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Beko BK 7120 T Manual


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  • Page 1 BK 7120 T BK 7121 T Refrigerator...
  • Page 2 Please read this manual first! Dear Customer, We hope that your product, which has been produced in modern plants and checked under the most meticulous quality control procedures, will provide you an effective service. For this, we recommend you to carefully read the entire manual of your product before using it and keep it at hand for future references.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ..... 9 for the problems Adjusting the legs ......9 Placing your refrigerator under the counter (for model BK 7120 T) ..10 Before operating your refrigerator ..11 Electric connection ......11 Disposing of the packaging ..... 12 Disposing of your old refrigerator ..
  • Page 4: The Refrigerator

    Wire shelves Water drain stick Crisper glass Crisper Adjustable legs Removable upper tray (BK 7120 T) Door shelves 10- Egg tray 11- Bottle shelf * (in model BK 7120 T) Figures that take place in this instruction manual are schematic and may not correspond exactly with your product.
  • Page 5: Important Safety Warnings

    Important Safety Warnings • Vapor and vaporized cleaning Please review the following materials should never be used in information. If these are not followed, personal injury or material cleaning and defrosting processes of your refrigerator. In such cases, damage may occur. Otherwise, all warranty and reliability the vapor might get in contact with the electrical parts and cause short...
  • Page 6 • Place the beverage with higher • Rating plate containing product's proofs tightly closed and vertically. technical specifications is in the • Flammable items or products that inner left part of the product. contain flammable gases (e.g. • Connecting the product to electric spray) as well as the explosive energy saving systems is risky materials should never be kept in...
  • Page 7: Child Safety

    • Containers with liquid inside • Water mains pressure must not be should not be placed on top of below 1 bar. Water mains pressure the product. Spilling water on an must not be above 8 bar. electrical component may cause •...
  • Page 8: Hca Warning

    HCA Warning Things to be done for energy saving If your product is equipped with a cooling system that contains • Do not leave the doors of your R600a: refrigerator open for a long time. This gas is flammable. Therefore, •...
  • Page 9: Installation

    Installation Points to be considered Please remember that the when re-transporting your manufacturer shall not be held liable if refrigerator the information given in the instruction 1. Your refrigerator must be manual is not observed. emptied and cleaned prior to any transportation.
  • Page 10: Placing Your Refrigerator Under The Counter (For Model Bk 7120 T)

    (for model BK 7120 T) Placing your refrigerator under the counter * Your refrigerator is designed for standard kitchen counters. If you like, you can place your refrigerator under the counter. * Pay attention to the below warnings when placing under the counter: 1.
  • Page 11: Before Operating Your Refrigerator

    595 mm 55 mm Before operating your Electric connection refrigerator Connect your refrigerator to a Before starting to use your refrigerator grounded socket which is being check the following: protected by a fuse with the appropriate capacity. 1. Is the interior of the refrigerator dry and can the air circulate freely in the Important: rear of it?
  • Page 12: Disposing Of The Packaging

    Disposing of the packaging Changing the illumination lamp The packing materials may be dangerous for children. Keep the To change the lamp used for packing materials out of the reach illumination of your refrigerator, please of children or dispose them of by call your Authorized Service.
  • Page 13: Using Your Refrigerator

    Using your refrigerator Defrost Fridge compartment performs full- automatic defrosting. Water drops and a frosting up to 7-8 mm can occur on the inner rear wall of the fridge compartment while your refrigerator cools down. Such formation is normal as a result of the cooling system. The frost formation is defrosted by Thermostat setting button performing automatic defrosting...
  • Page 14 Frost formation in the freezer compartment must be defrosted every 6 months. It is recommended to defrost the ice when the deep freezer compartment is not filled too much or is empty. To do this, wrap the frozen food by paper and keep them in the coolest place possible or in another refrigerator if available.
  • Page 15: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care A Never use gasoline, benzene or C Keeping the products clean is similar substances for cleaning important. For this, refrigerators must purposes. be cleaned with carbonated water in B We recommend that you unplug the every 15 days. (Detergents and soap appliance before cleaning.
  • Page 16: Recommended Solutions For The Problems

    Recommended solutions for the problems Please review this list before calling the service. It might save you time and money. This list includes frequent complaints that are not arising from defective workmanship or material usage. Some of the features described here may not exist in your product. The refrigerator does not operate.
  • Page 17 The fridge is running frequently or for a long time. • Your new product may be wider than the previous one. This is quite normal. Large refrigerators operate for a longer period of time. • The ambient room temperature may be high. This is quite normal. •...
  • Page 18 The operation noise increases when the refrigerator is running. • The operating performance of the refrigerator may change due to the changes in the ambient temperature. It is normal and not a fault. Vibrations or noise. • The floor is not even or it is weak. The refrigerator rocks when moved slowly. Make sure that the floor is strong enough to carry the refrigerator, and level.
  • Page 19 48 3926 0000...

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