Using The Device - Asus SCB-2408-D User Manual

Asus scb-2408-d dual interface external slim combo drive user manual 24x/12x/24x cd-rw drive 8x dvd-rom drive
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Safety Information

Using the Device

Use of any controls, adjustments, or procedures other than those
specified in this manual may result to hazardous radiation exposure.
Do not attempt to disassemble the drive.
Do not move the device from a cold to a warm or hot environment.
Drastic change of temperature is harmful to the device.
Before moving or uninstalling the drive, remove disc from it, if any.
Prevent liquids and metal objects to get into the device. If this situation
occurs, contact your retailer for assistance.
Do not use any evaporating solvents to clean the device. If you
accidentally sprayed any solvent on the device, use a clean cloth to
wipe it. You may also use a neutral cleaner to dilute the solvent to
easily wipe it from the device.
Try not to interrupt the supply of power while the device is in reading or
writing mode.
Do not place damaged or warped discs inside the device. A warped
disc may break while in use and damage the device.
Do not place discs into the device immediately if they came from a cold
environment, especially during cold seasons. Wait until the discs have
reached room temperature.
Conventions used in this guide
To make sure that you perform certain tasks properly, take note of the
following symbols used throughout this manual.
WARNING/DANGER: Information to prevent injury to yourself
when trying to complete a task.
CAUTION: Information to prevent damage to the components
when trying to complete a task.
IMPORTANT: Information that you MUST follow to complete a
NOTE: Tips and additional information to aid in completing a task.
ASUS SCB-2408-D User Manual


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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