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Asus crw-2410s 24x/10x/40x cd-rw drive user's manual
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The ASUS CRW-2410S is a CD-RW drive with 24X-write, 10X- rewrite,
and 40X-read capabilities. The drive complies with the AT Attachment
Packet Interface (ATAPI) specification and comes equipped with a host of
the latest innovative technologies in CD recording.
BURN-Proof Technology
The BURN-Proof technology, which stands for Buffer Under RuN Proof,
prevents the buffer underrun error caused by an empty data buffer. It does
so by means of a controller that continuously monitors the status of the
data buffer throughout the write process.
If the available data drops below 10% of the total buffer capacity, the
controller initiates a controlled interrupt to the writing process and sets a
write marker. New data is then loaded to the cache, and the laser is
repositioned. The drive synchronizes the data already written with the new
data in the buffer, and repositions the laser behind the sector most recently
This technology also ensures that your PC remains fully operational
throughout the writing process, and available for other applications.
Zone CLV Recording Technology
The Zone Constant Linear Velocity (CLV) recording method allows you to
achieve a higher recording speed by using a different speed for each of
the three zones partitioned from the inner to the outer area in a disc.
When using the Zone CLV, the recording in Zone 1 is 16x speed, then
increases to 20x speed in Zone 2, after t1 time. In Zone 3, the recording
reaches 24x speed, after t2 time. When the recording is complete, the
drive accesses and checks the recorded data area to execute
synchronization between Zones 1 and 2, then between Zones 2 and 3.
The BURN-Proof technology is used to execute this synchronization,
preventing any gap between the zones.
The illustration on the next page shows the Zone CLV process.
ASUS CRW-2410S User's Manual


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