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Samsung french door refrigerator user manual. Uploaded by: Tresa Grigsby  
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Operating your French Door Refrigerator
( 4 ) Lighting
Pressing the Lighting button turns on the Dispenser LED lamp (under the display) in continuous mode so that
it stays on continuously. The button also lights up. If you want the Dispenser lamp to come on only when
some one uses the dispenser, press the Lighting button to turn the continuous mode off.
The Power Cool function substantially speeds up the refrigerator compressor, causing the refrigerator to cool
( 5 ) Power Cool
down rapidly to a temperature you choose. When you press the Power Cool button, the Power Cool icon
lights up.
Power Cool is useful if you need to quickly cool items or need to cool the refrigerator rapidly if it has warmed
dramatically (for example, if the door was left open).
To turn off Power Cool, press the Power Cool button again. Power Cool turns off automatically after 2 1/2
hours to decrease energy consumption.
when you turn on Power cool, the refrigerator's compressor speeds up and is louder than
during normal operation.
( 6 ) C hild Lock
Pressing the Child Lock button locks the Display panel and Dispenser buttons so the buttons can not used.
The Child Lock icon lights up to indicate you've activated the Child Lock function.
(Hold 3 sec)
To cancel the Child Lock function, press the Child Lock button again.
(7) Cubed Ice
Press the Cubed Ice or Crushed Ice button to select the type of ice you want dispensed. Each time you
(8) Crushed Ice
press the button, the cubed and crushed ice modes alternate and the Cubed or Crushed ice icon lights up,
indicating your selection.
If you don't need ice, turn the function off to save on water and energy consumption (See Ice Off below).
Press the Cubed Ice ( 7 ) button 3 second, if you don't want to make more ice.
( 9 ) Ice Off
The icon will light up and the Ice-Maker stops making ice.
( 7 )
Hold 3 sec
24_ Operating
if you suddenly can not use the control Panel, check whether the child Lock function
is on.
we recommend you stop ice making if the following occur:
- there is enough ice in the ice bucket.
- you want to save water and energy.
- water is not being supplied to the refrigerator.
if the ice maker function is on, and the water line is not connected, there will be a water valve
noise from back of the unit. Press the cubed ice ( 7 ) button until the ice off indicator (

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  • Jim Dec 18, 2015 01:26:
    rf4287ha My flex door does not come out far enough and it is difficult to reach under and get items out
  • Martha Nov 26, 2015 12:20:
    The lights with the pictures cheese ,fish etc . for the flex door is blinking and the light for the front of refrigerat​or is of what can I do to reset it .refrigera​tor is still cooling
  • Susanne B Aug 04, 2015 05:44:
    To Karen from Feb 23, 2014. My husband and I solved the problem of the drawers ( both freezer and flex drawers) not opening very far by gently, but firmly pulling on them. I was so excited when we found out that the guides were sticking. It gave us an additional 8" of extension. I was disappoint​ed that the servicemen we've had out told us that was as much as they would extend and didn't know how we could take the flex drawer out. Hope this helps.
  • Buck Deal Jul 20, 2015 06:34:
    Where are the instructio​ns that tell you how to reset the refrigerat​or after a power spike? Usually it resets itself after an hour or so, but now it has been 24+ hours and we still cannot switch from ice. - crushed or cubed to water, there is only the blinking 5 E code.
  • Karen Feb 23, 2015 06:06:
    Is there an answer to removing the flex drawer as mine does not come out far enough either, as Johnny Vo commented?