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Maytag SS-2 User Manual

Side-by-side refrigerator.
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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    • rEREFERENCE Welcome ... Safety Instructions ... 2 Instal lation ... Features at a Glance ... 4 Features at a Glance Temperature Controls ... 6 Looking Inside ice Service ... Ice & Water Service Water Filter ... Care & Cleaning ..18 Food Storage Tips ...

  • Page 2: Welcome

    Should you ever need assistance in the future, it is helpful to: 1) Have the complete model and serial number identifi- cation of your refrigerator. This is on a data plate located at the top of the fresh food compartment. Record these numbers below for easy access.

  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    Never unplug your appliance by pulling on the power cord. • Your refrigerator should not be operated in the pres- ence of explosive fumes. • Children should not climb, hang or stand on the shelves of this refrigerator.

  • Page 4: Installation

    • Allow a minimum 1/2" clearance on the sides, top and back for ease of installation. If the refrigerator is placed with the door hinge side against a wall, you may want to allow additional space so the door can be opened wider.

  • Page 5: Features At A Glance

    Features at a Glance ... Ice Access Door Ice Bin Freezer Light Adjustable Shelves Freezer Baskets Lower Covers Features Refrigerator Lights Hinge Base Grille Temperature Control for the Meat and Cheese Drawer may vary according to model. Dual Cool Freshness...

  • Page 6: Features At A Glance

    Features at a Glance ... Ice Access Door Ice Bin Freezer Light Freezer Drop Down Basket Fixed Door Bins StairStep _ Freezer Baskets PuriClean" ChillKeeper" Control Lower Hinge Base Grille Covers Features may vary according to model. Filter Dual Cool" Freshness Design Slide Control...

  • Page 7: Temperature Controls

    Temperature Your refrigerator has Maytag's Dual Cool trols are located at the top front of the fresh food compartment. To adjust the controls, move the slide to the left or right as desired. Initial Dual Cool" Control Settings • The refrigerator control has settings from 1 (warmest) to 9 (coldest).

  • Page 8: Looking Inside

    • The entire assembly can then be moved forward an< clear of the refrigerator compartment. • To reinstall, reverse the removal procedure. Be sur_ the shelf is in a level position. When the sliding shel is pushed to the rear, it will reposition the rea latches to their correct operating position.

  • Page 9

    The Pick-Off Door Bins are roomy enough to handle gallon-plus sized containers. They are adjustable and can be easily removed. To remove: • Lift the shelf front up until it clears the retainers on the door liner. • Pull the bin straight out. To replace: •...

  • Page 10

    _o_oo_Q_o_o__oO_o_oo_o_e_oo_o_o_o__o_o_ Tilt Out Door Bin The Tilt Out Refrigerator Door Bin (certain models) is ideal for storing awkward containers such as liter bot- tles and bagged items. By tilting the bin outward, space is opened up to conveniently load or retrieve contents.

  • Page 11

    _O_ooI_0o•_I_o_o_OooIoo_ooo_O_o_o_ooo_oo_Io4oOooo_Qo_oo_OQoooo_oeoQ_oo_o_oo_o_ StairStep Freezer Baskets Certain models feature StairStep'" baskets for the bottom two freezer baskets. These two baskets interact for easier accessibility. To use: • Pull the lower basket forward to gain access to its contents. Continue pulling the lower basket to open the upper basket as well.

  • Page 12

    Adjusti-Temp '_' temperature con- trolled drawer. The temperature control in these models is located on the left side wall of the refrigerator, near the front of the drawer. The "cool" setting maintains a temperature within the drawer consistent with the sur- rounding fresh food compartment.

  • Page 13

    To remove a drawer for cleaning: • Pull the drawer out until it stops. • Tilt the front of the drawer up slightly and pull it out. To replace the drawer, reverse the above procedures. The cover of the top drawer serves as the lower refrig- erator shelf.

  • Page 14

    The rack also can hold canned beverages or an egg carton. Position the rack to rest on the left hand side of a reg- ular refrigerator shelf (this rack cannot be positioned on an ElevatoC' Shelf). The 12-Pack Rack (certain models) suspends from one of the spill-proof refrigerator shelves.

  • Page 15: Ice Service

    Dispenser Models Automatic Ice Maker After your refrigerator has been connected to the water supply, move the wire lever arm into the down position. This will start its operation. The ice maker will fill with water when the freezer reaches the proper temperature. It may be 8 to 12 hours before the ice maker furnishes any usable ice cubes.

  • Page 16

    and Water Service ... Automatic Ice and Water Dispenser (certain models) Dispensing Water and Ice To dispense ice or water, position a glass against the top portion of the actuator pad and press. Hold the glass high in the dispenser opening to avoid spills. To stop dispensing, release the pressure on the actuator pad and hold the container in position momentarily to catch the last pieces of ice or the last drops of water,...

  • Page 17

    Your refrigerator was delivered from the factory with a filter bypass in place. The filter cartridge can be found packaged inside of the refrigerator.

  • Page 18: Water Filter

    For replacement filter cartridges or for service, contact your local dealer or Maytag Appliances Sales Company, Maytag Customer Assistance, U.S.:1-800-688-9900, Canada: 1-800-688-2002 UKF7001AXX- Taste, odor, chlorine, cysts, and lead UKF6001AXX - Taste, odor, chlorine, and lead UKF5001AXX - Taste, odor, chlorine.

  • Page 19: Care & Cleaning

    Dry with a clean, soft cloth. Do not wipe the refrigerator with a soiled dishwashing cloth or wet towel. These may leave residue that can scratch and weaken the paint. Do not use scouring pads, powdered cleansers, bleach or cleaners containing bleach.

  • Page 20: Food Storage Tips

    Food Storage "tips ... Fresh Food Storage • The fresh food compartment of a refrigerator should be kept between 34°F and 40°F with an optimum temperature of 37°F. To check the temperature, place an appliance thermometer and place in the center of the refrigerator. Check after 24 hours.

  • Page 21: Food Storage Chart

    Food Storage Chart (Storage times are approximate and may vary depending on type of packaging, storage temperature, and the quality of the food when purchased.) Butter 1 month Milk & cream 1 week Cream cheese, cheese spread 1-2 weeks & cheese food Cottage cheese 3-5 days Sour cream...

  • Page 22: Storage & Maintenance

    (if installed) and the valve where you tapped into the water line to supply the refrigerator, c) disconnect the refrigerator from the electrical outlet, Replacing a Light Bulb CAUTION." Disconnect ""...

  • Page 23: Before You Call

    • the bulb burned out • no power at tile outlet • the refrigerator control set too warm ... • prolonged door openings •flae refrigerator control set too cold ____...__._._t_le freezer control set too s arm •...

  • Page 24: Warranty

    Water Filter: Wah regard to the water filter cartridge, Maytag Appliances will replace any part of the water filter cartridge which fails due to a defect in workmanship or materials,for a period of Thirty Days from the date oforiginal purchase. This is a full 30 day warranty, and during this warranty period we will also provide free of charge, all labor and in-home service required to replace the defective part.

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