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APBX IP2G4A User Manual
For Firmware Version: V1.4.0

Summary of Contents

  • Page 1

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual For Firmware Version: V1.4.0 2013-07-11...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual Contents Contents ................................... 1 Introduction ................................3 Connection and Change IP Address of APBX ......................4 Connection ..............................4 WAN Settings ..............................5 LAN Settings ..............................6 DHCP Server ..............................7 System Status ..............................8 Create local extensions and make interior calls ......................9 FXS extensions ...............................

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual Music On Hold .............................. 38 Custom Prompts ............................38 Language Setting ............................38 Network Settings ..............................39 Web Access ..............................39 Firewall ................................. 39 Port Forwarding ............................42 DDNS ................................42 VLAN ................................42 System Settings ............................... 43 Change Password ............................

  • Page 4: Introduction

    Linux system with built-in SIP proxy server and NAT functions. It provides a solid, uniform platform for Mobile and VoIP communications. Targeting for SOHO user and SMB market with an easy to use graphical interface, ATCOM GSM IP PBX provides a cost-saving solution on their telecommunication/data needs. With these devices, company with branch offices in different countries can be easily combined together to work like a virtual single office through internet, GSM and PSTN network.

  • Page 5: Connection And Change Ip Address Of Apbx, Connection

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual Call Routing Firewalls Caller ID DHCP server BLF Support DDNS Music on Hold VLAN Storage Quota Privilege PPPoE IP Restriction Port Forward 2. Connection and Change IP Address of APBX 2.1 Connection The default IP address of APBX is: WAN:

  • Page 6: Wan Settings

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual NOTE: It’s recommended to re-set IP address of APBX via WAN at the first time, Since DHCP server on LAN port is enabled by default, Other DHCP client enabled devices in the network may obtain IP from APBX rather than real DHCP server.

  • Page 7: Lan Settings

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual APBX will obtain an IP address automatically from DHCP server when rebooting. It’s not recommended to choose this option unless there is a reserved IP for APBX in DHCP server so that APBX can keep the same IP all the time.

  • Page 8: Dhcp Server

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual Hostname Set the host name for APBX. IP Address / Subnet Mask Set the IP address / subnet mask for LAN network interface. Gateway Set the Gateway for LAN network interface. Primary DNS / Secondary DNS Set the DNS server for LAN network interface.

  • Page 9: System Status

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a network protocol used to configure devices that are connected to a network (known as hosts) so they can communicate on that network using the Internet Protocol (IP). It involves clients and a server operating in a client-server model.

  • Page 10: Create Local Extensions And Make Interior Calls, Fxs Extensions

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual 3. Create local extensions and make interior calls There are two kinds of extensions in APBX: FXS extensions and SIP extensions. 3.1 FXS extensions It needs support of FXS module, the module installed in IP2G4A can be:...

  • Page 11

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual 1) General Extension Extension number, i.e. 6101, it is associated with this particular user / phone. Port The analog port bound with extension. Name A character-based name for this extension, i.e. ‘Bob Jones’. Caller ID CID showed in the other’s phone during a call, default is Extension.

  • Page 12

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual The Email address that new voicemail will be send to when Enable Sending Voice Mail is enabled and PBX settings -> SMTP settings is right set. 4) Flash Hook Flash Detection Time Sets the amount of time, in milliseconds, that the hook-flash must remain depressed in order for asterisk to consider such an event a valid flash event.

  • Page 13: Sip Extensions

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual Super: 5 M 3.2 SIP extensions SIP extension is an SIP account that allows IP phone or softphone to register to. It can be created / modified / deleted one by one or in batch. Click to add an extension or to add multiple extensions.

  • Page 14

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual 1) General Name A character-based name for this extension, i.e. ‘Bob Jones’ Extension Extension number, i.e. 6000, it is associated with this particular user / phone. Password Authentication for SIP phone to register and make calls.

  • Page 15

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual 3) Mail Setting Enable Sending Voice Mail Check this option to enable PBX send new voicemail to Email address below as an attachment. Email Address The Email address that new voicemail will be send to when Enable Sending Voice Mail is enabled and PBX settings ->...

  • Page 16

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual Try this setting when APBX is on a public IP, communicating with devices hidden behind a NAT device (broadband router). If you have one-way audio problems, you usually have problems with your NAT configuration or your firewall’s support of SIP+RTP ports.

  • Page 17: Register Onto Apbx With Your Ip Phone, Extensions Status

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual Set trusted IP: xx.xx.xx.xx/, for example: Set trusted network: xx.xx.xx.xx/subnet mask, for example: 3.3 Register onto APBX with your IP phone After successfully register with 6000 and 6001, you can make interior calls among 6000, 6001, 6101(FXS), 6102(FXS) now.

  • Page 18: Feature Codes

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual Idle: The extension is registered and idle. Busy: The extension is on the phone. Ringing: The extension is ringing. Unavailable: The extension is not registered and unreachable. If this page response slowly, please be patient to wait the output before check other pages. Otherwise, other pages cannot be displayed correctly since APBX is accessing database while status checking, and database is locked for other pages’...

  • Page 19

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual The call flow should be like below: 1. C calls A, phone A is ring, but A is not at his/her seat. 2. B can dial Direct Call Pickup code + A’s extension number to pick up the ring call, and talk to C.

  • Page 20: Smtp Settings

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual Enable/Cancel Do Not Disturb Enable/Disable Do Not Disturb function 3.6 SMTP Settings 1) Voice Mail to Email Setting Email Address The Sender Email Address APBX used to send voicemail. Password The password for above Email Address/Account.

  • Page 21

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual Some servers need to authenticate sender before sending email, then the box should be checked. Test SMTP Settings Check whether the SMTP setup is OK. PBX will send an email to the test email address using above SMTP setting information.

  • Page 22: Conference, Paging / Intercom, Options

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual Ask Caller to Dial 5 If this option is set, the caller will be prompted to press 5 before leaving a message. 3.7 Conference Allows participants dial into a virtual meeting room from their own phone, support up to 20 participants.

  • Page 23: Create Sip Trunk And Make Outbound/inbound Calls To/from Voip Provider, Create Sip Trunks

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual Default Ring Timeout for an extension if Ring Out for it is not set. Max Call Duration This defines the maximum amount of time in seconds for a interior call, 0 means no limit, default is 6000s.

  • Page 24

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual Trunk Name A unique label to help you identify the trunk. Provider Hostname/IP Hostname or IP of your VoIP provider, default port is 5060 Account Name The username that your service provider configured Authuser The username that your service provider configured for authentication, generally, it’s same as Account Name.

  • Page 25: Check Sip Trunk Status, Make Outbound Calls

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual Check SIP Trunk Status After creating trunk, go to System Status -> Trunk Status to check the SIP trunk Status, make sure it’s registered. Make outbound calls Go to PBX Settings -> Outbound Routes, click to add an outbound route.

  • Page 26: Make Inbound Calls

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual Strip: The number of digits that will be stripped from the front of the dialing string before the call is placed via Selected Trunks. See example in Chapter 5. Prepend these digits: Allows the user to specify digits that are prepended before the call is placed via the trunk. See example in Part 4.

  • Page 27

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual DID number Define the expected DID number if your trunk passes DID on incoming calls. Leave this blank to match calls with any no DID info. Special characters described in chapter 4.3 can be used here as same.

  • Page 28: Make Outbound/inbound Calls To/from Pstn/gsm Network, Make Sure Fxo/gsm Modules Are Installed, Make Outbound Calls

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual 5. Make outbound/inbound calls to/from PSTN/GSM network GSM module is a special FXO module, and can be installed and used in the same way. However GSM trunk is only supported by IP2G4A/IP4G. 5.1 Make sure FXO/GSM modules are installed If there are FXO/GSM modules installed in your APBX, APBX configures analog trunk/GSM trunk automatically when they are detected.

  • Page 29

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual A filter for marching numbers you dial, the call will be forwarded out via Selected Trunks only when it matches the dial pattern here. In patterns, some characters have special meanings. X means Any Digits from 0-9...

  • Page 30

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual Authentication for Selected Extensions before dialing out. Outbound Extension Selection Select extensions which can dial out with this outbound route. In my case, only 6000 can prefix 9 to dial out. Outbound Trunk Selection Select trunks which calls are forwarded out through. In my case, the call will be forwarded out via analog trunk FXO3 first, if failed, will try FXO4.

  • Page 31: Inbound Call Control, Time Interval, Hunt / Ring Group

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual It’s unavailable for Analog / GSM trunk, leave it blank. Inbound Trunk Selection Select the trunks for which this inbound route apply. Time Select appropriate time intervals for when this inbound route apply. Path Set the destination for incoming calls.

  • Page 32: Queue

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual 6.3 Queue Usually used in Call Centre to queue customers for the next available operator. 1) General Queue Name Name of the queue Queue Number Extension number of the queue, dial it to get into the queue Queue Password Used as authentication for users before being dynamic agent.

  • Page 33

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual Dynamic Agent: users can dial ‘Queue number + *’ to log in as dynamic agent, and ‘Queue number + **’ to log out. In this case, users can dial 6900* to being a dynamic agent (need to enter password 123), and 6900** to log out.

  • Page 34

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual NOTE: The key point with announcements is that they are only played within the timeout/retry period set on the queue. For the most part this works OK as when all queue members are busy/unavailable, the timeout/retry period is effectively ignored (i.e.

  • Page 35: Auto Attendant / Voice Menu / Ivr

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual Retry How long does APBX wait before trying all the members again. Wrap Up Time After a successful call, how long to wait before sending a potentially free member another call. 6.4 Auto Attendant / Voice Menu / IVR Callers are presented with a recorded menu and respond by selecting a digit or, in some cases, by entering an extension number.

  • Page 36: Disa

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual Invalid Forward to The destination for incoming call if there is invalid input 6.5 DISA DISA (Direct Inward System Access) allows someone calling in from outside to obtain an "internal" system dialtone and dial out as if a local extension.

  • Page 37: Blacklist, Sip Settings

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual For example: Both City A and B have a APBX, APBX-A and APBX-B, they are connected with SIP trunk, and APBX-A has FXO trunk to connect local PSTN and outbound route for that, DISA can be used as below: 1.

  • Page 38

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual RTP Port Min / Max Set the RTP port range. DTMF Mode Set the default DTMF mode 2) NAT Here provide other two solutions for SIP one-way-audio issue besides outbound proxy. Using any one is OK.

  • Page 39: Audios, Music On Hold, Custom Prompts, Language Setting

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual How often to refresh External Host if used. NAT Mode Global NAT settings (Affects all peers and users), is used when Asterisk is on a public IP, communicating with devices hidden behind a NAT device (broadband router). If you have one-way audio problems, you usually have problems with your NAT configuration or your firewall's support of SIP+RTP ports.

  • Page 40: Network Settings, Web Access, Firewall

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual 8. Network Settings Description of LAN, WAN and DHCP server settings can be found in Chapter 2. All network settings will take effect after APBX reboot. 8.1 Web Access Choose the web access protocol and port for web server here. HTTP and HTTPs are both supported, default port is 80 and 443 respective.

  • Page 41

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual Set the destination port range for connection. The main protocols and default ports APBX uses for each application are list below: HTTP TCP:80 TCP:443 HTTPS UDP:5060 TCP:5060 UDP:50000-60000 Set source IP of connection. Format of IP: IP/mask For example: for IP

  • Page 42

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual 4) SIP Defense: Limit connections to SIP port from remote hosts. Port Set the destination port range for connection. Protocol Set the protocol type for connection. SIP Packets The maximum packets can be handled per time interval.

  • Page 43: Port Forwarding, Ddns, Vlan

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual Check this to drop all packets or connection from other hosts if there are no other rules defined. 8.3 Port Forwarding When APBX works as a router, it can forward connections to WAN to a device connected to LAN network.

  • Page 44: System Settings, Change Password, Date && Time

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual A VLAN (Virtual LAN) is a logical local area network (LAN) that extends beyond a single traditional LAN to a group of LAN segments, given specific configurations. Both WAN and LAN support 2 VLANs. 9. System Settings 9.1 Change Password...

  • Page 45: Firmware Upgrade

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual 1) General There are two ways to set Date/Time for APBX: a. NTP server Make sure the connection between APBX and NTP server is OK, if the NTP server is located on Internet, the gateway of WAN should be right set so that APBX can access Internet.

  • Page 46: Backup And Restore

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual 1) HTTP Upload them from local PC. 2) TFTP Upload them from TFTP server, the Kernel / Application must be located in base directory of TFTP server. Choose Reset Config will reset the configuration. 9.4 Backup and Restore 1) Backup Create Backup for configuration / System audio prompt / Voice Mail.

  • Page 47: Reboot && Reset, Reports, Call Detail Records

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual Click Restore to restore corresponding backup, backup file can be uploaded from local PC. Backup will be used after APBX reboot. It can’t be used for different product models. 9.5 Reboot && Reset Reboot or Reset APBX.

  • Page 48: Web Interface For Extension

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual 11. Web Interface for extension PBX allows users to check their voicemail / CDR, and set personal settings. 1. Check Use Web Interface option in PBX Settings -> Extensions management settings to allow this extension to login its own web interface.

  • Page 49

    APBX IP2G4A User Manual 2) CDR Checking Users can check their CDR here. 3) Personal Settings Users can set voice mail / voice mail to email / follow me / ring timeout here. --Finish-- ATCOM TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED...

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