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Surface Cooking - Kenmore 790.3102 Series Use & Care Manual

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Surface Cooking
Use Proper Cookware
Cookware should have
flat bottoms that make
good contact with the
entire surface heating
element. Check for
flatness by rotating a ruler
across the bottom of the
cookware (See Figure 1).
Figure 1
Be sure to follow the recommendations
using cookware as shown to the right.
Note: The size and type of cookware used
will influence the setting needed for best
cooking results.
Note: Always use a utensil for its
intended purpose. Follow manufacturer's
instructions. Some utensils were not made
to be used in the oven or on the cooktop.
,, Flat bottom and straight sides.
Tight fitting lids.
Weight of handle does not tilt pan.
Pan is well balanced.
Pan sizes match the amount of
food to be prepared.
Made of material that conducts
heat well.
Easy to clean.
Specialty pans such as lobster pots,
griddles and pressure cookers may
be used but must conform to the
above recommended cookware
Curved and warped pan
Pan overhangs unit by more
than 2.5 cm (1").
Heavy handle tilts pan.
Flame extends beyond unit.
Using a wok
Woks with flat bottoms suitable for use on
your cooktop are available in most cookshop
or hardware stores. Round-bottomed
(with a support ring that does not extend
beyond the burner unit) may also be used.
The metal ring was designed to support the
wok safely when it is filled with large amounts
of liquids (soup making) or fat (frying).
Wire trivets: Do not use wire trivets.
Cookware bottoms must be in direct contact
with the grates.
DO NOT use a wok if it is equipped
with a metal ring that extends
the burner unit. Because this ring traps
heat, the surface
unit and cooktop
surface could be damaged.
Using the Griddle
(some models)
Before first use:
,, Wash Griddle in hot soapy water. Rinse and then dry completely.
,, Apply a thin coat of vegetable oil to the entire surface (front and back of griddle).
,, Preheat your oven to 350°R Place the griddle on the upper rack in your oven.
,, Bake griddle for 1 hour at 350°F, then turn oven OFF and let cool before removing.
,, The surface may appear to have a tacky feel to it from this seasoning process. If desired, wash
the griddle in hot soapy water, rinse well, and dry completely.
After each use:
,, To prevent rusting, store in a dry place and keep uncovered.
,, After each use, clean with a stiff brush and hot water only.
,, Dry immediately and apply a light coating of vegetable oil to griddle before storing.
Using the Griddle:
,, Place either side of the griddle centered over the left side gas burners.
,, Preheat the griddle for 5 minutes on medium to medium low setting.
Slow preheat ensures even heat distribution during the cooking process.
,, DO NOT preheat the griddle on HI setting. Preheating on HI may warp the griddle and prevent even heat distribution.
Always place the griddle on the grate before turning
on the burner.
Always use potholders to remove the griddle from the grate. Allow the griddle to cool before
Do not set hot griddle on surfaces that cannot withstand
high heat such as countertops.
Be sure the griddle is positioned correctly
and is stable before use to prevent hot spills and
possible burns.



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