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Makita 9501BKLT Parts List

4" disc grinder


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MODEL 9501 B
9501 BKlT



Summary of Contents for Makita 9501BKLT

  • Page 1 MODEL 9501 B 4" DISC GRINDER MODEL 9501 BKlT 01-93...
  • Page 2: Service Change

    Qty. Part Used Description Fiq. SCREW M4X20 911136-9 GEAR HOUSING (WITH PLANE BEARING 6, 156050-4 21 4006-4) BALL BEARING 6000DDW 211088-7 SCREW M5X14 911216-1 BEARING RETAINER 35 285604-1 241068-9 ARMATURE ASSEMBLY (ASSEMBLED FIG.'S ***** 6,7,14 & 16) SCREW M4X70 911200-6 FIELD ASSEMBLY (WITH FIG.
  • Page 3 5 ) Change on Motor from Serial Number 1,706,374E. TYPE 1 WHITE WEDGES #611252-4 P a r t 13/64" (5mm) THICK BY 5/16" (8mm) CB-72 #643072-8 P a r t 1" (25.8mm) #654018-9 P a r t F i g . D e s c r i p t i o n A r m a t u r e P a r t...
  • Page 4 4) Change on Flange and Lock N u t from Serial Number 1,672,683E. F i g . D e s c r i p t i o n S p i n d l e I n n e r F l a n g e ( D e p r e s s e d c e n t e r w h e e l ) I n n e r F l a n g e (Diamond w h e e l )
  • Page 5 Change on Switch Lever. TYPE 3 D e s c r i p t i o n F i g . S t o p Ring S w i t c h R o d S w i t c h Lever 3) Change on Switch Lever and Motor Housing.
  • Page 6 6 ) Change on Inner Flange & Lock Nut from serial number 1,845,053E. FIG. DESCRIPTION Inner Flanae Lock Nut NOTE: Standard equipment all accessories. Except Type will remain used for Flex Wheel application, Sanding Disc u s e s Lock Nut 2 2 4 5 0 1 - 6 . Model 9501 Model 9501 BKlT...

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