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Drying Procedures - Kenmore C8909 Use & Care Manual

Gas & electric dryer
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Important Safety Instructions, con't
ALWAYS disconnect the dryer from the electrical supply
before attempting any service or cleaning. Failure to do so
can result in electrical shock or injury.
Do not use any type spray cleanser when cleaning dryer
interior. Hazardous fumes or electrical shock could occur.
To prevent injury, do not reach into the dryer if the drum is
moving. Wait until the dryer has stopped completely before
reaching into the drum.
All repairs and servicing must be performed by an au-
thorized servicer unless specifi cally recommended in this
Owner's Guide. Use only authorized factory parts.
Do not tamper with controls.
Do not install or store the dryer where it will be exposed to
the weather.

Drying Procedures

To reduce the risk of fi re, electric shock or in-
jury to persons, read the IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS
in this Use and Care Guide before operating your dryer.
1. Prepare load for drying.
Dry items of similar fabric, weight and construction in
the same load.
Separate dark items from light-colored items. Separate
items that shed lint from those that attract lint.
Check for stains which may not have been removed in
washing. Repeat stain removal process and wash again
before drying. Dryer heat may permanently set some
Place delicate or small items in a mesh bag.
(Mesh bag not included.)
Be sure buckles, buttons and trim are heatproof and
won't damage the drum fi nish. Close zippers; fas-
ten hooks and Velcro®-like fasteners. Tie strings and
sashes to prevent snagging and tangling.
A thermal limiter switch automatically turns off the motor
in the unlikely event of an overheated situation (electric
dryers only). A service technician must replace the thermal
limiter switch after correcting the fault.
Failure to comply with these warnings could result in seri-
ous personal injuries.
The instructions appearing in this Use and Care
Guide are not meant to cover every possible condition and
situation that may occur. Common sense and caution must
be practiced when installing, operating and maintaining any
Check that the lint fi lter is clean and in place.
every load.
Load the dryer and close the door.
Load items loosely. The average wet load will fi ll the
drum 1/3 to 1/2 full. Items need room to tumble freely
for even drying and less wrinkling.
If desired, place a dryer fabric softener sheet on top of
the load at the beginning of the cycle.
To save energy and time and avoid uneven drying and
wrinkling, do not overload the dryer.
When drying large items, dry only two or three items
at a time. Fill out the load with small and medium sized
For delicate or very small loads, add two or three simi-
lar items to improve tumbling action.
Clean the lint fi lter after


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