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Location Requirements - Whirlpool W10573707B Installation Instructions Manual

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You will need:
A location allowing for proper exhaust installation.
See "Venting Requirements."
A separate 15 or 20 amp circuit for a gas dryer or 30 amp
circuit for an electric dryer.
If using power supply cord, a grounded electrical outlet
located within 2 ft. (610 mm) of either side of dryer.
See "Electrical Requirements."
Floor must support dryer weight of 200 lbs. (90.7 kg).
Also consider weight of companion appliance.
Cold water faucets located within 4 ft. (1.2 m) of the water
ll valves, and water pressure of 20 – 120 psi (138 – 827 kPa).
You may use the water supply for your washer using the
supplied "Y" connector and a short hose (which you will
need to purchase).
Level oor with maximum slope of 1" (25 mm) under entire
dryer. If slope is greater than 1" (25 mm), install Extended
Dryer Feet Kit, Part Number 279810. If not level, clothes
may not tumble properly and automatic sensor cycles may
not operate correctly.
For garage installation, place dryer at least 18" (460 mm)
above oor. If using a pedestal, you will need 18" (460 mm)
to bottom of dryer.
The dryer must not be installed or stored in an area where
it will be exposed to water and/or weather.
IMPORTANT: Do not operate, install, or store dryer where
it will be exposed to water, weather, or at temperatures below
40° F (4° C). Lower temperatures may cause dryer not to
shut off at end of automatic sensor cycles, resulting in longer
drying times.
Front view:
Side view:
Back view:
NOTE: Most installations require a minimum of 5" (127 mm)
clearance behind dryer for exhaust vent with elbow. See "Venting
* Approx. measurement
Water inlet
(Steam Models Only)
* Approx. measurement



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