Front Panel - Asus 24x/10x/40x CD-RW Drive CRW-2410S User Manual

Asus crw-2410s 24x/10x/40x cd-rw drive user's manual
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Front Panel

1. Emergency eject pinhole
In cases when you cannot eject a disc from the drive using the eject
button due to power failure or software problems, insert a pin into this
hole to mechanically eject the tray and the disc.
2. Headphone jack
This jack allows you to connect a headphone with a stereo mini-plug.
3. Headphone volume dial
This volume dial allows you to control the volume of the headphone
connected to the drive. Turning the dial to the left decreases the
volume, turning to the right increases volume.
4. BUSY indicator
This LED indicates three types of conditions.
5. WRITE indicator
This LED turns ON while data is being written on the disc.
6. Disc tray
This tray holds the disc.
7. Eject button
This button allows you to eject the disc tray to place a disc or remove a
Paused or stopped
Reading and accessing a disc
TOC reading, ejecting a disc
ASUS CRW-2410S User's Manual


Table of Contents

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