Package Contents - Asus SCB-2408-D User Manual

Asus scb-2408-d dual interface external slim combo drive user manual 24x/12x/24x cd-rw drive 8x dvd-rom drive
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Package Contents

Upon opening your ASUS External Slim CD-RW/DVD-ROM (SCB-2408-D)
drive package, check if all the following items are present and in good
condition. If any of the items is damaged or missing, contact your retailer
ASUS External Slim CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive (SCB-2408-D)
Cable set (USB 2.0 cable and IEEE 1394 cable)
Power adapter and plug
ASUS CD-R blank disc
ASUS CD-RW blank disc
User Manual (English and Traditional Chinese)
Multi-language quick installation poster
Bundled software CD
- CD-writing software
- DVD Playback software
- Win98SE and MacOS USB 2.0 driver
Special drive jacket
The above items are available in retail boxes only.
ASUS SCB-2408-D User Manual


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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