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Panasonic CS-E15EKEA Operating Instructions Manual

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Before operating the unit, read these operating instructions thoroughly and keep them for future reference.
Antes de utilizar la unidad, sírvase leer atentamente estas instrucciones de funcionamiento y conservarlas como futuro elemento
de consulta.
Prima di utilizzare l'unità si prega di leggere attentamente le istruzioni e di conservare questo opuscolo per potervi fare riferimento
in futuro.
Lees voor u het apparaat gebruikt deze gebruiksinstructies grondig na en bewaar ze voor toekomstig gebruik.
Antes de ligar a unidade, leia cuidadosamente este manual de utilização e guarde-o para futura referência.
Προτού θέσετε τη μονάδα σε λειτουργία, διαβάστε προσεκτικά αυτές τις οδηγίες χρήσης και φυλάξτε τις για μελλοντική αναφορά.
Преди да задействате климатика, прочетете внимателно инструкциите за употреба и ги запазете за бъдещи справки.
Manufactured by:
Panasonic HA Air-Conditioning (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Lot 2, Persiaran Tengku Ampuan, Section 21, Shah Alam Industrial Site,
40300 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.
Operating Instructions
Air Conditioner
© 2005 Panasonic HA Air-Conditioning (M) Sdn Bhd
(11969-T). All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying
and distribution is a violation of law.
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  Summary of Contents for Panasonic CS-E15EKEA

  • Page 1 50 ~ 57 Manufactured by: Panasonic HA Air-Conditioning (M) Sdn. Bhd. © 2005 Panasonic HA Air-Conditioning (M) Sdn Bhd (11969-T). All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying Lot 2, Persiaran Tengku Ampuan, Section 21, Shah Alam Industrial Site, and distribution is a violation of law.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Thank you for purchasing Panasonic Air Conditioner SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ■ Definition To prevent personal injury, injury to others, or property Warning damage, please observe the following. During Installation During Installation Incorrect operation due to • Do not install, remove and reinstall the unit by yourself; improper installation will cause leakage, electric failure to follow instructions shock or fi...
  • Page 3: Regulatory Information

    REGULATORY INFORMATION ■ Operation Condition Use this air conditioner under the The appliance is not intended for use by young children or the infi rm person without supervision. Young following temperature range. children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. E nvironmental Requirements nvironmental Requirements Indoor...
  • Page 4: Product Overview

    PRODUCT OVERVIEW ■ About Indoor Unit Indoor Unit Remote Control Preparation Indoor Unit Air intake 1. Pull out the cover. Supersonic air purifying device Front panel Auto OFF/ON button 2. Insert AAA or R03 batteries. 3. Close the cover. Air filter 5.
  • Page 5: Auto, Heat, Cool, Dry

    AUTO, HEAT, COOL, DRY ■ Operation Details AUTO - Automatic Operation • Unit selects the operation mode according to temperature setting, outdoor and room temperature. • The power indicator blinks during operation. • Operation mode is reselected every 30 minutes. Start the HEAT - Heating Operation operation.
  • Page 6: Fan Speed, Air Swing

    FAN SPEED, AIR SWING Operations Details ■ • There are 5 fan speeds, as well as automatic*. * For automatic fan speed, the speed of the indoor fan is automatically adjusted according to the operation. AIR SWING Select fan • Keeps the room ventilated. speed.
  • Page 7: Powerful, Quiet, Ion

    POWERFUL, QUIET, ION Operations Details ■ • To achieve setting temperature quickly. • To provide a quiet environment. Enables Enables ion quiet operation. • This setting provides fresh air effect operation. by producing negative ion. AUTO • Ion operation can be activated HEAT SPEED COOL...
  • Page 8: Timer

    TIMER ■ Operation Details • The timer allows you to turn the air conditioner on or off automatically. • The unit may start in preliminary operation before the actual set time when ON timer has been set. • The set timer repeats daily once set.
  • Page 9: Care & Cleaning

    CARE & CLEANING ■ Washing Instructions Switch off the power supply Switch off the power supply Switch off the power supply Switch off the power supply • Do not use benzene, thinner or scouring powder. before cleaning before cleaning before cleaning before cleaning •...
  • Page 10 SEASONAL INSPECTION AFTER EXTENDED NON-USE: • Checking of remote control batteries. • No obstruction at inlet and outlet vents. • After 15 minutes of operation, it is normal to have the following temperature difference between inlet and outlet vents: Cooling: ≥ 8°C Heating: ≥...
  • Page 11 NON SERVICEABLE CRITERIAS TURN OFF POWER SUPPLY and CALL Authorized Distributor under the following conditions: • Abnormal noise during operation. • Circuit breaker switches off frequently. • Water/foreign particles have entered the Remote Control. • Power cord becomes unnaturally warm. •...
  • Page 12 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Printed in Malaysia Web Site: F565136 OPSC0512-01...

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