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Using The Drive - LG CU20N Owner's Manual

Ultra slim bd-rom/dvd writer


Using the Drive

Drive Operation
Front Panel
This following is the general figure of the design of the drive. The drive's
appearance and specifications may change without prior notice.
1. Emergency Eject Hole
If the disc tray does not open when you press the eject button, power off the
computer, insert a pin or unfolded paper clip in the hole and push firmly.
2. Indicator Light
The light blinks when there is drive activity.
3. Disc Tray
The disc tray opens automatically when you press the eject button. When you
place a disc in the tray, ensure that the label on the disc is facing outwards. If
you are not loading or unloading a disc, the tray should remain closed.
4. Eject Button
Press this button to open/close the disc tray. This button works only when
power is supplied to the drive.



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