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Cocoon 1400


13 Warranty

13.1 Warranty period

The devices have a 36-month warranty. The warranty period starts on the day the new unit
is acquired. Warranty does not cover standard or rechargeable batteries (AA/AAA type).
Parts hat are subject to wear or defects causing a negligible effect on operation or value of
the equipment are not covered.
A claim under warranty shall be backed up by submission of the original proof of purchase
or a copy which shows the date of purchase and the model of the equipment.

13.2 Warranty claim processing

Send the faulty unit to an authorized service centre, in the original packaging where possible,
including a valid receipt.
If the unit develops a fault during the warranty period, the authorized service centre will repair
any defects caused by material or manufacturing faults free of charge, by either repairing or
exchanging the faulty unit or parts of the faulty unit. In the event of replacement, colour and
model may differ from the original purchased unit. The original date of purchase determines
the start of the warranty period. The warranty period is not extended if the unit is exchanged
or repaired by the appointed service centres.

13.3 Warranty exclusions

Damage or defects caused by incorrect handling or use and defects caused by the use
of non-original parts or accessories, are not covered by the warranty.
The warranty does not cover damage caused by external factors, such as lightning strike,
water and fire, nor any damage caused during transportation.
No warranty can be claimed if the serial number on the unit has been changed, removed or
rendered illegal. Any warranty claims will be invalid if the unit has been repaired, altered or
modified by the buyer.
This product works with rechargeable batteries only. If you want to replace the batteries
originally supplied, please check whether the batteries you are using are suitable and
rechargeable. Disposable batteries may under NO circumstances be used in the handsets.
If you use disposable batteries and place the handset on the base unit, the batteries will heat
up and may explode. Any damage caused by the use of disposable batteries cannot be
recovered from the manufacturer and the damage thus caused to the appliance is not
covered by the warranty conditions. Any repairs will be charged to you.

13.4 Service address and hotline

See the Service address and support numbers sheet or visit www.ucom.be.

15 Declaration of conformity and manufacturer

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents