Miele H 6180 BP Operating And Installation Instructions

Miele H 6180 BP Operating And Installation Instructions

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Operating and Installation Instructions
H 6180 BP
H 6280 BP
To prevent accidents and machine damage, read these instructions
before installation or use.
en – US, CA
M.-Nr. 09 786 760


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Operating and Installation Instructions Oven H 6180 BP H 6280 BP To prevent accidents and machine damage, read these instructions before installation or use. en – US, CA M.-Nr. 09 786 760...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS..............5 Guide to the oven ....................14 Oven controls ....................... 15 Mode selector ......................16 Display ........................16 Symbols in the display..................16 Rotary selector....................... 17 Sensor buttons....................... 18 Features ........................ 20 Model numbers ..................... 20 Data plate ......................
  • Page 3 Contents Operating the oven ....................40 Energy saving tips....................40 Quick Guide ......................41 Cooling fan ......................41 Changing the temperature ..................42 Temperature indicator ..................42 Turning a cooking program On / Off automatically ..........43 Setting the duration ..................44 Setting a cooking duration and finish time ............
  • Page 4 Contents Frequently asked questions ................72 Technical Service ....................76 Caring for the environment ................. 77 Electrical connection ................... 78 Installation diagrams ................... 79 Appliance and cut-out dimensions ................ 79 Undercounter installation.................. 79 Installation into a tall cabinet ................80 Installing the oven....................
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS When using the appliance, follow basic safety precautions, including the following: Read all instructions before installation and use of the oven to prevent accidents and machine damage. This appliance complies with current safety requirements. Improper use of the appliance can lead to personal injury and material damage.
  • Page 6 This appliance must be installed and connected in compliance with the installation instructions. Installation, repair and maintenance work should be performed by a Miele authorized service technician in accordance with national and local safety regulations and the provided installation instructions. Contact Miele’s Technical Service Department for examination, repair or adjustment.
  • Page 7 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Maintenance by the user: Never repair or replace any part of the appliance unless the instructions specifically recommend doing so. Service work may only be performed by a qualified technician. Before installing the oven, check for externally visible damage. Do not operate a damaged appliance.
  • Page 8 Do not repair or replace any part of the appliance unless specifically recommended in the operating instructions. All other servicing should be referred to a qualified technician. Defective components should be replaced by Miele original parts only. Only with these parts can the manufacturer guarantee the safety of the appliance.
  • Page 9 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Proper use The oven becomes very hot while in use. Use caution to ensure that you are not burned on the heating elements or interior surfaces of the oven. Use pot holders when placing food in the oven, adjusting the racks, etc.
  • Page 10 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS To prevent burns, always place oven racks at their desired height while the oven is cool. If the rack must be moved while the oven is hot, do not let pot holders touch hot heating elements. Open the door carefully to allow hot air or steam to escape before placing or removing food.
  • Page 11 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Plastic containers, which are not heat-resistant, melt and may ignite at high temperatures and can damage the oven. Use only plastic containers that are indicated by the manufacturer as being suitable for use in ovens. When residual heat is used to keep food warm, the high level of humidity and condensation can cause damage in the oven.
  • Page 12 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS When baking frozen pizzas or pies, place them on the wire rack lined with parchment paper. Do not use the baking tray or the roasting pan for frozen foods with a large surface area. The tray or pan could become warped and difficult to remove from the oven when hot.
  • Page 13 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Accessories Use only genuine original Miele parts. If parts or accessories from other manufacturers are used, the warranty will become void. The high temperatures used during self-cleaning will damage accessories that are not designed for cleaning in the Self Clean program.
  • Page 14: Guide To The Oven

    Guide to the oven Control panel Door with contact switch* and lock for Self Clean program Browning/Broiling element Oven interior lighting Twin Power convection fans with heating element Shelf runners with 6 levels Data plate Clean Glass door * This switch ensures that the heating elements and the convection fans turn off when the door is opened during use.
  • Page 15: Oven Controls

    Oven controls On / Off button Turns the oven on and off Mode selector To select oven modes Display Displays the time of day and settings Rotary selector To select values OK sensor button Confirms settings and instructions "Back" sensor button To go back one step at a time "Timer"...
  • Page 16: Mode Selector

    Oven controls Mode selector Display To select an oven mode. The display shows the time of day or your settings. It can be turned clockwise or counter-      clockwise.  °C °F h min Oven modes ...
  • Page 17: Rotary Selector

    Oven controls Rotary selector Use the rotary selector to enter temperatures and durations. Turning it clockwise will increase the values, and turning it counter-clockwise will decrease them. It can also be used to highlight a mode by moving the in the display. It can be turned clockwise or counter- clockwise.
  • Page 18: Sensor Buttons

    Oven controls Sensor buttons The sensor buttons react to touch. Each touch is confirmed with an audible tone. The tone can be turned on or off by selecting the status   in the settings  (see "Settings"). Sensor Function Notes button For accessing...
  • Page 19 Oven controls Sensor Function Notes button Light For turning the If the time of day display is turned on, the oven oven interior interior lighting can be turned on and off by lighting on and off touching the "Light" sensor button, for example when cleaning the oven.
  • Page 20: Features

    Printed on the data plate are the model products in these instructions are number, serial number and the designed to be used with Miele ovens. connection data (voltage/frequency/ They can be ordered from the maximum rated load) of the oven.
  • Page 21: Shelf Runners

    Features Shelf runners Universal tray and Wire oven rack The shelf runners are located on the Universal tray HUBB 30-1 right and left-hand sides of the oven with the levels for inserting accessories. The shelf level numbers are indicated on the front of the oven frame. Wire oven rack HBBR 30-2 Each level consists of a strut on which you can place the wire oven rack, for...
  • Page 22: Flexiclips With Wire Rack Hfcbbr 30-2

    Features FlexiClips with wire rack If the FlexiClips with wire rack jams HFCBBR 30-2 when sliding it onto the level, pull it out using some force and reinsert. To removing the FlexiClips with wire rack: Push the FlexiClips with wire rack in all the way.
  • Page 23 Features Perforated baking tray HBBL 71 Round baking form HBF 27-1 This circular form is suitable for cooking The perforated baking tray has been fresh or frozen pizzas, flat cakes, tarts specially developed for the preparation and baked goods. of baked goods. The surface has been treated with The tiny perforations assist in browning PerfectClean enamel.
  • Page 24 (22 cm) or 13 3/4" (35 cm). They have the same width and height. Miele Oven Cleaner Matching lids are also available Miele oven cleaner is suitable for separately. removing stubborn soiling. It is not necessary to preheat the oven before Depth: 8 1/2"...
  • Page 25: Oven Controls

    Features Vented oven door Oven controls The oven door is made of glass panes The oven controls enable you to use that have a heat-reflective coating on the various cooking functions to bake, part of their surface. roast and broil. During operation, air is also circulated It also allows you to access: through the door to keep the outer...
  • Page 26: Perfectclean Surfaces

    Features The following have all been treated with PerfectClean surfaces PerfectClean: The revolutionary PerfectClean finish is – Universal tray a smooth, non-stick surface that is exceptionally easy to clean. – Grilling and Roasting insert Food and grime from baking or roasting –...
  • Page 27: Before Using For The First Time

    Before using for the first time Before using for the first time To change the time of day to a 24- hour format setting, choose  in the Settings   menu (see "Settings"). The oven must not be operated until it has been properly installed During a power outage, the time of within cabinetry.
  • Page 28 Before using for the first time Setting the voltage (electrical version) The voltage set must match that of the house as to not damage the oven. Confirm the voltage before setting. In in doubt contact a qualified technician. Use the rotary selector to select the voltage for your power supply.
  • Page 29: Heating The Oven

    Before using for the first time After at least an hour: Heating the oven Turn the mode selector to . New ovens may have a slight odor during their first use. Heating up the After heating up for the first time oven for at least one hour with nothing in it will eliminate the odor.
  • Page 30: Settings

    Settings Changing the time of day The time of day can only be changed when the oven is turned on and the mode selector is at the position. Select "Settings". Use the rotary selector to move the until it appears under . Confirm with OK.
  • Page 31: Changing Factory Default Settings

    Settings   Changing factory default settings The appliance is supplied with a number of default settings (see the "Settings overview" chart). The setting is selected and the current status appears, e.g.  . A setting can be changed by altering its status.
  • Page 32 Settings Settings overview Setting Status    * The time of day display is turned off. The display is dark when the oven is turned off. The Time of day display time of day continues to run unseen in the background. If you have selected status ...
  • Page 33 Settings Setting Status     to Different levels of brightness can be selected for the  , display. Display  * brightness  : Minimum brightness  : Maximum brightness    * The oven interior lighting is on for 15 seconds and then turns off automatically.
  • Page 34: System Lock

    System lock  The system lock  prevents the oven Use the rotary selector to set Status  . from being used unintentionally.   The system lock is set of off by default. This can be changed by setting the status : ...
  • Page 35 System lock  Deactivating the system lock for a Deactivating the system lock cooking process Turn on the oven. Turn on the oven. Press and hold OK until  goes out. The  and symbols will appear Select "Settings". along with the current time of day: ...
  • Page 36: Timer

    Timer The timer can be used to time any Setting the timer activity in the kitchen, e.g. boiling eggs. Example: Boiling eggs and setting the The timer can also be used at the same timer for 6 minutes and 20 seconds. time as a cooking program if a start and Select "Timer".
  • Page 37: At The End Of The Timer

    Timer At the end of the timer Resetting the timer –  flashes, Select "Timer". – the time starts counting upwards, The time previously set appears – a buzzer will sound if turned on (see Use the rotary selector to change the "Settings - ...
  • Page 38: Guide To The Modes

    Guide to the modes The oven has a wide range of modes for preparing a variety of foods. Due to country-specific preferences for preparation of food, default temperatures and temperature ranges in °F and °C do not correspond. The temperature values have been defined as given in the chart.
  • Page 39 Guide to the modes Mode Default Temperature temperature range Rapid PreHeat 350 °F (160 °C) 200–475 °F (100–250 °C) This mode allows the oven to be heated to the desired temperature quickly. Once the desired temperature has been reached the oven mode must be selected.
  • Page 40: Operating The Oven

    Operating the oven – The factory default setting "  –  " Energy saving tips for the time of day display will – Remove any accessories from the consume the least amount of energy. oven that you do not require for –...
  • Page 41: Quick Guide

    Operating the oven After the cooking process: Quick Guide Turn the mode selector to . Turn on the oven. Take the food out of the oven. Place the food in the oven. Turn the oven off. Using the mode selector select the required oven mode.
  • Page 42: Changing The Temperature

    Operating the oven Temperature indicator Changing the temperature The temperature indicator light  turns Example: You have selected on whenever the oven heating is turned Convection Bake and 350°F (175°C) and you can see the temperature rising in this display. Once the set temperature has been ...
  • Page 43: Turning A Cooking Program On / Off Automatically

    Operating the oven Rapid PreHeat Turning a cooking program On / Off automatically With Rapid PreHeat the preheating phase can be shortened. You can set a cooking program to turn on or off automatically. First the mode Do not use Rapid PreHeat when and cooking temperature must be baking pizza or delicate mixtures.
  • Page 44: Setting The Duration

    Operating the oven Setting the duration Setting a cooking duration and finish time Example: Baking a cake for 1 hour 5 minutes Example: The current time is 11:15, you would like a dish with a cooking Place the food in the oven. duration of 90 minutes to be ready at Select the required oven mode and 1:30.
  • Page 45: At The End Of The Cooking Duration

    Operating the oven Set the finish time: At the end of the cooking duration –  appears in the display, Use the rotary selector to move the until it appears under . –  flashes,   appears: – the oven heating and lighting will turn ...
  • Page 46: Changing The Cooking Duration

    Operating the oven Changing the cooking duration Deleting a cooking duration Select "Settings". Select "Settings". If necessary, use the rotary selector If necessary, use the rotary selector to move the symbol until it to move the symbol until it appears under . appears under .
  • Page 47: Deleting A Finish Time

    Operating the oven Deleting a finish time Select "Settings". If necessary, use the rotary selector to move the symbol until it appears under . Confirm with OK. symbol will flash under . Use the rotary selector to enter the finish time (1:30). Confirm with OK.
  • Page 48: Bake

    Convection Bake , Intensive , or Surround Parchment paper / Greasing the pan All Miele accessories (baking tray, universal tray, perforated baking tray Bakeware and round baking dish) are treated with The bakeware used depends on the PerfectClean finish.
  • Page 49 Bake Temperature  Shelf levels Select the suggested temperature if The shelf level that you place the food possible. on for baking depends on the oven mode and the number of trays being Choosing a baking temperature higher used. than those recommended may reduce the cooking time, but will lead to –...
  • Page 50: Roast

    Roast Tips Always observe the USDA guidelines for food safety. – Resting time: At the end of the program, take the roast out of the Oven modes oven, cover with aluminum foil and let stand for about 10 minutes. This Depending on how you would like the helps retain the juices when the meat food prepared, you can use Convection...
  • Page 51: Slow Roasting

    Slow Roasting This cooking method is ideal for Operation cooking beef, pork, veal or lamb when Place the roasting pan on the wire a tender result is desired. rack. First, using a cooktop sear the meat on Do not use Rapid PreHeat all sides to seal in the juices.
  • Page 52 Slow Roasting After cooking: Cooking duration  / Core temperatures Because the cooking temperatures are very low: Always observe USDA food safety – The meat can be carved immediately. guidelines. No resting time is required. Meat  – The cooking result will not be [min] [°F / °C] ** affected if the meat is left in the oven...
  • Page 53: Broil

    Broil Cookware Danger of burns! Broil with the oven door closed. If you broil with the door open the hot air will escape from the oven before it has been cooled by the cooling fan. Use the universal tray with the grilling The controls will get hot.
  • Page 54 Broil Shelf levels Select the shelf level according to the thickness of the food. – Thin cuts: Shelf level 4 or 5 – Thick cuts: Shelf level 2 or 3 Broiling time  Flat pieces of fish and meat usually take 6–8 minutes per side.
  • Page 55 Broil Testing doneness Preparing food for broiling Rinse the meat under cold water and Always observe USDA food safety pat dry. Do not season the meat with guidelines. salt before broiling, this will draw out the juices. Tip: If the surface of a thicker cut of meat is browned but the center is still Brush the meat with oil, if necessary.
  • Page 56 Broil Broil Place the grilling and roasting insert (if available) in the universal tray. Place the food on top. Select the required oven mode and temperature. Preheat the Browning/Broiling element for approx. 5 minutes with the door closed. Danger of burns! When the oven is hot use pot holders to insert, remove or turn the food, or when adjusting the oven...
  • Page 57: Defrost

    Defrost To gently defrost food use the Defrost Tips mode. – Remove the packaging and place the frozen food on the universal tray or in When this mode is selected, the fan a suitable bowl or dish. turns on and circulates the air around the oven cavity.
  • Page 58: Canning

    Canning Fruit / Cucumbers Always observe USDA food safety guidelines. As soon as bubbles begin to rise evenly in the jars, reduce the Canning containers temperature to the lowest setting. Then, leave the jars in the warm oven Danger of injury! for an additional 25-30 minutes.
  • Page 59: Dehydrate

    Dehydrate Dehydrating is a traditional method of Food Approx. dehydration preserving fruit, certain vegetables and time herbs. Fruit 2–8 hours It is important that fruit and vegetables Vegetables 3–8 hours are ripe and not bruised before they are Herbs* 50–60 minutes dehydrated.
  • Page 60: Frozen Food

    Frozen food Tips for pizza, French fries, Preparation croquettes and other similar Handling food carefully will help items protect your health. Cakes, pies, pizza, baguettes Select the oven mode and – Bake frozen pizza on parchment temperatures recommended on the paper placed on the wire oven rack.
  • Page 61: Gentle Bake

    Gentle Bake The Gentle Bake mode is ideal for casseroles and gratins which require a crisp top.
  • Page 62: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care Unsuitable cleaning agents Danger of burns! Make sure the heating elements are To avoid damaging surfaces when turned off and allowed to cool cleaning, do not use: completely. – Cleaners containing soda, ammonia, acids or chlorides Danger of injury! The steam from –...
  • Page 63: Tips

    Cleaning and care Normal soiling If stains and food residues are allowed to remain on surfaces for a There is a seal around the oven longer period of time, it may no interior which seals the inside of the longer be possible to remove them. door.
  • Page 64: Stubborn Soiling

    Cleaning and care Stubborn soiling Non-Miele oven spray must only be used in a cold oven and for no longer Spilt fruit and roasting juices may than 10 minutes. permanently discolor surfaces of the oven. This discoloration is If necessary, the rough side of a dish...
  • Page 65: Cleaning The Oven Interior With Self Clean

    Cleaning and care Preparing for the Self Clean program Cleaning the oven interior with Self Clean The high temperatures used during Instead of cleaning the oven by hand, Self Clean will damage accessories that are not designed for cleaning in you can use the Self Clean the Self Clean program.
  • Page 66: Starting The Self Clean Program

    Cleaning and care Starting the Self Clean program The oven light will not turn on during the Self Clean program. Risk of burns! To see how the Self Clean program is When Self Cleaning the front of the progressing, highlight  in the display. oven becomes hotter than with normal oven use.
  • Page 67: At The End Of The Self Clean Program

    Cleaning and care Delaying the start of the Self Clean At the end of the Self Clean program     program Start the program as described and then set the desired finish time within the first five minutes of starting the ...
  • Page 68: The Self Clean Program Is Canceled

    Cleaning and care The Self Clean program is canceled Most soiling can be easily removed using a clean, soft sponge and a mild If the Self Clean program is canceled, solution of warm water and liquid dish the oven door will remain locked until soap.
  • Page 69: Removing The Door

    Cleaning and care Removing the door Do not attempt to take the door off the brackets when it is in the horizontal position, the brackets will spring back against the oven. Do not use the handle to pull the door off the brackets, the handle could break.
  • Page 70: Reinstalling The Door

    Cleaning and care Open the door fully. Reinstalling the door If the locking clamps are not locked, the door can easily become detached from the brackets and be damaged. You must make sure that the locking clamps are locked again. To relock the locking clamps, turn them back up to the horizontal Hold both sides of the door securely...
  • Page 71: Removing The Shelf Runners

    Cleaning and care Removing the shelf runners Danger of injury! Do not use the oven without the shelf runners correctly inserted. Danger of burns! Make sure the heating elements are turned off and that the oven cavity is cool. Loosen the screw (1.). Pull the runners out of the holder (2.) at the front of the oven, and then pull them out of the oven (3.).
  • Page 72: Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently asked questions The following faults can be corrected without contacting the Miele Service Department. If in doubt, please contact Miele. Danger of injury! Repairs should only be carried out by a qualified and trained professional in accordance with local and national safety regulations.
  • Page 73 The door lock for the Self Clean program will not display. deactivate. Turn the mode selector to the position and turn the oven off. If the problem persists, contact Miele Technical Service. appears in the A fault has occurred that you cannot resolve. display.
  • Page 74 As soon as the inner pane is damaged, a safety be closed. mechanism blocks the oven door. The oven door cannot be closed and the oven functions (oven modes, special modes and self clean) cannot be used. Contact the Miele Service Department.
  • Page 75 Frequently asked questions Problem Possible cause and solution The rack and other The heat resistant surface of the shelf runners creates accessories make a friction when accessories are taken in and out of the noise when being oven. pushed into or pulled To reduce the friction, lubricate the runners with a out of the oven.
  • Page 76: Technical Service

    In the event of a fault which you cannot For further information, please refer to easily correct yourself, please contact: your warranty booklet. – your Miele dealer, or – the Miele Technical Service Department. See back cover for contact details.
  • Page 77: Caring For The Environment

    Caring for the environment Disposal of the packing Disposal of your old appliance material Old electrical and electronic appliances often still contain valuable materials. The cardboard box and packing However, they also contain harmful materials protect the appliance during substances that were essential for the shipping.
  • Page 78: Electrical Connection

    – 120/208 V, 30 A, 60 Hz Installation, repair and maintenance work must be performed by a Miele – 120/240 V, 30 A, 60 Hz authorized service technician. Work The voltage can be adjusted (see by unqualified persons could be "Settings - ...
  • Page 79: Installation Diagrams

    Installation diagrams Appliance and cut-out dimensions Miele ovens can be installed flush or proud. Discuss your installation requirements with your architect, designer and installer. Undercounter installation 24" 28 1/4" (610 mm) (718 mm) 23 3/4" (603 mm) 16 15/16" (430 mm) 28 7/16"...
  • Page 80: Installation Into A Tall Cabinet

    Depending on the model, the oven front may differ from the one shown the drawing. Current specifications can be found on the Miele website. ! Please note: For flush mount installations, please take the depth and location of the electrical utility box into consideration prior to planning your design.
  • Page 81: Installing The Oven

    Installing the oven It is recommended that you remove The oven must not be operated the door before installing the until it has been properly installed appliance (see "Cleaning and Care - within cabinetry. Removing the door") and all oven accessories from the cavity.
  • Page 83 Technical Service. U.S.A. Canada Miele, Inc. Importer Miele Limited National Headquarters 9 Independence Way Headquarters and Miele Centre Princeton, NJ 08540 161 Four Valley Drive 800-843-7231 Vaughan, ON L4K 4V8 Phone: 609-419-9898 www.miele.ca Fax:...
  • Page 84 H6180BP; H6280BP en – US, CA M.-Nr. 09 786 760 / 03...

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