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Child Safety - Beko BK 7120 T Manual


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Containers with liquid inside
should not be placed on top of
the product. Spilling water on an
electrical component may cause
electric shocks or risk of fire.
Foods more than the capacity of
the product should not be kept in
the product. It may fall when the
door is opened, and cause injury
or damage. Similar problems may
occur in case of putting things on
the product.
Products that need a precise
temperature control (vaccines,
heat-sensitive medicine, scientific
materials, etc.) should not be kept
in the refrigerator.
Refrigerator should be
disconnected if it is not going to be
used for a long time. Any problem
in the cable insulation may cause
Dirt and dusts on tip of the electric
plug must be cleaned, otherwise,
they may cause risk of fire.
The product may move when level
adjustment feet of the product do
not stand on the floor well.
If your product has a door handle,
the product must not be pulled by
the handle, because the handle
may be forced out.
Care should be paid as there is
risk of squeezing hands or feet
between the movable parts inside
the product.
When you need to operate
your refrigerator next to another
refrigerator, leave at least 8
cm distance between two
refrigerators. If you leave a shorter
distance, condensation may
arise on the side walls of your
Water mains pressure must not be
below 1 bar. Water mains pressure
must not be above 8 bar.
Use only potable water.

Child safety

If the door has a lock, the key
should be kept away from reach of
Children should be supervised to
ensure that they do not play with
the appliance


Table of Contents

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