appliance is equipped with a cord having an equipment grounding conductor and a grounding plug.

  • Page 34: Installing The Dryer Vent, General

    Installing the dryer vent General Important The dryer should only be operated when the moist air produced by drying is ducted to the outside, by means of: ..a flexible venting house, or piping connected to the dryer, or .

  • Page 35: Calculating Total Duct Length

    (see section " Vent collector duct") Flat duct (for stacked arrangement) Left or right dryer vent opening * Miele accessory available on order Table II Maximum permissible Diameter required total duct length 20 m 40 m 100 m 1.8 m...

  • Page 36: Rear Or Side Exhaust Connection

    Installing the dryer vent Calculation example Wall pipe, with grill insert = 1 x 3.8 m Comparative duct length B/D 2 elbows, 90° = 2 x 0.8 m Comparative duct length 0.5 m plastic piping = 0.5 x 1 m Comparative duct length Left side vent opening = 1 m Comparative duct length...

  • Page 37: Flexible Metal Duct Hose

    Overview of vent systems On this and the following pages you will find descriptions of four venting systems ( ) that can be installed on the dryer. Installing the dryer vent Flexible metal duct hose Using the adapter provided, you can easily install a vending duct house (diameter 100 mm).

  • Page 38

    Installing the dryer vent Examples: Window vent 1. Window vent kit (fitted in plexiglass pane) 2. Adapter for flexible vent hose Connection to exhaust flue 1. Pipe with connector 2. Adapter for flexible vent hose 3. Exhaust flue, insulated against damp Ducting must not be connected to a fireplace or gas flue that is in use, nor to ducting which ventilates...

  • Page 39: Dryer Vent Systems From Metal Piping

    If a larger pipe diameter is needed, adapters are necessary (for example, to transition from 100 to 125 mm diameters). * Miele accessory available on order ^ Install the pipe (2) in the dryer using an adapter (1). Installing the dryer vent Example 1.

  • Page 40: Connecting Directly To A Wall Vent

    Installing the dryer vent Connecting directly to a wall vent If you can place the dryer directly against the external wall of the room, this vent configuration is advantageous. The short overall pipe length has a beneficial effect on time and energy consumption.

  • Page 41: Vent Collector Duct

    ^ For each dryer, install a non-return flap R directly on the collector duct. You will need an optional Miele accessory* (see right) for this. When installing from 3 to a maximum of 5 dryers, the pipe diameterD must be enlarged.

  • Page 42: Washer-dryer Stack

    Installing the dryer vent Washer-dryer stack WTV 412 Stacking unit* without worktop: A = 94.2 cm B = 170 cm * Miele accessory available on order...

  • Page 43: Technical Data

    Height Width Depth Depth with door open Can be pushed under a worktop – Height – Width Suitable for stacking Weight Drum Volume Length of power cord Voltage Connected load (Watts) Rated current (Amps) Light bulb wattage Test certifications granted Technical data 850 mm 595 mm...

  • Page 44

    Programmable functions for changing standard values As needed, you can use programmable functions to adapt the dryer electronics to changing requirements. You can alter programmable functions at any time.

  • Page 45: Programmable Functions, Extending The Range Of Drying Levels

    Extending the range of drying levels You can extend the range of the drying levels for many of the programs: Rotary iron+ (dryer than Rotary Iron). Hand iron+ (dryer than Hand iron). Normal + (dryer than Normal). Additionally, the Extra dry level can be selected for the Mixed and Denim Jeans programs.

  • Page 46: Adjusting Buzzer Volume

    Programmable functions Adjusting buzzer volume The buzzer has two volumes. For programming and saving in memory, follow steps This function is programmed using the buttons. Precondition: – The dryer is switched off. – The door is closed. Press Start/Stop and keep it pressed it during steps Press the I-On/0-Off button in.

  • Page 47: Set Memory Function

    Set memory function The electronics memorizes any selected program with extra options. The duration of a Smoothing program will also be stored in memory. These settings will be used for the next drying. They can be accepted, or changed by using the buttons. For programming and saving in memory, follow steps The programmable function is...

  • Page 48: Extending Cooldown Time

    Programmable functions Extending cooldown time You can individually lengthen the cooldown phase the occurs before the end of a program. Fabrics will be more completely cooled down. Cooldown time – can be extended by two stages. – it does not function for Smoothing programme.

  • Page 49: Change Function Of Filter/vent Indication

    Change function of Filter/Vent indication Lint should be removed after drying. At the same time, the Filter/Vent indicator light reminds you to do so as soon as a certain degree of lint has accumulated. You can yourself decide which degree of lint accumulation will trigger that reminder.

  • Page 50: Adjust Keypad Tone

    Programmable functions Adjust keypad tone An audible tone sounds every time a button is pressed. For programming and saving in memory, follow steps The programmable function is programmed using the buttons. Precondition: – The dryer is switched off. – The door is closed. Press Start/Stop and keep it pressed it during steps Press the I-On/0-Off button in.

  • Page 51: Changing Water Conductivity Setting

    Changing water conductivity setting This programmable function should be adjusted only when residual water content is erroneously determined owing to the extreme softness of the water. Important condition The water in which fabrics are washed may be extremely soft with a conductivity value less than 150 μS/cm.

  • Page 52

    Alteration rights reserved/ 2009 M.-Nr. 07 323 240 / 01...

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