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Features - Asus CRW-2410A User Manual

24x/10x/40x cd-rw drive
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The ASUS CRW-2410A is a CD-RW drive with 24X-write, 10X-rewrite, and
40X-read capabilities. The drive complies with the AT Attachment Packet
Interface (ATAPI) specification and comes equipped with the latest
innovative technologies in CD recording.
Highlighting the major characteristic of ASUS CD-RW drives, the
CRW-2410A strategically identifies the media quality at the beginning of
the recording so that it can apply the appropriate writing speeds and
ensure effective data storage. Thanks to the FlextraSpeed™ and
FlextraLink™ technologies developed by ASUS.
FlextraSpeed™ increases accuracy and reliability when rewriting across a
broad base of certified media, while FlextraLink™ prevents buffer
underrrun problems to eliminate the creation of unusable discs. The
following sub-sections describe these technologies in detail.
FlextraSpeed™ Technology
The ASUS FlextraSpeed™ technology provides the optimum solution to
ensure quality recording when using discs that require flexible speeds. The
CRW-2410A drive employs this technology that allows automatic recording
speed adjustment based on the recording media.
In addition to the fact that there are low and high quality recording media,
various other factors such as dye layer, temperature, humidity, dust,
fingerprints, etc., affect the recording characteristics of CD-R and CD-RW
discs. Due to these factors, some discs may not be able to stand the high-
speed capabilities of the latest CD-RW drives. The FlextraSpeed™
technology solves this problem by automatic assessment of the disc
quality and recording capability. The recording speed is based on these
factors. If you use a high quality recording disc, you can maximize the
recording capability of the drive and get the best quality output. If you use
a low quality disc, the drive speed adjusts to the level that is most
appropriate for the disc, still optimizing the disc recording capability.
The FlextraSpeed™ technology also helps maintain the CD-RW drive
because of the controlled motor rotation speeds and reduced noise
caused by spindle air, thus prolonging the drive motor's life and ensuring
high-quality recording.
ASUS CRW-2410A User's Manual



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