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V1.3 - 10/10


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  • Page 1 COCOON 1400 CORDLESS TELEPHONE USER GUIDE V1.3 - 10/10...
  • Page 3: Cocoon 1400

    ▲ PQRS WXYZ Cocoon 1400...
  • Page 4 The CE symbol indicates that the unit complies with the essential requirements of the R&TTE directive. The features described in this manual are published with reservation to modifications. This product works with rechargeable batteries only. If you put nonre- chargeable batteries in the handset and place it on the base, the Caution handset will be damaged and this in NOT covered under the warranty conditions.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    The product: Cocoon 1400 ........
  • Page 6 Cocoon 1400 Finding and calling a number from the phonebook ..... .24 Edit a phonebook entry ......... . .24 Delete an entry or all entries .
  • Page 7: General

    It also contains information and important notes for your safety and help in the event of problems. The product: Cocoon 1400 This product has been manufactured in accordance with the uniform digital standard for cordless telephones (DECT). DECT technology is characterised by high-security protection against interception as well as high-quality digital transmission.
  • Page 8: Box Content

    General Cocoon 1400 Any modifications or conversions by the user that are not described in this user guide are deemed improper and are not permitted. Box content Check that the contents are complete and undamaged. Contact your dealer immediately if parts are missing or faulty.
  • Page 9 Cocoon 1400 General • Children frequently underestimate the dangers of handling electrical devices. Never leave children unsupervised in the vicinity of electrical equipment. • The equipment must not be used in a damp environment (e.g. bathrooms) or rooms where there is a lot of dust.
  • Page 10: Instructions On Low Radiation Operation

    Installation Cocoon 1400 • The handset can cause an unpleasant humming noise in hearing aids, therefore keep a sufficient distance away from hearing aids. Possible damage: Possible damage to the device! Caution Please observe the instructions in this user guide.
  • Page 11: Inserting The Batteries In A Handset

    Cocoon 1400 Installation 2. Connect the telephone socket on the underside of the base unit to the telephone connection socket using the telephone cable provided. 1.Telephone wall socket 2.Telephone cable 3.Underside of the base unit 4.Cable from the power supply plug Inserting the batteries in a handset Risk of injury from explosion.
  • Page 12 Installation Cocoon 1400 1.Battery compartment cover 2.Batteries 3.Rear of handset Replace the handsets in the base or charging unit after use to avoid Important complete discharge of the batteries. The batteries are designed for continuous charging.
  • Page 13: Controls And Menu Structure

    Cocoon 1400 Controls and menu structure Controls and menu structure Keys/displays/LEDs Handset 1. Display 2. Right display button (display functions) 3. Up/Redial key 4. Right/Recall key 5. On-hook/ON-OFF key 6. Alphanumeric keypad 7. Keypad lock key 8. Dial pause key 9.
  • Page 14: Display (Lcd)

    Controls and menu structure Cocoon 1400 Display (LCD) Icon line Text line   Display menu/Options menu There is a protective film on the handset display. Remove this before Info first use. Battery display: • The batteries are fully charged.
  • Page 15: Display Keys

    Cocoon 1400 Controls and menu structure Display keys The display keys are the keys immediately below the display: . Their function changes depending on the current context. Their current function is shown directly above in the display. The most important display key functions are:...
  • Page 16: Menu Overview

    Handset - settings and operation Cocoon 1400 Menu overview Menu Submenu items Phonebook Handset Ring Tone Ringer Volume Handset Name Keypad Beep Contrast Auto Talk Select Base Language Registration Base Settings Ring Tone Ringer Volume Dial Mode Recall System PIN...
  • Page 17: Making Calls

    Cocoon 1400 Handset - settings and operation Making calls 4.3.1 External calls 1. Press • The Charge/In use indicator (LED) on the base unit flashes and the call icon appears in the display. 2. Dial the number you want once you hear the dialling tone.
  • Page 18: Answering A Call

    Handset - settings and operation Cocoon 1400 Answering a call The handset starts to ring during an incoming external or internal call. You can switch off the ringer temporarily by pressing ‘Silent’ • All registered handsets ring when there is an incoming call.
  • Page 19 Cocoon 1400 Handset - settings and operation 2. Press to display further entries in the list. If you do not press either of the keys for 20 seconds the telephone will revert to standby mode. After a call, the number of the caller remains on the display for about Info +/-4 seconds after the last ring.
  • Page 20: Redialling Options

    Handset - settings and operation Cocoon 1400 • All calls are deleted. Only the old calls are deleted. New calls, i.e. calls that have not been Important read or answered, are retained. Redialling options You have the following options when you are scrolling through the redial memory (see section “4.3.4 Redialling one of the last 10 numbers called”):...
  • Page 21: Call Duration Display

    Cocoon 1400 Handset - settings and operation 4.10 Call duration display During an external call, the call duration is shown on the display: “10:40” in the display means: 10 minutes and 40 seconds. The call duration is shown in the display for a further two seconds after the end of the call.
  • Page 22: Setting The Ringer Melody On The Handset

    Handset - settings and operation Cocoon 1400 5. Press to confirm. • The current volume is displayed and can be heard. 6. Press repeatedly to set the desired volume. 7. Press ‘Save’ to confirm your selection or press to quit the menu without saving the setting.
  • Page 23: Adjust The Display Contrast

    Cocoon 1400 Handset - settings and operation 6. Select – ‘On’: switches keypad beep on. – ‘Off’: switches keypad beep off. 7. Press to confirm your selection or press to quit the menu without saving the setting. 4.18 Adjust the display contrast 1.
  • Page 24: Resetting The Handset Settings To "Default" (Handset Reset)

    Clock and alarm functions Cocoon 1400 4.21 Resetting the handset settings to “Default” (Handset reset) You can reset all handset settings to the factory settings and thereby delete all the entries from the phonebook, the calls list and the redial memory.
  • Page 25: Select Hour Format

    Cocoon 1400 Clock and alarm functions Select hour format 1. Press 2. Press repeatedly, select ‘Time’. 3. Press to confirm. 4. Press repeatedly, select ‘Set Time Format’. 5. Press to confirm. 6. Select the time format (12 hour or 24 hour display) and press...
  • Page 26: Stop Watch

    The phonebook Cocoon 1400 – ‘Delete’ to delete the selected appointment. Press to confirm or to cancel. 6. Switch the appointment reminder off when it sounds by pressing Stop watch 1. Press 2. Scroll with to ‘Tools’ and press 3. Scroll with to ‘Stop Watch’...
  • Page 27: Delete An Entry Or All Entries

    Cocoon 1400 The phonebook 10. Press ‘Save’ and select the ringer melody you require. 11. Press ‘Save’ to save the changes entered. Delete an entry or all entries 1. Press 2. Enter the initial letter of the name required using the alphanumeric keys and/or scroll using to the entry required.
  • Page 28: Add All Phonebook Entries To Another Handset

    Base operation Cocoon 1400 4. Press • All available handsets (i.e. all the handsets that are registered to the base unit and can be reached) are shown. 5. Use to select the handset required and press • The display shows ‘Copying to Handset x’.
  • Page 29: The Recall Key (R)

    Cocoon 1400 Base operation The recall key (R) You can use the Recall key R to use or activate certain services on your outside lines, such as ‘Call waiting’ (assuming that your phone provider offers this feature). The Recall key is also used for internal recall or for forwarding a call when the telephone is being used in a private exchange.
  • Page 30: Additional Handsets And Base Units

    Additional handsets and base units Cocoon 1400 Additional handsets and base units Up to 5 handsets can be registered to one base unit. Each handset can, for its part, be registered to up to four base units and the user can choose which base unit he wishes to use.
  • Page 31: Selecting A Base Unit

    Cocoon 1400 Additional handsets and base units Selecting a base unit If your handset is registered to several base units (maximum of 4), you must select one of these base units because the handset only communicates with one base unit at a time.
  • Page 32: Voice Mail Indicator

    Additional handsets and base units Cocoon 1400 8.4.2 Accepting an internal call • The internal call icon and the number of the calling handset appear in the display. 1. Press to pick up the internal call. 1. Lift the handset off its base (as long as the Auto Talk option is enabled, see section “4.20 Auto Talk”)
  • Page 33: Abbreviations And Terminology

    Cocoon 1400 Abbreviations and terminology Abbreviations and terminology CLIP Calling Line Identification Presentation; transmission of the caller's number and display in the in the called party's display. DECT Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication; European telecommunications standard for digital cordless telephones. ECO Mode Economy Mode;...
  • Page 34: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Cocoon 1400 Dialling pause You need a dialling pause, for example, when using your telephone on a private exchange if the system does not correctly recognised that your telephone has sent the exchange identification code (e.g. “0”). In this case, you need to insert a dialling pause after entering the exchange identification code.
  • Page 35: Servicing

    Cocoon 1400 Servicing Symptom Possible cause Solution Not possible to forward calls The flash time is too short. Adjust the telephone to a in a private exchange. long flash time (see “7.2 The recall key (R)”). Telephone does not react Program error.
  • Page 36: Decommissioning, Storage

    Technical characteristics Cocoon 1400 11.3 Decommissioning, storage If you will not be using the unit temporarily, unplug the telephone cable from the wall socket and from the telephone socket in the base unit. Unplug the power supply plugs for the base unit and the handsets from the 230 V sockets.
  • Page 37: Warranty

    Cocoon 1400 Warranty 13 Warranty 13.1 Warranty period The devices have a 36-month warranty. The warranty period starts on the day the new unit is acquired. Warranty does not cover standard or rechargeable batteries (AA/AAA type). Parts hat are subject to wear or defects causing a negligible effect on operation or value of the equipment are not covered.
  • Page 38 Declaration of conformity and manufacturer Cocoon 1400...
  • Page 39 Cocoon 1400...
  • Page 41 Cocoon 1400...
  • Page 44 Cocoon 1400 visit our website MD2500378...

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